Freemasons vs Idiots

Discussion in 'Religion' started by EternalMonarchy, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. EternalMonarchy

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    I fold this one pretty entertaining.

    ...and I agree. Amazing how many people feel qualified to open their mouth about secret societies and what is known within them, yet they know nothing themselves.

    <link to Youtube video deleted by admin>
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  2. Suchender

    Suchender Member

    Impossible to listen to this guy !
    He is very arrogant and is cursing a lot.
  3. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Shirley you're going to tell us that this is more of your veiled communication? ... and I agree.

    And shirley John, you must indeed be the messiah, the Return of the King, as you obviously have the unique, implied and explicit Dispensation to reveal ALL of the Secrets, as you have so beneficently done for all humanity ... at least those seeking on YouTube and such for the Truth that will set them Free. You are shirley greater than Jesus, who did not reveal ALL the Secrets so openly. But will this returned new king die similarly as well shirley? Sun Young Moon did not die this way, and he is greater than Jesus, at least that's what Jerry Falwell admitted (in exchange for several million dollars, at least).

    So, John, what motivation sent you to minister to us profane ones? Shirley it was not our content, which I'm shire you're too busy to read.

    I'm guessing that by your quote of Dr. John Henrik Clarke on your other thread that you deem us unworthy to debate, but neither do you discuss (respond to my queries). And so far I haven't been taught much, if anything. As such, do not consider Postflaviana a free playpen for you to flood your 'secrets' (propaganda due) on your peons, even if you are the King in your own mind. For we can terminate the EternalMonarchy using a mere mouse from this Domain, and not to Return.
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  4. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed. The above-linked video violates our site policy prohibiting hateful or threatening content. Specifically, it is gratuitously abusive towards atheists and critics of Freemasonry. The offending link has been deleted, and it's Strike One against the Eternal Monarchy's reign at this site.
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