Jan. 27: Trump-Epstein connections

Richard Stanley

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Regarding the discussion of Jesus, via his father, being Biblically identified as a tekton, and thus a reference to 'masonry', I think Joe needs to better develop his argument about the intimate relationship of Lucifer and Satan to the 'good' guys. If the Flavians, and Josephus, are portraying Jesus indirectly as a 'mason' and then masons (Freemasons) are Satanic, then this suggests a big problem for both the Church and Joe. Somebody's got some splainin to do.

I believe that this is related to Joe's interesting notion that despite the oligarchical creation and control of Christianity (if not Judaism as well) for almost two thousand years, that via some supernatural miracle, or spurious series of historical Postmodern-esque coincidences, that the West and especially the USA arrived at a Cultural apex of non-degenerate supremacy post WWII(?). And this, if only for a figurative microsecond or two, as the 'backsliding' quickly began after this.

I have discussed before, separately, with Joe about the impact of the post WWII ecumenical movement epitomized by Vatican II. Of course, any traditionalist Catholic absolutely hates the various 'degenerate' aspects of Vatican II, and Joe is of this school of thought. Maybe so, but the curious result of such ecumenicism, was/is the resulting moribund and dying nature of the mainline Protestant denominations ... that ONCE ran this country, from the beginning, for better or worse. The term used to be WASP, now we are just concerned over "angry white men", generally, having lost their blue collar and middle management jobs. Lost in the mix are the WASPs than ruled the USA with an iron fist, including the KKK.

During the 'degenerate' sixties good mainline Protestant boys and girls started to further realize the bogus nature of their religion, the Vatican II policy encouraging intermarriage meant that even fewer replacement mainline Protestants would show up in mainline Protestant pews. Some others were enticed by the jungle bleatings of the Low Church evangelicals. Evangelicals infiltrated mainline congregations (Entryism) and demanded these churches adopt their apocalyptic theology (originated by the Jesuit Futurists and cuckholded into the evangelical and Pentecostal movement).

Of course, the Book of Revelation is explicitly Zionist, and thus one might claim that there is something subversive there to Christianity, ... if one is claiming that Christianity is inherently non-Zionist. It is not, and despite the Catholic Church's institutional approach to frame 'Judah' and his descendants as their foil, and thus responsible for Zionism, it simply wont fly, with me anyways. It's all one genocidal murderous divide an conquer construct. 'Judah' was already framed in the Jew's own canon, which should be telling. But nobody complains about this Blood Libel.