How the twin towers fell? The dark side of tesla and 911

Discussion in 'Nuclear fusion at the WTC?' started by lorenhough, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Pretty interesting! Normally, I don't pay much attention to the "what happened" or "how" of 911, knowing I don't have time to check even the simplest of facts and claims. However, Dr. Judy Wood got my attention. Neither the planes, nor the planting of numerous demolition charges made much sense to me.
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    (( Dr. Judy Wood )) spreads disinformation to obscure the Jewish role in the 9/11 false flag terror attacks.

    Anyone who promotes her work is doing the world a great disservice.

    Mark Passio should know better, and employ the Trivium critical thinking process.
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    I've always found Wood and her supporters to be rather elusive when it comes to substantiating their claims. A case in point is this dialogue I had with a poster named "Jeff" here on this forum. He was claiming to have detailed information about the "Hutchinson Effect" -- but when I pressed him to produce the data, he disappeared and never showed his face around here again.
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    It is not hard to find information on the Hutchinson effect. However, I don't know if any of the detailed information is true. I've never seen demonstrations with my own eyes.
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    I've been reading Wood's book. She is not making claims nor substantiating them regarding secret weapons.

    She is presenting the evidence of what happened, making the case that the buildings did not fall to the ground due to either fire or planted charges, but largely turned to dust in mid-air. If she is right, something else happened.

    She cautiously presents some possibilities re: controversial, little known technologies that, conceivably could have been used.
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    If the "Jews" have the high tech weapon Dr. Wood thinks may exist, then maybe they "did it." Her work has no bearing that I can detect about pushed the button.
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    Hey, hey, ho, ho. Western Civ has got to go!

    Let us see! Who agrees with this! The consensus opinion in Western Universities guided by the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford and other major Foundations and Think Tanks? Islam? World Government Advocates?
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    The purpose of Wood's disinformation is to make questioning the Official 9/11 Narrative appear absurd.

    Most humans fear the social ridicule and loss of social status which comes from appearing absurd. Thus, they avoid questioning 9/11 because that would link them to absurdities like 'Sooper-Secret Space Alien Weapons did 9/11'.

    Works great.
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    Maybe you could help me find some of this information? I can't find anything along the lines of either (a) descriptions or instructions for the experimental setup needed to create the effect; or (b) theoretical descriptions of the physics involved in the effect.

    And this is exactly what I'm also doing. My suggestion is that cold fusion energy could also have produced the observed effects. It's controversial and little known, but at least it's relatively well documented as far as the physics involved. There are numerous scientific papers, experimental demonstrations, and patents with suggested implementations for scaling up the process.

    I like Ghandi's comment, that Western Civilization would be a good idea.
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    9-11 the burnt offering?? The big boys have 100 reasons and they show us

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    James Perloff is yet another of these Eastern Orthodox / traditional Catholic authors who often appear on Tim Kelly's show. The interview linked above is a discussion of this article:

    Which seeks to blame the events of 911 on the Rothschilds and other Jewish leadership. The following paragraph is telling (where Perloff is discussing Kevin Ryan's book "Another Nineteen":

    Looking at Ryan’s suspect list in his chapter headings—Cheney, Rumsfeld, Freeh, Tenet, Clarke, Canavan, Sliney, Eberhart, Truscott, Jenkins, Walker, McDaniel, Giuliani, etc.—he somehow missed the innumerable Israeli/Zionist links to 9/11. There is virtually no overlap. His book never once mentions Dov “missing 2.3 trillion” Zakheim, comptroller of the Pentagon. Larry Silverstein is noted only in passing—no discussion of Lucky Larry’s $5 billion insurance payout or doctor’s appointment on 9/11.

    But Perloff is just as bad in dismissing Ryan's list of suspects. Zakheim worked for Rumsfeld, right? Could Zakheim have pulled off such a heist without Rumsfeld's consent? The fact is, as we keep saying here, there is a collaboration between Jewish, Christian Zionist and Catholic leadership. Seeing Catholics point the finger at Jews, and Jews pointing back at Christians, gets incredibly tiresome.

