Fri. Oct. 13: Ralph Ellis returns: Ice Ages and Climate Change; Freemasonry

I’m still listening to this episode, but Ellis has lost me at the point of explaining away the effect of “chemtrails”/“persistent contrails.” This topic is covered extensively by Dane Wigington’s website,, among other sites. No discussion on climate change is complete without inclusion of geoengineering operations, which are mostly shrouded in secrecy to date, except for acknowledgement by former CIA director, John Brennan, of “solar radiation management” efforts. One can find YouTube videos of academic lectures on geoengineering science, “albedo modification,” documentaries, and videos showing trails being emitted intermittently from aircraft—alongside other aircraft emitting condensation trails we are familiar with from our youth. Pilots are some of the toughest nuts to crack when engaging them in discussions of geoengineering and aerosol dispersions.
Hi Flavi Anna,

We don't necessarily endorse, or agree with, all of Ralph's views that were expressed on the podcast. But, it's hard to completely discount his observations from the cockpit. I don't question that these geo-engineering and weather modification technologies do exist and are used from time to time, but I'm not so sure that they're in use on a global, everyday basis.

Marvin Herndon has a series of peer reviewed papers at his website,, claiming that coal ash is being released. I think he has enough evidence to be concerned. But when I look at these papers, I'm not convinced he has ruled out the possibility that he is only seeing industrial pollution in his rain and snow samples. I'm keeping an open mind, and waiting for clear evidence.

Ralph also denied that there is anything going wrong with the oceans. I feel there's clear evidence to the contrary, that something very alarming is happening. And it may be true that the oceans are not yet "acidic", but the average surface pH has decreased by .11 units, an increase of about 30% in H+ ions. See