HBO Canada (accidentally?) airs No Plane 911 explosion footage

Last night/this morning I watched HBO Canada's new documentary Satan Lives. Then in the final segment the producers (accidentally ?) included a 10 second No Plane shot second of Twin Towers explosions. I have seen this particular shot many times, but I have never seen it aired on a major network without the plane (added in ) hitting the tower as it is shown in this documentary. If you wanna look into the documentary its Satan Lives. It's also a decent look at Satanism and Fundamentalist modern myths of Satan. Banger films did the documentary and here is the link to the production company

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Tried unsuccessfully to see if it might be playing on HBO in the US. But in the process I found the following:

It only goes to show that if you accept the central premise of Christianity, then by default you must believe in Satan at least in the same manner you interpret Jesus. And thus you open the door of gullibility to whatever abuse comes with that.

BTW, do you have any links to the WTC No Plane shot?
Here's one of them not the one shown in the documentary I mentioned
but there are quite a few that have surfaced from various news footage that was suppressed. A lot of skeptic sites say they can debunk them or that they are faked, but none of them look fake, the only ones that look fake are the ones with the planes in them in which the planes are very very very bad playstation 1 quality cgi. I seriously can not believe that anyone can believe any of the footage with the planes are real and take their sanity and or eyesight seriously.
Also I might mention that the only person interviewed in the documentary that actually sounded genuine was Zeena LaVey Schreck, it is worth a watch for a number of reasons and is on dvd via banger films website.
Also I might mention I have watched these and re-watched this not seeing a plane, but have shown them to others who claim to see a plane, which I attribute to a mass hypnosis created by the news footage that was shown and reshown. But there is no plane in the above video and at least three others I have seen. I have them on usb drives and as I find them again on youtube will repost them but as you can imagine that youtube is full of 911 videos.

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Thanks Mark. Maybe this is indeed the needed breakthrough, especially the side by side views of the towers with the swapped out background.

Having people buy into the flying ball, or whatever it might actually be, may be another matter. But, in this regard, Ferrell has done some interesting investigation on the Nazi Bell Reactor and its possible relation to such objects, and to the possibility of micro-nuke explosives.

I had done a similar 2D analysis of the Pentagon strike, which on its own doesn't reveal very much, but makes one realize, as others claimed that the claimed flight path of the AA77 757 was next to impossible, especially for inexperienced and amateur pilots. Importantly, this highly irregular flight path would be highly likely to have failed because of its high speed relation to the terrain and the supposed objects that it must have had to hit (5 light poles, a retaining wall, and the electrical generator -- here I wont count the construction trailer filled with explosives). As I argued in Jerry's and mine Five Sided Fantasy Island analysis this whole improbable approach to the building was predicated on the desire to provide positive footprints of a 757 having been along that path. Hence the light poles, the apparent engine impacts with the retaining wall and the electrical generator, and the pattern of damage to the exterior wall. All providing the proper dimensional spacing, and convenient to fake at this height.

Similar to the twin towers then, with the odd tenants in the impacts floors, not only was the Pentagon 'wedge' that was impacted having just undergone a complete overhaul (by a British contractor -and oddly only for that first wedge contract and not the remainder) but the entire bottom two floors were contiguously open from the outer wall to the back of the C Ring. The importance of this last is that this enabled all the stage magic to be hidden under the second floor roofing between the three rings.

As with the odd penetration of the tower shown, the famous hole in the C Ring was very clean and geometrically oval in the brick wall, perfectly placed between two structural columns. The intent of the oval was to provide the impression (and psychological impact) that a fuselage had indeed penetrated this far. But of course there was still a whole series of internal structural columns inside that would be shreding this fuselage to bits. The researcher Russell Pickering located a video of a shaped charge product made specifically for creating such clean holes in brick walls.

Left unexplained by the 'ball' is the appearance of wing impacts, but in the case of the Pentagon, we also argued that this same thing was staged.
Thing is that the ball is not present in all of the instances of these videos circulating. The plane impact videos that are a part of the official narrative just look faked and are very bad cgi. The public was in such a state of trauma at first that only a few people were in a state to call (for lack of a better term) BS on the whole thing. For me it was the pristine passport found that had me calling BS. Then later looking at the plane footage. Of course at the time it was not something I even dared to speak of to anyone.
However with the ball my thoughts went to Farrell's work and to the work of Tesla in regards to Scalar weapons. Farrell's work however, as with Levenda, always goes back to this whole evil Nazi paradigm which I do not believe actually existed, outside of the puppet masters of Hollywood's twisted little minds.

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For me I remember immediately knowing it was a scam the moment I saw the news that morning. But, yes, the passport of Atta's was definitive. Did you know that FBI Mueller later admitted that the passport was bogus?

Speaking of bad CGI, I forgot to mention that another possibility exists, within the greater realm of Obfuscation - as surrounds such as JFK, etc..

As a possibility, flying a 767, or prototype military tankers based upon 767s, remotely was well within the capability of the military. They even had two advanced GPS systems with much more accuracy at the time.

So if one can visually replace a flying ball with an image of a plane, then why not the reverse, ... and then provide crappy CGI images and get everyone, that is those willing to discuss such, in a ell of a ruckus over it all. Thus making all such people look like loons, aka Marginalization.

