Former Cop Blows the Whistle on Institutional Racism

Richard Stanley

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I put this under Culture because law enforcement, and other institutions form part of Culture writ large.

The below TYT interview is with a former white Baltimore police officer, Michael Wood, who discusses the institutional racism built into the police departments across the USA, not just Baltimore. He started to realize that something was wrong when he noticed that arrested youths were not able to gain legal employment, and thus enter a vicious cycle of crime and punishment. And that this is not likely to happen in better neighborhoods. He figures that most other officers, including black ones, accepted the policing policies without much thought, as was his own case.

That is a very good video, Richard - i.e. there are honest cops. It reminds me of the honesty of a retired DCI who I visited while in the UK. His most pointed observation is that those who join the Freemasons get faster promotion - and he is of Anglican, not Catholic background, as some people might deduce!

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Yes, this is true in England. They even have cop shows on TV that deal with this. Must be shows produced by Catholics eh?

In the cities of the USA, cops and firemen are mostly Catholic, unless the employment demographics wont allow.
The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, first cousin of the Anglican Queen of England, Elizabeth II. His wife Katharine, Duchess of Kent, a descendant of Oliver Cromwell, gained attention in 1994 when she converted to Catholicism, but she received the approval of the Queen. The article that makes this claim is dated Jan. 8, 2018, for what it is worth to this discussion.

From the user "Freemasonry Watch" in the comment section of that article:

Mafia join Italy’s freemasons to ‘do deals’ with judiciary

The Times

December 27 2017,

Strong links between Italy’s secretive freemasons and the mafia have been exposed by police raids, with 193 crime bosses found to be members of lodges in Calabria and Sicily.

The investigation has confirmed long-standing accusations by magistrates and mob turncoats that freemason lodges in southern Italy are often venues for secret deals with corrupt judges, politicians and business owners.

The mafia’s enthusiastic participation in freemasonry “has led some to believe that the two have become one and the same”, according to a report this month from an anti-mafia parliamentary commission. Masons were “acquiescent” and “tolerant” of the takeover, it added.

The raids were ordered after the heads of Italy’s four main freemasonry orders refused to hand over their membership lists. “It was impossible to get…
It's all a bed of snakes. The mafia has also had deep connections to the Church, which has its own 'secret' societies like the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Malta, not to mention the Jesu (whose Rome headquarters was the old Knights of Malta headquarters). Intel agencies are run by masons and Catholics (e.g. Allen Dulles). J. Edgar Hoover was a mason (a closeted gay, who lived with his second-in-command) who liked to collect dirt on people).
For sure, just have to have devil's advocates in here

Could you please elaborate on Jesu (whose Rome headquarters was the old Knights of Malta headquarters) ?
I have read this on two occasions I believe, the last I think in the novel Messiah Matrix by Ken Atchity, a happy Jesuit follower. However, I just spent a short while trying to confirm this, and frustratingly can find little information, so far, on the history of the present General Curia building or perhaps its predecessor regarding a historical relationship to the SMOM Knights of Malta.

But, thanks to your question, I did find out that Eric Jon Phelps claims that Ron Paul is a Jesuit short coat. If true, this is fully consistent with my claims about the backdoor relationship of 'libertarianism' with Catholic monarchists.