    Perloff discusses the evidence for and against nuclear explosions at the WTC, and concludes:

    A common objection to the nuclear hypothesis is: “Where are the post-9/11 Geiger counter readings showing lots of radiation in New York City?” The answer: not all nuclear bombs discharge large amounts of radiation. Most use a combination of nuclear fission and fusion; if the fission is high, fallout (radiation) will be high; but if fission is low compared to fusion, fallout will be low.

    So he agrees with me that if there were any nukes at all, they must have been at least mostly fusion. But in order to get a fission-driven nuclear explosion, the amount of fissile material needs to be great enough to exceed critical mass.
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    Wow thanks jerry I love your info and insightful views
    we help each other come closer to the truth
    We all do the best we can to understand
    9-11 is key

    Jerry because of 9-11 your love of truth
    Your finding Joe and helping him making this site sell his books
    I got to meet you Joe Richard and gave me a chance to put my 2 cents in
    I thanks you and Richard so much
    Wishing all well
    Let's make this site better and better were people can wake up from the brave new world dream

    Dov “missing 2.3 trillion” Zakheim, comptroller of the Pentagon. Larry Silverstein is noted only in passing—no discussion of Lucky Larry’s $5 billion insurance payout or doctor’s appointment on 9/11.

    You see trillion $ the big boys have trillions and the billionaire is the workers bees front men we get to know about ..

    Who ?
    I agree with you it's a group
    Very rich old families Mafia like
    With popes queens and kings
    Top military men
    Not just one group
    One man
    But the hidden hand
    Safe by not letting people know who they are
    The trillion $ men rule
    The world
    And don't think much of us I afraid

    Names we know look at drugs
    The names of the families and institutions are known to the history student: Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Baring, and Rothschild; Jardine Matheson, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, the Chartered Bank, the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company. Britain's array of intelligence fronts ran a worldwide assassination bureau, operating through occult secret societies: the Order of Zion, Mazzini's Mafia, the "Triads" or Societies of Heaven in China.
    We will uncover these conspiracies, the spider's web of the British monarchy — the Italian-surname organized crime syndicates, London's Zionist-cover terrorist operation, the secrets of Peking's dope-running foreign intelligence organization. We will trace them all back to their common "mother," the great aristocratic families of Britain. And Rome
    Gave us 9-11 to start ww3
    To bring world governing in to there hands
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    I just watched the following 1998 documentary video, also available on Amazon Prime as Phenomenon: The Lost Archives - Lost Lightning, The Missing Secrets of Nicola Tesla, (Season 1, Episode 9).

    The documentary focuses in on Tesla's numerous concepts that could be applied as weapons, or otherwise in some cases. It has numerous scientists commenting, including the infamous Hutchinson of the claimed metal distorting effects by that name. Tesla's ideas formed the basis of HAARP, and as well, he came up with the original concept of particle beam weapons. There is discussion of how much of this capability seems to have been developed by various nations, including the USA.

    Overall, it has some of the best technical discussion on just how some of Tesla's ideas actually worked, including his idea to transmit electrical power wirelessly.

    To this thread's theme, also briefly discussed is Tesla's experiment applying resonant energy to a NYC skycraper under construction, where he scared the ironworkers off the building before shutting the experiment down.

    If such as Hutchinson Effects were utilized then perhaps the visible evidence of HD demolition also serves to mask or distract that such secret technology was used. There was also the basement explosions noted well prior to the collapses, that don't seem related to Tesla technology, Hutchison Effects, or nuclear events.
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    In America, there are two related ionospheric heating facilities: the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, which was dismantled in 2009, and one at the Arecibo Observatory[29] in Puerto Rico (currently offline for reconstruction). The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association(EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø, Norway.[30] The Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk, Russia, near Nizhniy Novgorod, is capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP.

