Freddie Wong as Vlog Moses?

Richard Stanley

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OK, this is pretty cool.

RocketJump's movie short, Freddie's Vlog, has a nice parallel to the Exodus story and even some typology to Space Jesus, via the reference to Space Baby. It even incorporates a nice time jump to age Freddie, but disappointingly they failed to part the Reed Sea, instead having Freddie tromp through some nondescript puddle. Horrors!!!

I do not claim to be a prophet, but seeing this path you are on, I predict it will not be long before you make an Earthling Cinema reference
I know nothing about such to make a reference upon, but look at Pharaoh's water chariots chasing Freddie above. They failed.

BTW, you have failed to use the proper context font and color. Do not risk Purgatory wittingly.