Georgia guide stone new revaluations

Jerry Russell

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Joe says there in a hurry and they are killing us off faster and faster.

....When the big boys in the 90s told us. 500 million people was the plan they used the world optimum population!

Joe is very astute. I agree that some modern situations could easily lead to a population decline far more steep and sudden than what's depicted in the article about current trends in Japan. For example: declining sperm count owing to pesticides in the food, excessively zealous vaccination programs, and radioactive damage, all can cause further reduction in fertility. A sudden worldwide economic collapse could easily cause starvation of billions of people. And even worse than that, a thermonuclear war could be followed by "nuclear winter" and worldwide crop failure, leaving only a tiny remnant of humanity at best.

But, the concept of "they" and/or "the big boys" is oversimplified. The elite consists of individuals and factions who might (and indeed probably do) have varying opinions about the rapidity of population decline they would like to see. There might also be controversy about the methods they would be willing to use. Even if policy is basically decided by some person who is the King (or Queen) of the World, that person faces challenges to get his or her policy implemented.

Notice that Robert Christian makes the claim above, "I am the originator of the Georgia Guidestones and the sole author of its inscriptions." His shadowy backers would presumably not have provided "assistance" if they weren't generally in agreement with the sentiments expressed. If indeed there is a numerological link to the Burj Khalifa, then the design and funding of the monument might have very deep connections to elite world power.

Yet at the same time, RC Christian might be solely responsible for coming up with the arbitrary 500 million figure, just as he is implicitly claiming in his book.

Richard Stanley

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Perhaps it merely all agitprop? While on the one hand, RC can claim that they are only benignly desiring to 'guide us' in how to live harmoniously after the big reduction, perhaps this was all intended to help raise tensions in the desired Culture War, the new Kulturkampf du jour, necessarily preceding the Futurist End Times script. How else can they get fresh, juicy, paranoid nationalists to throw themselves on the global altar?

If 'They' didn't create Such As the Guidestones, then 'Somebody' would have to.

Within the numerous preceding subcycles of Conquest, Colonization, Consolidation, etc. a complete cycle finishes with the need for such designed polarization, such as to fuel the next sub-cycle of Colonization within the next complete cycle (or Age).

Within each sub-cycle, which take multiple generations, the unwitting human sheep come to culturally identify themselves as belonging within that temporal culture, just as people also become attached to land that they have conquered and such.

Surely they wouldn't consider such things, perhaps setting the tone, at least, within the curious Curia, veiling it in the fog of the Mysterium.

NO, NO, this is impossible I say!!!!

Ignore everything I just wrote!!!! (As I forgot how to delete.)

Jerry Russell

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How else can they get fresh, juicy, paranoid nationalists to throw themselves on the global altar?

I'm confused about this globalist-nationalist dialectic. Consider the following advice from Robert Christian's book:

It is vitally important that each national government have a considered "Population Policy." The need is urgent and should take precedence over other problems, even those relating to national defense. Population control is a global problem. The actions of one nation have far reaching effects on others. Overcrowding human beings in conditions of squalor and ignorance is dehumanising. It is an evil which must not be tolerated.

Each nation must consider the present and future availability of all resources required for its long continuing survival. With proper allowances for the interchange of commodities that are overabundant in some areas and scarce in others, rational estimates must be made of the optimum population which can be sustained by those resources on a perpetual time scale. Each nation must make this determination for its own people. It may give assistance to its neighbors as it chooses and as its assistance is requested. But in the final analysis each nation must determine its own population goals and must formulate plans that will achieve them. No nation, having regulated its own population, should be expected to burden its citizens with the unwanted surplus of improvident neighbors.
Christian is espousing that we have a global problem, and yet individual nations are expected to solve it. "Improvident neighbors" are not supposed to immigrate from one nation to another. This sounds to me like a white nationalist sentiment, even if black African nations are granted the same rights as well as obligations. Who is supposed to enforce these global obligations to be imposed on every nation? I suggest that RC Christian is seeing the Globe as a White Nationalist's Burden.

Richard Stanley

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I'm confused about this globalist-nationalist dialectic. Consider the following advice from Robert Christian's book:

It is vitally important that each national government have a considered "Population Policy."
Well, even the Book of Revelation uses the semantic term 'nations' in its final formulation, albeit I don't think it is specific as to constituent ethnicities.

It all begs the question of who has superior land rights, the indigenous or the divine and Provident conquerors. I think I have addressed this before, in that the notion of a nation, raced based or otherwise, would necessarily be subsumed under on Global authority. In the Mother Church's Christian system, this authority would necessarily reside in the Crown of Crowns, the papacy, the Vicar (the substitute) of Christ.

Likely some will have to go back 'home', one way or another. Unless some cosmopolitan formulation is possible. Popes are usually pretty groovy guys, once you get to know them. So I'm told.


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The graph in this article shows Japanese population having declined from a peak of about 127 million in the year 2000, to about 126 million today. So the loss of population so far amounts to less than 1% in 17 years. This is very significant, representing a reversal of the exponential growth trend that has been in place worldwide since the industrial revolution.

As I discuss above, I feel it's a good thing if the population growth trend is slowed or even gradually reversed. The reasons given in the article for the reversal are a mix of more and less problematic factors. An emphasis on "production of goods" might mean that the same number of people, or even a smaller amount of people, can still have a disproportionate and unsustainable impact on the environment. But much of the article is describing high costs of having children, which seems to be a result of removing expensive social subsidies for families. Given a less encouraging environment, the Japanese are simply choosing to put less energy into family formation and childrearing.

The article discusses how a similar trend is in place among affluent people in Europe and the US. Again, I say it's a good thing that this is the overall trend. But the means are not always so benign: drug wars, "cultural degradation" promoted by the elites, and so forth.

The article extrapolates current trends to claim that the Japanese people will virtually disappear in 300 years. There's no reason to expect such a socially flexible trend to persist for 300 years. But if it does, the extrapolation should be based on percentage declines. That is, according to the graph, the population will decline about 50% over the next 75 years. If the population continues to be cut in half every 75 years for the next 300, the result would be a 16-fold reduction. That is, from the current 126 million, to about 8 million.

This is the same general order of magnitude reduction as called for by the Georgia Guidestones. And it would be accomplished without anyone being killed prematurely at all! No wars, no famine, no genocide; but just consistently below-replacement fertility of ~1.5 children per woman, sustained over about 12 generations.

I was curious about this. How can high real estate valuations be maintained in the face of such a situation? And, why so many empty houses if the population has just recently started to decline? I traced the information to its source, here:

Which explains what seems to be a cultural situation which seems pretty incomprehensible compared to what Americans are accustomed to. The Japanese prefer to buy new houses, and live in them their entire lives. The old houses are abandoned as untouchable "ghost houses" after their owners die.
Alan watt cutting through the matrix
Why and how the big boys tell us that there are to many people and how the will deal with a must hear !!