    Conspiracy theoriesEdit

    See also: List of conspiracy theories: Development of weapons technology
    HAARP is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Various individuals have speculated about hidden motivations and capabilities of the project. For example, Rosalie Bertell warned in 1996 about the deployment of HAARP as a military weapon.[31] Michel Chossudovskystated in a book published by the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform that "recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the capability of triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes."[32] Over time, HAARP has been blamed for generating such catastrophes, as well as thunderstorms, in Iran, Pakistan, Haiti, Turkey, Greece and the Philippines, and even major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.[6][33][34]

    Allegations include the following:

    • Nick Begich Jr., the son of the late U.S. Representative Nick Begich and brother of former U.S. Senator Mark Begich, is the author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP. He has claimed that the HAARP facility could trigger earthquakes and turn the upper atmosphere into a giant lens so that "the sky would literally appear to burn." He maintains a website that claims HAARP is a mind control device.[35][36]
    • A Russian military journal wrote that ionospheric testing would "trigger a cascade of electrons that could flip Earth's magnetic poles".[35]
    • The Alaska state legislature and the European Parliament held hearings about HAARP, the latter citing environmental concerns.[37]
    • Former Governor of Minnesota, ex-professional wrestler, and conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura questioned whether the government is using the site to manipulate the weather or to bombard people with mind-controlling radio waves. An Air Force spokeswoman said Ventura made an official request to visit the research station but was rejected. "He and his crew showed up at HAARP anyway and were denied access."[38]
    • Physicist Bernard Eastlund claimed that HAARP includes technology based on his own patents that has the capability to modify weather and neutralize satellites.[5]
    • It has been proposed as a cause of low frequency background hums said to be heard in various locales.[39]
    Two Georgia men arrested on drug charges in November 2016 were reportedly plotting domestic terrorism based on conspiracy theories about HAARP. The Coffee County Sheriff's Office said the men possessed a "massive arsenal" that included AR-15 rifles, Glock handguns, a Remington rifle and thousands of rounds of ammunition. According to police, the men wanted to destroy HAARP because they believed the facility manipulates the weather, controls minds and even traps the souls of people. Police say the men confessed that "God told them to go and blow this machine up that kept souls, so souls could be released."[40][41]

    Stanford University professor Umran Inan told Popular Science that
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    But to be sure, there is another side of the story besides what is told in this documentary. There's no doubt that Tesla was a key figure in the development of electrical technology, with many great innovations to his credit. The list includes, at least: AC motors and generators, high tension transformers ("Tesla coils"), high voltage capacitors, stroboscopy, spread spectrum radio, and the electronic "AND" gate. This is all illustrated with Tesla patents in the online brochure "Pursuing Tesla's Vision" by Gary Peterson.

    As to the claim that Tesla (not Marconi) invented radio, the situation is more complicated. It's generally agreed that James Clerk Maxwell proposed the theory of electromagnetic radio wave propagation, and predicted the existence of radio waves, in about 1864 based on experimental work by Michael Faraday. Maxwell's predictions were verified in a series of experiments by Heinrich Hertz between 1886 and 1889. In an article published in 1919, "The True Wireless", Tesla explains that "...the publication of Dr. Heinrich Hertz's results caused a
    a thrill as had scarcely ever experienced before. At that time I was in the midst of pressing work in connection with the commercial introduction of my system of power transmission, but, nevertheless, caught the fire of enthusiasm and fairly burned with desire to behold the miracle with my own eyes.
    " By 1891, Tesla explains, he had not only duplicated Hertz's results, but also built a much superior apparatus for himself. This, I understand, was Tesla's wireless device with four tuned circuits, two in the transmitter and two in the receiver. With the extra tuned circuits, Tesla's device was far more efficient than Hertz's equipment at converting electrical power into radio waves, as well as more sensitive in reception.

    Although Tesla was well aware of the possibilities for telegraphy, his primary interest was in developing wireless power transmission. Thus, it was left to others to develop radio communications. Guglielmo Marconi started experimenting with radio equipment in 1894, adopting equipment invented by Hertz, Oliver Lodge, Edouard Branly, and eventually incorporating Tesla's four tuned circuit design as well. As his designs progressed, Marconi was able to transmit at distances beginning at 1/2 mile in 1895, increasing to 2 miles in 1896, 10 miles in 1897, and 2100 miles in 1902. Because of these accomplishments, Marconi became recognized as the inventor of radio technology. But as the US Supreme Court determined in a 1943 patent case decision, nothing that Marconi did wasn't anticipated in patents and scientific work by others.

