Irwin Allen's Lost in Space and Land of The Giants weird Adult Child Relationships

One thing that struck me as odd even as a child were the relationships between Children and what were basically Criminal Adults in Irwin Allen's Lost in Space and Land of The Giants television series.

In Lost in Space the young Will Robinson hung out with The Robot and Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith was a guy who had tried to kill the Robinson Family to thwart their space mission. Even as a child I kept thinking "why are they letting him just walk around free and hang out with Will. He tried to kill you!"

Then this model was resurrected in the series Land of the Giants with Mr. Fitzhugh, an unsavory criminal type, hanging out with the kid on the show Barry and his dog.

In light of what is coming out in the work of Mr. Atwill, Mr. Russel, and others it seems like this had some NLP type aspect to get my generation to embrace these types as friends.
Hi Mark,

Right, the media is controlled by individuals organized to debase our culture so that it is easier to enslave.

People need to know this to defend themselves and to demand that their political representatives began a public investigation.

For example, School Boards should be shown the analysis of the 'pedophile NLP' in Catcher in the Rye and remove the book from their circiculum.