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Farrell's work however, as with Levenda, always goes back to this whole evil Nazi paradigm which I do not believe actually existed, outside of the puppet masters of Hollywood's twisted little minds.
I'm not sure where you are going with this, but in the largest context I believe that the whole affair was a puppet show, for achieving several goals, including establishing a festering thorn in the Middle East. The linkage of American, British, and Vatican (among others) actions is quite telling, and fits within the paradigm that Jerry and I have been advocating.
Also on a side note, The one person who called me on 911 from a pay phone, well their name replaced my name on my caller ID when I would call other people and stayed like that for some time and took a lot of time to get the phone company to change it back to my name. Now that is just plain weird and creepy as before that it read my name.
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I'm not sure where you are going with this, but in the largest context I believe that the whole affair was a puppet show, for achieving several goals, including establishing a festering thorn in the Middle East. The linkage of American, British, and Vatican (among others) actions is quite telling, and fits within the paradigm that Jerry and I have been advocating.
I just do not believe the official story of WWII and think that Farrell and Levenda get a little too much into the demonization of Germany, I believe they were working with exotic technology but I do not believe that thye were the "bad guys" of the war. All the news articles and accounts I read from the period suggests the British as the instigators of the war.Also,I don't think working with things like "The Bell" made them evil, as I feel is implied by so many alternative writers. I mean the Allies worked on the A Bomb (according to the official story, I only word it this way for those who don't believe in The A Bomb because of that shadow of a doubt). I find it laughable that people constantly talk about Nazi human experiments but ignore the same types of experiments by the allies then and now. I actually think Hitler was a scapegoat for all the evil in the world but that things are just not that black and white when it comes to WWII. Good guys and bad guys well they only exist in fiction. In reality it is always more complex than in fables.

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OK, I understand now. I would frame it a little different though. It is a classic Hall of Mirrors, same with the Soviet Union, Saddam, etc..

As I have stated on another thread, the German people were undergoing massive stress in the Weimar period, and thus bought Hitler's rhetoric. Somewhat as is going on today in the US, where the same demographic is buying into the siren trumpet call. Many of these are so frustrated, that their primary second choice is to "Feel the Bern." As such Hitler came to his nominal socialist power under false pretenses, and once comfortably consolidated into the NSDAP leadership he switched immediately to serving the interests of the German industrialists. Well, at least he made the trains run on time, just as the present trumpet is advertising.

As for the latter, none of which would have resonance, if not for all his golf buddies who wanted to close down 50 to 60 thousand American factories and ship those jobs offshore, many to the 'Communists'. Create a problem, provide a solution, and advance your hidden agendas.

I think it is clear that Hitler, at least, was a Lifetime Actor extraordinaire, and as such he got his retirement at what I call the Hidden Resort, as most all such do in my opinion. If you read Black's The Transfer Agreement you'll see that the Jabotinskites (today's Likud) and the 'liberal' Jewish Agency made their bloody deal with the proverbial Devil for Zion's sake.
Well one thing for sure if it is not a Trump vs Sanders thing in the fall, we can be sure that the whole thing is a shame where TPTB have lost all respect for the intelligence of the people. If it is a Trump vs Sanders thing in the fall we can be sure that TPTB are still in the process on manipulating the public into submission through smoke and mirrors.
On the WWII it was one weird play while it was going on and since the stories have became the stuff of a B-Grade movies. It's grown over time morphed as the 911 thing has to the point where you can't question it, 911 will be next thing people can't question. I will seek out that book as I like to get all frame's of reference. Right now I am stuck at chapter 4 of Technocracy Rising, as I am working on some new music presently.

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Here is a set of 18 video clips showing the alleged South Tower plane impact.

The footage shown in the two clips above is Clip #12 in the "18 views" series, from "NBC Chopper 4". I think it's perfectly compatible with the other views, and the small object called "the ball" in the Richard D Hall movie, could be readily interpreted as an aircraft at a great distance, subtending just a few pixels in the camera. In the very first video above, if you look very closely, you can see "the ball" approaching in the distance, although it's mostly obscured by the "THERE IS NO PLANE" legend. Right, you (almost) can't see the plane because it's hidden behind the text! That is, if you view the video in the tiny little window on the forum post. If you switch to full screen, the text legend moves out of the way, and you can see "the ball" better. It fades strangely in and out of view, perhaps as some sort of video compression artifact. The "9/11: 18 views" can be viewed in full screen mode in 720p, and I believe you can begin to make out the wings.

I don't feel I have an axe to grind on this issue -- nothing would surprise me at this point. All I'm saying is, I don't see these videos as compelling evidence that there is "no plane".
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There is a vid out there somewhere that compiles all the vids of the tower planes that could be obtained, something like 20 more or less. With varying quality, they all show something hitting or approaching the towers. The vid also compares divergent flight tracking data, one set from the military, and one set constructed from vids. They did not match. It also looked at the details of the "impact." The conclusion was that the planes were holograms from a jet that few near. That fits the bill in all respects and is an existing technology, one that the military had previously said they planned to use.

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I took some time to look at pics of the KC-767 refueling tankers, which have been in production for some years since 9/11. There is no evidence of the mysterious accentuated fuselage 'pods', but rather look just like standard 767 wheel truck bays.

If real airliners, CGI, or holograms, then what is this odd aspect?