    Meanwhile, working on his power transmission technology, Tesla gradually became convinced that "Hertz waves" had little if anything to do with the effects he was observing in his laboratory. In his 1919 article, linked above, Tesla says:

    In 1900... I made a last desperate attempt to prove that the disturbances emanating from the oscillator were ether vibrations akin to those of light, but met again with utter failure. For more than eighteen years I have been reading treatises, reports of scientific transactions, and articles on Hertz-wave telegraphy, to keep myself informed, but they have always imprest me like works of fiction.

    The history of science shows that theories are perishable. With every new truth that is revealed, we get a better understanding of Nature and our conceptions and views are modified.... The Hertz-wave theory, by its fascinating hold on the imagination, has stifled creative effort in the wireless art and retarded it for twenty-five years.

    As far as I can make it out, Tesla's competing view was that Hertz waves, if they existed at all, would not propagate for any significant distance. His goal was to create a power transmission system that would essentially use the earth as one conductor in a worldwide circuit, and conduction in the atmosphere and ionosphere as the other leg to complete the circuit. I believe he sought to generate tremendous high voltages in hopes of creating an ionized conduction path in the air.

    This approach led to one spectacular failure after another, until Tesla's backers abandoned him in despair. His grand experimental tower at Wardenclyffe was foreclosed in 1915, and demolished in 1917 for scrap. The 1919 article gives little hint of the difficulties Tesla encountered, Tesla was clearly optimistic that his views would be vindicated shortly.

    Of course, what actually happened is that evidence continued to accumulate in favor of the Maxwell theory. The surprising result that radio waves could propagate around obstacles and beyond line-of-sight was explained by the theory of the "Heaviside layer". As Tesla continued to hold fast to his analysis which was grounded in 19th-century pre-Maxwellian physics, he was increasingly seen as an old-fashioned crank and publicity seeker.

    Tesla's 1891 invention of the four tuned circuit wireless device, can certainly be seen as a key innovation which later enabled Marconi in his success. The 1943 Supreme Court analysis acknowledged this, but also noted that Tesla himself did not fully anticipate the ultimate uses of the invention, and did not claim the utility for radio in his patent. Therefore, in the court's syllabus of their decision, they named Oliver Lodge and John Stone Stone as the holders of prior art patents, not Tesla.

    For more analysis see:

    John Stone Stone himself graciously gave much of the credit to Tesla, as he explains here:

    I refer to an article by Tesla in The Century Magazine in its issue of June 1900, pages 175-211, and particularly to that section entitled "Wireless Telegraphy: The Secret of Tuning Errors in Hertzian Investigations; A Receiver of Wonderful Sensitiveness." Here as elsewhere, Tesla takes a fling at those who attribute the transfer of the energy of these high frequency currents to a distance as a process of radiation. In this he was more than half right, and whatever error be made in this connection was a failure to recognize that electromagnetic waves guided by the earth's surface, and therefore accompanied by currents in that surface, are in a sense still radiation, and that the two explanations of the phenomena are supplemental of one another and a comprehensive explanation of the phenomenon includes both the conception of the gliding electromagnetic waves and the currents in the earth's surface. I misunderstood Tesla. I think we all misunderstood Tesla. We thought he was a dreamer and visionary. He did dream and his dreams came true, he did have visions but they were of a real future, not an imaginary one. Tesla was the first man to lift his eyes high enough to see that the rarified stratum of atmosphere above our earth was destined to play an important role in the radio telegraphy of the future, a fact which had to obtrude itself on the attention of most of us before we saw it. But Tesla also perceived what many of us did not in those days, namely, the currents which flowed way from the base of the antenna over the surface of the earth and in the earth itself.


