Forces Occultes

Richard Stanley

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In the following Robert Sepehr plays a short movie, Forces Occultes, produced in German occupied France in 1943. The movie is about a man, Pierre Avenel - a member of the French legislature, who is convinced despite some misgivings to join the Freemasons. The movie is provided with English closed captions and Sepehr narrates as well.

The Freemasons want him because is is an influential legislator. The movie proceeds to show the initiation rituals into membership, and then immediately Avenel is beset by fellow low-level masons to do all manner of corrupt yet relatively banal favors. Avenel then threatens to quit the brotherhood, but is told by the master of the lodge that such low level behavior is just part of the 'noise', of which he will see the higher purpose once he rises to the higher levels. Avenel decides to stay on longer, when he finally sees that the 'higher' purpose is to help foment war with Germany by backing bald lies.

Of course, we can dismiss all of this because the movie is just 'propaganda' associated with the Nazis, right?


Well, what if it is true? Or, what if is is all true, but it is not all of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

The problem here is that while Hitler did turn on the Freemasons, that he had to do so should be examined as to exactly why. The surface narrative tells us that he suddenly came to realize that the Masons were too Judaic, and no upstanding Nazi could tolerate that. Or, perhaps the German Freemasons, who answer to the same higher authorities as all others, were instrumental in arranging the chessboard as well as their European cousins?

As such, how would it look if Hitler had not turned on the Masons? At least superficially. Any person half awake today knows that the real PTB control both sides of important matters. The film even shows the lodge Master on the phone performing such double dealing inside of France. Of course, the vast majority of people, especially Americans are not awake. The MAGA idiots once worshiped the Bushes, actual friends of the Bin Ladens, who dragged them into wars, and now haven forsaken the Bushes worship at the feet of their new Pied Piper. Much of the so-called Resistance worships at the feet of the Clintons, who are great friends of the Pied Piper.

This is no late corruption, but rather how the Western Fake Democratic system was designed. A real democratic system would outlaw such societies and outside influences from such as Churches. In fact, we believe that such ('Judaic') societies are actually run by a certain Church. But don't worry, it's all (the low level corruption, war profiteering, and everything else) ultimately in support of the glorious global aim explicitely stated in the respective religious canons, and that must be a good thing. Right?