How the twin towers fell? The dark side of tesla and 911

In its concluding segment, "Phenomenon" talks about HAARP. I'm at a loss as to how Tesla is connected to HAARP in any way, except that Tesla was generally interested in atmospheric electromagnetism.
I would guess that Tesla's general notions of the use of the atmosphere and the Schumann Cavity became the inspiration for HAARP, which uses a circular (modulated sine/cosine) polarization technique in its stationary phased arrays to steer its beam rather than using such as a moveable dome antenna.

Who knows, maybe all smoke and mirrors to get people worked up? In any case there are claims that HAARP technology is set up in Antarctica, away from snooping dogs.
I just watched the following 1998 documentary video, also available on Amazon Prime as Phenomenon: The Lost Archives - Lost Lightning, The Missing Secrets of Nicola Tesla, (Season 1, Episode 9).
I've just watched a few episodes of the History Channel's The Tesla Files. This is the best presentation that I've seen thus far about Tesla, not just on demonstrating some of his ideas (beyond AC electricity and motors) like the RF transmission of power.

They went to Wardenclyffe and using ground penetrating radar discovered the previously claimed maze of tunnels underneath, and discovered that the layout of the site is suspiciously like the site developed for the Nazi's Die Glocke project. Given the wider context presented of the quiet association of the OSS, the FBI, and military intelligence with Tesla's later works one might question if the Nazi's got this concept from Tesla given the massive financial aid that the Nazis got before and during the war. Or, did Tesla get brought on to further develop an idea that originated in Germany?

The question is raised how a supposedly broke Tesla could afford to live at the ritzy New Yorker Hotel, anything but a dump. It is discussed that the US government had agents occupying the adjacent rooms on his floor, but were they spying on him, or were they guarding him? Further investigation shows that the entire hotel may have been designed and built to be a replacement for the more remote Wardenclyffe facility. In other words, the building was his new laboratory and antenna. The building had its own electrical generator, with 3 times the power capacity that the building needed as a hotel.

Throughout the series a name that keeps popping up is John G. Trump, the President's uncle. Trump is supposed to have reviewed the vast contents of Tesla's work product in a mere 2 days to determine their disposition, most of which is still missing. Some of which were released by the US government to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, but this clearly appears to be poor ruse. And why would Americans send anything sensitive to Serbia? It makes it appear that Tesla wasn't working on anything sensitive. Say like his proposed particle beam weapon.

So the New Yorker Hotel had its own electrical generator in the basement? Supposedly Building 7 had a vast electrical complex in its lower levels as well. And then we have President Numb Nuts making his odd comments about 9/11 back in the day.

They also discuss Tesla's close assistant in the later years, Bloyce Fitzgerald, who seems to have had close military ties while working intimately with Telsa. As we learned from author Paul Fitzgerald, the Fitzgeralds are Geraldine Normans, not actually Irish -- using a time-tested modus operandi of societal infiltration.
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