Jesus Goes to Hollywood

Yup, there's Jesus in that Table of Contents as Apollonius of Tyana, not Paul, who was mentioned in the thread "From Apollonius to Arthur?" as connected to him. I read "The Gods of Eden" a LONG time ago, and found it very interesting, although I could not get into Bramley's theory that the mess we are in now as being the fault of aliens all along, just as I cannot get into the reptilian theory of David Icke. I wondered what had happened to Bramley, it sure took him long enough to write a second book, was he a Buddhist monk meditating on top of a mountain for 30 years? Intriguingly enough, from a Postflavian point of view, one of his chapter headings also has Jesus as "The Redhead". I remember reading in "The Gods of Eden" that William Bramley was not his real name, so could Nicholas de Vere have made a "Second Coming", as a "A Man of Uncertain Death" is also a chapter title in that book.
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As I'm going to mention on the Apollonius thread, there is also a theory that Jesus was Paul, so then Apollonius could be both Jesus, Paul and Josephus.