ISIS and the Abrahamic Ties that Bind

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The following compilation video on the background foundations and motivations of the group variously known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh is pretty good in my opinion. Of course, one cannot easily get definitive evidence that ISIS is indeed a covert Western military intelligence creation, so one is left to 'divine' between the dots of circumstantial evidence.

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In any case, this video has a second pic (below) that I had not seen of John McCain with a man who looks (or looked?) remarkably like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the supposed leader of the group (at far left). The undisputed evidence shows that a huge majority of the group are either mercenary adventurers, or rather ignorant and relatively new recruits to either Islam or radical Islam, perhaps the worst form of 'true believer'. This aspect has Western fingerprints all over it.


The video has a lot of clips of RT interviews with a number of former US military or intel veterans who have come to this conclusion. One sees the video clip of Putin explaining the mercenary nature of ISIS and implying just who is financing them. And so here the divide is truly 'Western" as the Russian 'East' is inherently in the opposite camp, and thus aligned with Shiite Islam, such as Assad and Iran.

But, of course, Putin is playing an interesting role, such as becoming a 'hero', of sorts, to American nationalists, including many evangelicals. He is cleverly helping to push the otherwise 'true' narrative of the American Deep State, along with his buddy, Donald Trump. Trump, who despite his rhetoric, is continuing the escalation of American involvement the Middle East, including the recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

Near the end of the video, one American commentator, calls the provocation of conflict with Iran apocalyptic. Indeed I say.

It is not only apocalyptic (within my secular interpretation of religious End Times) but it also demonstrates the true nature of the Abrahamic narrative, that I also claim is a playbook or script to be followed in the execution of historical and current realpolitik. The Abrahamic narrative is not simply that of the 'Jews' versus the goyim, but rather the narrative family of Abraham includes many more, including the Arabs (Ishmael - meaning Man of God), the Edomite (Herodians), and more. All these players and human sheep are then cleverly manipulated through time as indeed being part of a figurative and Machiavellian chess game.

This interconnected and scripted nature is the theme of a blog post that I am currently working on, as an adjunct to my delayed Apocalypse How series. In this case how the apocalyptic interpretations of canonic Islam, Christianity, and (today's messianic) Judaism dovetail. Islam even has the heavenly Jesus (Isa) returning to us to gratefully take over from the victorious Mahdi that precedes him by 3.5 years. They also say that Allah (God) will save all the Jews, Christians, and Muslims (and Sabeans of course) that please him.

Abraham started off his adventure in the land of the Sabeans (Urfa and Harran), and his armed retinue of 318 were known as tzabians. No doubt a coincidence. Thank God.
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The following is a much more definitive video, an interview by Steve Jonson with former US Marine, Brad Hoff. Hoff references government documents and admission by government officials, including retired General Michael Flynn, former head of the DIA, and advisor to Donald Trump. This admission was long before Trump's presidential campaign, but after Flynn's being fired by Obama. As I have discussed before, Flynn, a supposed intel genius, was also on the ground in Afghanistan, where one main aspect is nurturing the illicit opium trade, in covert cahoots with the American and Paki created Taliban.

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Here is the site that Brad Hoff is associated with:
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The following is yet another former US Marine spilling the beans on ISIS, and explaining some facts about Islam that are usually distorted by normally ignorant Christians and 'cultural Christians'.

Unfortunately Mr. O'Keefe otherwise suffers from the common cultural lens of most all other Americans and Westerners about the true nature of American history, and thus the underlying agenda. Like all others, we do what our 'culture' informs us to do, because 'culture' is what establishes our biases to do the bidding of the elites that create our 'historical and other cultural interpretations.

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