From Scythia to Camelot

Richard Stanley

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The following is a very interesting discussion with Jason Reza Jorjani about the Scythians (aka the Saka), the Sarmatians, and their more urban, settled Aryan cousins, the Persians. It has a very interesting account of the Amazons, and Jorjani relates the idea of the Sarmatian vector into the Arthurian legends, that we've also seen Ellis discuss in terms of the Edessan royal family and their Parthian aspect.

Jorjani discusses the Sarmations relationship to the dragon, and this is an element that Ellis discussed in relation to Camelot as well. But Jorjani goes further in discussing the widespread range of the nomadic Sarmations. Also that, from the Greek perspective, the 'Sar' seems to be related to the reptile nature of the dragon (the saur in dinosaur), but that one Sarmatian tribe was known for its reptile-like chain mail for its knights and reptile-like green livery of their horses. This is the same tribe he associates with providing important military aid to Mohammed and Salman the Persian at the important battle of Badr, and possibly why green is the dominant color of Islam.

As well, he talks about the origins of the goddess Artemis to these peoples rather than to the Greeks, and an interesting nexus with American cowboy and cowgirl culture.