Hitler England & USA. His puppet master, then Who killed the jew?

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    England. We. Love you Hitler

    Here is. The book

    Nazism is usually depicted as the outcome of political blunders and unique economic factors: we are told that it could not be prevented, and that it will never be repeated.In this explosive book, Guido Giacomo Preparata shows that the truth is very different: using meticulous economic analysis, he demonstrates that Hitler's extraordinary rise to power was in fact facilitated -- and eventually financed -- by the British and American political classes during the decade following World War I. Through a close analysis of events in the Third Reich, Preparata unveils a startling history of…mehr
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    Here joe atwill and Tim Kelly talk abouT
    hitler as a false flag puppet of London USA combines

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    How to take over the center off the world for control trade oil etc.
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    Wilhelm Marr. A Jew (right, 1819–1904). His controversial pamphlet of 1879 predicted the end of Germany — sixty-six years before Germany’s catastrophic defeat in World War II in 1945.
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    Wilhelm Marr - Wikipedia
    https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Wilhelm...
    A Jewish victory, he concluded, would result in finis Germaniae (the end of the German people). To prevent this from happening, in 1879 Marr founded the League of Antisemites (Antisemiten-Liga), the first German ...

    Wilhelm Marr: The Patriarch of Anti-Semitism, by Moshe Zimmermann | commentary - Commentary Magazine
    https://www.commentarymagazine.com › ...

    Marr did not put this conspiracy theory fully before the public until 1879, when he published the pamphlet which ... By the end of 1879, “The Victory of Jewry” had gone through eleven editions, and in that eleventh edition ...
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    According to the Wikipedia article, Marr argued that "Jewish emancipation resulting from German liberalism had allowed the Jews to control German finance and industry" and that to combat this, "in 1879 Marr founded the League of Antisemites (Antisemiten-Liga), the first German organization committed specifically to combating the alleged threat to Germany posed by the Jews and advocating their forced removal from the country."

    This position sounds a lot like Hitler himself, seeing Judaism primarily as an internal threat. As it turned out, this played right into the hands of the Anglo-American oligarchs who ultimately defeated the Germans in WWI and WWII.

    Predictions of the demise of the German race were overblown. What actually happened is that the German oligarchs became obedient junior partners of the Anglo-American empire. The population of German proletariat took a hit, though proportionally less than what happened to the Jews.

    Are the Anglo-American and German oligarchs Catholic, or are they Jewish, or are they Protestant? Why, yes they are, of course.
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    Loren, the Preparata book is very good, at least judging from what I've read so far. (I'm on p. 38.) Thanks for the link.
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    I am on p.16, and already here there is a thesis that can't be true :

    "...There followed the unbelievable [I agree with the unbelievable] 'dance' of Britain and Nazi Germany (1933-43 [why 43 ?]), led by the former to push the latter to go to war against [Stalin's] Russia. And Russia, too, acting in sync with London, appeased the Nazis [Germans] in order to lure them into the trap of the eastern front..."

    So the "plan" of Stalin was to play the little boy of the British and sacrifice his plans/ambitions he worked on for 2 decades for the benefit of the British oligarchy ???

    And the author sees nothing wrong with this (own ?) thesis ?!



    "The West, with its imperialist ogres, has become a centre of darkness and slavery. The task is to destroy this centre, to the joy and relief of the workers."- STALIN, Zhizn' Natsional'nosti, No. 6 (1918)
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    Not everything is as it seems on the surface.

    The underlying premise of Postflaviana is that Western Civilization (and here I am including Russia and the USSR), at least, has been foundationally formed and run continuously by elites that function as if they were 'shepherds' of various human flocks, which we today call nations. For some of the time they have run things openly, as emperors, popes, and kings, and in more contemporary times covertly pulling strings as if puppetmasters. In the latter case using agents that are motivated by various means: intellectual, financial, blackmail, etc..

    Imagine if one was to read accounts of a young Stalin acting much like has been discussed in some of the recent books we've talked about on this forum about the Apostle Paul acting like a military counter-intelligence agent for the Romans against the nationalist Jews of the day. It seems that when Stalin, in the days leading up to the revolution was getting caught and curiously released from custody by the Okrana, the imperial Russian secret police, just as Paul was always getting 'saved' (from the angry Jews) and released by the imperial Romans.

