From Greece to united nations to rule the world

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My belief is that all evil causes have been aimed at universals: the idea that humanity must all be homogonous
Whilst certain things help people become survive or thrive (animal domestication, iron mongering, capitalism*) it does not follow that we must all agree on everything and must all be alike
That's why the death tolls of Greco-Roman imperialism, Christianity, Islam, Communism and Fascism have all been so enormous: in the effort to turn people into Hellenes/subjects of Rome/Accept Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour/profess Muhammad is the final prophet/perfect Marxist/Pure Aryan they first invade countries (since their is only one way to be a good person) then murder anybody who doesn't fit into whatever narrow criteria that is.
* capitalism is here defined as a respect for the rule of law and property rights. If you invade a country and steal the land of indigenous people you have not respected the rule of law (since it's not like anybody has ever had a causus belli with the Taino) or their property rights (since the Taino & Guaycura did own the land they farmed or gather/hunted on)

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What happens when the God of the Jews tells the Christians and Muslims that they might should imitate the Jews in their Conquest of the Promised Land? The Old Testament has 120 expressions of global conquest, while the New Testament only has 80. When God tells you to commit genocide (against Canaanites say), is it a crime? When the mostly Protestant Europeans came to North America they created places like New Canaan. The "West was Won" on such principles, but of course, the Catholics called the Protestants crypto-Jews -- while they were conquering Central and South America.

The book of Isaiah(?) tells us that the descendants of Jesse shall inherit the Earth, and Romans 11 is the Gentile graft onto the Root of Jesse.

Most Jews that I know, and know of, are strong supporters of the grand globalization project today.

INO the evils are the desire of the elites du jour to enrich themselves via the spoils of conquered lands that they goaded the less witting into doing their dirty work, and by using religious Justification to nullify what would otherwise be criminal.