Google Data Set for Text Analysis

Jerry Russell

Staff member
Hi James,

Thanks for your interest in the Flavian Signature analysis.

The Google applications and data are found at this link:

More information about the Flavian Signature Verification project is found here:

Basically, the project was interrupted when Matthew Josephson came along with his book "Revealing the Man of Sin", which showed that there are large numbers of very significant "off-diagonal" (out of sequence) parallels between Josephus and the Gospels. This was problematic for my scheme to demonstrate statistical significance for the on-sequence parallels. The existence of all the off-sequence parallels might also be statistically significant. But a lot of the off-sequence ones are purely conceptual, and as such, not so easy to support a mathematical analysis. There might very well be another overarching pattern, but Josephson wasn't sure what it might be. I haven't had time to sort this out yet.