Jesus Goes to Hollywood


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Yup, there's Jesus in that Table of Contents as Apollonius of Tyana, not Paul, who was mentioned in the thread "From Apollonius to Arthur?" as connected to him. I read "The Gods of Eden" a LONG time ago, and found it very interesting, although I could not get into Bramley's theory that the mess we are in now as being the fault of aliens all along, just as I cannot get into the reptilian theory of David Icke. I wondered what had happened to Bramley, it sure took him long enough to write a second book, was he a Buddhist monk meditating on top of a mountain for 30 years? Intriguingly enough, from a Postflavian point of view, one of his chapter headings also has Jesus as "The Redhead". I remember reading in "The Gods of Eden" that William Bramley was not his real name, so could Nicholas de Vere have made a "Second Coming", as a "A Man of Uncertain Death" is also a chapter title in that book.
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As I'm going to mention on the Apollonius thread, there is also a theory that Jesus was Paul, so then Apollonius could be both Jesus, Paul and Josephus.