    Check these links for more instances of former Okhrana agents: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=okhrana+agents+becoming+cheka+agents&t=ffsb&ia=web

    To this day, players on the right continue to profitably conflate communism with socialism, when in fact if the German communists and German socialists had been able to compromise on a candidate against Hitler in 1933 Hitler would not have won election. Fortunately we are aide by the analysis of Wolfgang Waldner (and Jerry's efforts) in demonstrating the true nature of Karl Marx, who was married into the Prussian nobility. Before taking on his big economic project, his first assignment was spying on Bruno Bauer, perhaps the first major critic of Christianity in the 'modern' era. The gist here, for Marx, was to co-opt the Industrial Revolution's worker's true interests by creating an extreme construct that could easily controlled, if one has their 'agent' in the proper position. The same can easily be the case with Hitler, or Napoleon (and his overt display of the Hidden Hand).

    Identically, this same means of 'mitigation' of peoples' greater interests can be found with the the libertarian movement and its extreme focus on the (Ayn) Randian economic hero, its celebration of those who are hyper-driven, and thus inevitably result in the concentration of wealth, and it's default opposite. Imagine the surprise to find the seemingly paradoxical sponsors of such 'individualism' ideology are the remnants of European royalty, the Hapsburgs and the Bourbons, etc, connected with the Mont Pelerin Society. The paradox vanishes once one analyzes the hidden agenda correctly. In other words, covertly create the environment for a Robber Baron-esque society of sufficient inequality and enough people will be sufficiently receptive to a truly global new order, and a return of the ' benevolent king'.

    In the context of of Futurist interpretation of the Book of Revelation, there will be ethnic based nations (making racists happy) all answering to the global 'king' likely per the feudal model described in Genesis 47.

    This thread begins with the (cultural Catholic) discussion of Joe Atwill's and Tim Kelly's over the covert involvement of the British Crown with such as Hitler, but we also know the similar role of the Vatican with the Nazis. It is no big leap to me since I consider the entire creation of the Church of England, via Henry VIII's divorce, a sham. As Donald Trump might say (privately), it is Fake Protestantism. It's all cynical manipulation of the flocks of human sheep.

    Much is known about Adolf Hitler's life, except for a silent period of about 5(?) years just prior to WWI. It was during this time that Adolf's half-brother, Alois, went to England and fathered a child, Patrick. Where was Adolf during this time that his half-brother was in England?

    And, put this in the context that the British Crown is essentially ... German, and has been since before the American Revolution. And that it was 'England's' George II that sponsored the 'modern scientific' university system, in Gottingen Germany, where the very first fake 'scientific' product was the baseless basis [sic] of the Romantic Movement, where we are still living with the idiotic ideology of 'Blood and Soil'.

    As I have been discussing on another thread, based upon Levenda's The Hitler Legacy and Redles's Hitler's Millennial Reich, we are still living with the (now global) terrorist legacy of the Nazi apocalyptic movement that excites both today's race - nationalist movements and such as American right wing Evangelicals, and such as radical Catholic crypto-monarchists.
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    I definitely agree with you on this one, Richard.

    In many cases we don't need mental gymnastics to find the right answers for the obvious.

    Quoting "icebreaker" by Viktor Suvorov :

    "....Stalin understood better than Hitler that a war is won by the side which enters it last and not by the one which goes into it first...."

    And we know for 75 years now which country entered the war last and was the only victor - the USA.

    This is on the surface and is obvious. So we should do the analysis with this obvious fact in mind.
    Guido Preparata didn't. He is wrong and his analysis is flawed.
  12. Richard Stanley

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    It certainly 'appears' this way, referring to what you quoted from me.

    Have you been able to read Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil? Somewhere on this site is a link to a free download (it is expensive in print now). In any case, it discusses the real history of the USA, and in which, even before the present silent (Georgetown) coup in the Trump White House, the USA has been a clever 'front' for London and Rome. Just as the Roman Catholic Church is a literal 'corporation' (as are all its subsidiary dioceses) one can think of the USA as a corporation, only who are its real owners, the voters ... or?

    I have not read the book, but only watched the first interview video on this thread, and from that I have to agree with you, as I mentioned prior, that these 'Catholic' analyses are blinkered, as are the case from the opposite 'English' camp perspective.