    Tesla, with his almost preternatural insight into alternating current phenomenon that had enabled him some years before to revolutionize the art of electric power transmission through the invention of the rotary field motor, knew how to make resonance serve, not merely the role of a microscope to make visible the electric oscillations, as Hertz had done, but he made it serve the role of a stereopticon to render spectacular to large audiences the phenomena of electric oscillations and high frequency currents. It is worthy of note that in all these experiments he used frequencies from 10,000 to a few hundred thousand. He did more to excite interest and create an intelligent understanding of these phenomena in the years 1891-1893 than anyone else, and the more we learn about high frequency phenomena, resonance, and radiation today, the nearer we find ourselves approaching what we at one time were inclined, through a species of intellectual myopia, to regard as the fascinating but fantastical speculations of a man whom we are now compelled, in the light of modern experience and knowledge, to admit was a prophet. But Tesla was no mere lecturer and prophet. He saw to the fulfillment of his prophesies and it has been difficult to make any but unimportant improvements in the art of radio-telegraphy without traveling part of the way at least, along a trail blazed by this pioneer who, though eminently ingenious, practical, and successful in the apparatus he devised and constructed, was so far ahead of his time that the best of us then mistook him for a dreamer.
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    The story of Tesla's latter years is enigmatic, to say the least. At the time of his "The True Wireless" paper in 1919, Tesla was 63 years old, a perfectly respectable retirement age. Wikipedia says that after he lost all his financial backers, Tesla lived as a deadbeat by checking into one hotel after another and running up his tab. In 1928, he filed his last patent, for a vertical take-off aircraft.

    In 1931, a journalist threw a party for Tesla's 75th birthday. The renowned inventor found himself featured on the cover of Time Magazine, and feted by many scientific pioneers. After this party, Tesla began to make annual announcements about new inventions on each subsequent birthday. In 1933, he claimed to have discovered a new source of free energy. In 1934, he said he had invented a particle beam weapon. In 1935, Tesla unveiled a "mechanical oscillator" which he claimed had been used to cause an earthquake in 1898 in downtown New York.

    The "Phenomenon" video discusses the Tesla particle beam weapon at great length. It reports that Tesla sent different aspects of his invention to five different governments. However, the "official story" seems to be that Tesla sent the same paper to all five governments, and they all turned him down. At any rate, a 1935 paper was unearthed from a museum archive in 1984. Tesla's paper is available at Tesla says:

    The advances described are the result of my research carried on for many years with the chief object of transmitting electrical energy to great distances. The first important practical realization of these efforts was the alternating current power system now in universal use. I then turned my attention to wireless transmission and was fortunate enough to achieve similar success in this fruitful field, my discoveries and inventions being employed throughout the world. .... Much time was devoted by me to the transmission of radiant energy, in various forms, by reflectors and I perfected means for increasing enormously the intensity of the effects, but was baffled in all my efforts to materially reduce dispersion and became fully convinced that this handicap could only be overcome by conveying the power through the medium of small particles projected, at prodigious velocity, from the transmitter. Electro-static repulsion was the only means to this end and apparatus of stupendous force would have to be developed, but granted that sufficient speed and energy could be realized with a single row of minute bodies then there would be no dispersion whatever even at great distance. Since the cross section of the carriers might be reduced to almost microscopic dimensions an immense concentration of energy, irrespective of distance, could be attained.

    Tesla's paper continues to describe his concept for a charged particle accelerator. The paper is completely lucid -- recognizing technical challenges, proposing innovative solutions, and offering calculations of the performance parameters. But at the same time, I feel it's clear that the approach is highly conceptual and that many details remained to be worked out before experimental devices could be constructed and tested.

    An anonymous interviewee on "Phenomenon" claims that particle beam weapons have since been perfected by the military. Conventional wisdom is that the technology is still very limited in its capabilities.

    In its concluding segment, "Phenomenon" talks about HAARP. I'm at a loss as to how Tesla is connected to HAARP in any way, except that Tesla was generally interested in atmospheric electromagnetism.

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