Greek & Roman Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

Here is a nice video of the ancient Greek and Roman ruins the Syrian Army liberated from Israel's Daesh mercenaries last week...

I suspect there is some esoteric reason reason why the Freemasons and Kabbalists have their mercenaries blow up evidence of ancient civilizations, but I don't know it.

Jerry Russell

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As Loren recently showed: having blown up the originals, they're planning to make copies in strategic downtown locations all over the planet. One might guess that in some way, the monumental architecture will be twisted to fit some new narrative, but I'm not sure how this will be manifested just yet.


Richard Stanley

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If I remember correctly, Palmyra has (or had) a temple site said to perfectly match the construction description for the supposed Solomonic First Temple in Jerusalem. When Baghdad fell, the museums were raided, which had important objects from the ancient cultures that flowed into Palestine. Same for Cairo with the Arab Spring.