Help, My Thread Isn't Forked Up ... Yet!!

Richard Stanley

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Forum threads frequently go far off-topic, for various good and bad reasons. As hard as it could be to imagine, sometimes even I am guilty of such digression.

Depending on how long (in terms of the number of posts) we have allowed such a digression to live and how far off-topic it is, then it becomes necessary for Jerry to expend some considerable effort to fork the digressionary expressions to a new or more appropriate pre-existing thread.

As such, I wonder if we may try an experiment, requiring everyone's cooperation, that is, in manually cutting and pasting their degressions (in serial order) to the new location. This is likely easier to do if using the 'private message function" to alert the next poster that it is his or her turn to cut and paste. In some cases, the 'mover' should leave some notification that a new thread has been moved, or that a link from the original thread and/or prior post there should be added to the first moved post.

I promise to give anyone who agrees a Like. So, consider THAT y'all!!!

And if you don't ...??