Jade Helm (re: Mon. April 11)


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JADE HELM is by far the greatest public conditioning exercise in American History…
“We want to make sure everyone’s safe… Each Special Forces unit will have two Special Forces Medics that are trained to a very high trauma level… Military will be coordinating with local Law Enforcement and civililians and directly interfacing with Hospitals…”

WTF did he just say? Why in the world would this be necessary? Is it because JADE HELM participants will be carrying LIVE AMMO?

Of course it is, this much is obvious (see references below)… otherwise, why would We, The People, be in such danger of being harmed?

“All of our guys have some type of marking that identifies them as part of the exercise… (and what’s more) all participants will have some identifying marking…”

Oh really? Will they by chance be wearing brown shirts and/or arm bands? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Well, it certainly should… and it should sound off alarm bells… Google: Hitler + Germany + WWII + Brown Shirts

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