From White Helmets to Black Hats

Richard Stanley

The following video discusses the Middle East phenomenon of the White Helmets as as a group which is following a long tradition of operating under the false guise of humanitarianism, but in reality being something far different and darker. This is what happened during the Crusades with the Templars and the Hospitalers, the former known to collaborate with the Nasari Assassins.

These collaborations are constant throughout history, being reduxed by the close Bush family association with the Bin Ladens and the leaders of the Ismaili Aga Khans (aka Nasaris).

Discussed is how ignorant people at home (on both the right and left), too busy with their careers and other distractions, become easily conned and co-opted into supporting and championing such things, because they assume that seemingly credible others are not misleading them. Such is how typical 'Not-So's' are turned into Nazis (the latter who also thought they were doing good).

More attention has been brought to the White Helmets because of one of its co-founders, James Le Mesurier's alleged suicide by a jump off a second floor balcony, and revelations about dark business at the OPCW regarding the chemical weapons event Syria.


Jerry Russell

Staff member
Thanks for posting this. Caitlin Johnstone has also written often about the White Helmets, OPCW and the faked chemical weapons attack at Douma. Such as, for example, here:

There is a large and growing body of evidence that we have been lied to about Syria to an extent and to a level of sophistication that may be historically unprecedented. One particular aspect of the US-centralized empire’s military involvement in that nation, the 2018 airstrikes by the US/UK/France alliance and the alleged chemical weapons incident which preceded it, has been subject to intense scrutiny ever since it took place. And with good reason: there are many pieces of evidence indicating that the Douma incident was staged to falsely implicate the Syrian government.
I don’t claim to know exactly who would have been involved in such a staging and to what extent. It is technically possible, as the UK’s Admiral Lord West speculated at the time, that it was perpetrated independently by the vicious al-Qaeda-linked Jaysh al-Islam forces who’d been occupying Douma, a last-ditch attempt to provoke a western military response that might save them from the brink of defeat at the hands of the surging Syrian Arab Army. Jaysh al-Islam has an established record of deliberately massacring civilians, and of using civilians as military leverage by locking them in cages on rooftops in strategic Douma locations to prevent airstrikes. The narrative management operation known as the White Helmets would also have been involved to some extent, and it’s very possible that Saudi Arabia, who backs Jaysh al-Islam, was involved as well.
Any number of other allied intelligence agencies could have also been involved to some degree (perhaps with the more expanded goal of ensuring continued US military commitment in Syria during an administration that is vocally opposed to it), and it’s unknown if anyone involved would have had direct contact with any part of any US government agency regarding any of this. All we know for sure is that there’s a growing mountain of evidence that the Syrian government was not involved, and that this raises extremely important questions about (A) who really killed those civilians in Douma and (B) how seriously any future demands for military action should be taken from the US power alliance.

Caitlin also recommends and highlights this video by Dan Cohen. The video was originally on Twitter and has been censored there, which is probably the reason for the low view count for the copy on YouTube.