    Even so, most all the time we must read such materials with our own personal lens, and then we can derive valuable data from that we might otherwise miss. In any case, I was particularly taken by Preparata's and Kelly's use of the term "theater of war", similar to how Shakespeare said "all the world is a stage". They seem to apply literally, and as such, this is just one basis for my analysis of recent American history including the Trump tableau.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Russia split up Germany with "the west" after the war with Stalin himself continuing to rule the Empire until his death of natural causes in 1953? Sure Russia lost 26 million troops but, I think, the point is that Stalin never viewed those people as anything more than insects and pawns anyway.

    I'm not understanding suchenders' analysis of complete US victory at all.
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  14. Richard Stanley

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    Yes, but East Germany is now part of Germany.

    I think we need suchender to explain his position in more detail before we comment on it. I see his, or anyone's view that the USA was the big winner, but this is all of a particular perspective. And other positions can and have been taken. There is a viewpoint that the Germans really won, and for a while people were saying that Japan had won. Peter Levenda is saying, in The Hitler Legacy, that we all are still fighting WWI.

    Preparata, from the Kelly interview, seems to (partially at least) grasp that Stalin (and Putin) are playing a role of controlled opposition to the West. My big problem with them, so far, is that they seem to fail to understand that 'Rome' is still a key player with London and Washington D.C..
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    I didn't "analyze" the U.S. victory but just stated the obviousness of the fact, that the U.S. entered the war the last. Since then the U.S. is dominating the world. Doesn't it ?
    So of course the U.S. is the only victor ! ("Israel" the secret one ?)

    To understand the game, which was played by the communists, you should read books, and for the start I gave you a good one above. Here again :
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    Germans won ???
    What a crazy idea !
    The one completely destroyed and after that held hostage (politically) for over 7 decades by the (secret ?) victors is the "winner" ???
    A laughable position !

    Sure we are "fighting" the permanent World War :)
    The only question is who is the "director" and "producer" of this spectacle.

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    I agree with this, except for maybe the smiley face. o_O

    I did not offer up Germany as my position, only that Germany has been suggested by others as such. Trump has even riffed on this aspect, that Germany, as the most powerful economic state of the EU has benefited mightily post-WWII, for it has not had to incur much military costs, among other things. As Preparata and Kelly discussed, the main reason that Nazi Germany was able to rebuild so fast and effectively was because of the financial arrangements facilitated by the creation of the Bank of International Settlements (Basel Switzerland) and the monies that were able to flow into Germany through this means, while the image of Versailles Treaty damages was allowed to linger over the situation. This went on even during WWII with Nazis on the bank's board of directors. And then post WWII, Germany was rebuilt with the Marshal Plan ... and the flow of Nazi era funds back into Germany that had been secreted offshore beforehand.

    But, in any case, offering up this country or that country is besides the point to me. It is the specific people, behind the scenes - sub rosa, who are in position to pull the necessary levers, setting the 'stage' for each 'scene'. As such, Germany and its people were "insects and pawns" in such, except for those specific elite directors and producers.

    Of course, the "communists" were doing the same, but again, it's only the specific insiders that matter, like Lenin and his train ride.

    As for me, I generally believe in the model proposed by Flavio Barbiero (The Secret Society of Moses) for the creation of Europe's real elites, the key historical period being the Flavian period with their association with Josephus 'Flavius' and his Hasmonean extended family. That they, (elite Romans, Hasmoneans and Herodians) combined, formed the elite core of Western Civilization and that they and their descendants are the directors and producers behind the scenes even today. In terms of Biblical metaphor, they are the tribes of Esau and Ephraim (Joseph) and Judah is Ephraim's servant ... or 'front' (for scapegoat purposes).

    Today's Israel, like the original, is a synthetic political creation, and it was created from the sacrificial blood of WWII. Without its creation there is no way to complete the Futurist stage production of the End Times as so many Christian and Islamic fundamentalists (and messianic Jews) are hoping for. The ability to carry off such 'fantastical machinations is only made so much more easy because of the Postmodernist mindset where exactly such 'conspiratorial' machinations are patently impossible. Therefore, in this POV there is zero reason for society to be on guard against such 'impossible' occurrences. Shit happens, only because of spontaneous eruptions of personal ego and vanity. This ... is God's Will.
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    Sure !
    Were it your own thesis, Richard, I would never call it "laughable" :)
    But since it's from sombody else, I do.
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    Exactly !
    ..... and Trotsky with gang on the S.S. Kristianiafjord !

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    One of many reasons for me to follow your Postflaviana site, Richard and Jerry !

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