Genesis Revisited

Richard Stanley

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Episode 13 of the 1998/1999 documentary series, Phenomenon: Lost Archives, covers the subject matter of the late Zecharia Sitchin's book title of the same name, Genesis Revisited. In the book Sitchin made many assertions that are gradually being confirmed by Science. Basically, these have a reinterpretation of the Biblical book of Genesis, that demonstrates that the Judeo-Christian version is a gross redaction of the much older Sumerian version found on numerous clay tablets and cylinder seals. In this regard the literal interpretation of Genesis by fundamentalists is not confirmed, unless that is, one makes allowances the wider (beyond pagan) context provided in the Sumerian, ... and that is supportable via rational cause and effect mechanisms, albeit yet troubling to humanity ... as to our reason for being Here. The latter ironically being one reason for religions' existence in the first place.

As such the documentary has many photos and graphics that I had not seen in Sitchin's books, the last one that I had read way back when was Genesis Revisited. It has commentary from various astronomers and others.

9 planets surrounding our Sun, and one extra planet (maybe even two more like Ceres perhaps?):

The following are key claims of Sitchin's:
  • The Sumerian texts made accurate descriptions of our solar system (including one extra 'planet') including the outer planets that should not otherwise have been known to them.
  • They described the contemporary scientifically accepted mechanism for how Earth and our otherwise odd Moon were formed (via a massive collision with another object) necessarily long before humans or other life existed here.
  • That the developmental process of the '7 days' of Creation in Genesis is otherwise generally accurate -- if one necessarily rejects that the Biblical 'day' involved in this story is not our literal 24 hour day, but rather each very long periods.
There are other aspects of Sitchin's claims about how modern humans came about that are very thought provoking, considering our ever rowing abilities in genetic manipulation, far more advanced that was almost 20 years ago when the documentary was produced. It also suggests answers to what 'the' master secret society is all about. And, about the Vatican postulating the coming of what I call 'Space Jesus'.

A philosopher from Tulane University talks about the commonly thought, underlying intent of the Bible and such as supposedly being for our 'salvation', but he didn't quite go where Sitchin asserts, that we were created essentially as 'slaves'. Note the curious relationship between the words 'salvation' and 'slave'.

The following cross is possibly the most contiguously used symbols throughout human history, at least in the West, being displayed below and in other Sumerian depictions. This one is in more detailed context, clearly an astronomical one with such as the planet symbol above it. This cross is commonly worn by the Catholic church episcopacy today, among others like the nobility.