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This 1992 interview with Prouty covers the range of Prouty's career.

I was aware of his claim that McGeorge Bundy was the one who cancelled the Bay of Pigs bombers, not JFK, but Prouty goes into a lot more detail about the American involvement in Vietnam starting in 1945. That we had actually provided arms to Hanoi then, from an arms cache that had originally been intended for the invasion of Japan. Half of the arms went to Hanoi and the other half went to Seoul Korea.

Prouty says that the thinking then was based upon Malthus, and that the CIA was thus engaged in a long term effort to disrupt Vietnam's society. One way that it did this was that after a political declaration had been made allowing people, from the south to move north and vice-versa, that CIA assets moved over 1 million North Vietnamese down to South Vietnam, with no means of support once there. On other threads I have discussed that many of the Catholic North Vietnamese were motivated by the invocations of Lady Fatima. In any case, these migrations created massive problems, even though they were all Vietnamese.

Any of that sound familiar?

They go on to discuss various aspects of the JFK assassination, and Prouty explains that he was in New Zealand at the time. And that they received advanced details in the news there far too soon, before Oswald had been arraigned.

Of course, Prouty was in charge of Pentagon covert ops, and so we might do well to ponder if we are yet in the hall of mirrors here, at least with one foot.
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You forgot to say, "Interview, what interview?"

I have corrected that above however.

I forgot to add that if Prouty was correct (and I see no reason why not) that the Vietnam scenario was rigged back during WWII, that so was the Korea situation, and that the Kim Jong Dynasty is a puppet controlled opposition dynasty. Some time ago I had read an account of this being the case.