Game of Thrones numerology question

Jerry Russell

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Does the number 7.16 mean anything? It's the opening date for GoT season 7. Tag line:

The Great War is Here.


Paul Stenning

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Wouldn't you know that according to the Gematria, 716 is the same number as Fabian Society. But it also accords with: And then nothing happens.

Richard Stanley

This site claims that the 716th word in the Torah is YHWH, for what it is worth. The number is referenced several times in that link, including the manner of it's being embedded in the number Pi. Of course, similar to the so called Bible Code, any short number sequence can be found in Pi, that number's name related to Pythagoras if not coming from the man himself. And Plato, whose central ideas are woven into Christianity's esoteric theology, asserted that his notions could not be understood properly without first understanding Pythagorus.

But it also accords with: And then nothing happens.
For better or worse, we are all held hostage to others' beliefs, and their desires make their beliefs become manifest. As I try to communicate in both my 9/11 and End Times articles. The sub rosa execution of these events then justifies, in the minds of the exoteric believers, that they are indeed witnessing divine fulfillments.

That said, as I have discussed elsewhere on the forum about David Fideler's Jesus Christ, Sun of God, the roots of all these Greek and Jewish numbers were part of a rather sophisticated schema that they considered sacred (Sacred Geometry). One thing is for certain, that numbers and their geometrical ratio relationships are eternal, perhaps the only things that are eternal.

For example, a Pythagorean numeric expression of the Christian protagonist, Iesous Christos (not actually the transliterated Jesus Christ), from the above link:

As Fideler discusses, the Greek (and Hebrew) names derive from the numbers, and with 888 (related to 666) we have a number intimately linked (via geometry and such as the Magic Square of the Sun) to the Sun, and hence all the OT and NT interest in time cycles and such. And, consistent with Isaiah 45:7 KJV's expression of one authorship of Good and Evil, the harmonic ratios and numbers of Good inherently c0-exist with the Bad ones. Thus we find the numbers of 'evil' strewn around the scenes of various dark acts, to help entrain the minds of 'believers' that their deluded reality is true.


And, of course, the individual numbers in 7/16/2017 add up to 24 (or 8 three times) and obviously Jon Snow could be seen as a nice little mashup of everyone's two favorite JC's, stabbed to death by men he trusts then resurrected a few days later. But, yeah, no idea what it "means" if anything...