Films about the Fed

Jerry Russell

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Joe & I will be discussing the Fed today on the podcast (

"Money for Nothing" is a 2013 documentary written & directed by Jim Bruce, narrated by Live Schreiber, with many interviews with Federal Reserve luminaries. Up until now, it's been available for download for $20 at their website, Now it's appeared in a low resolution 360p edition at youtube, with a featured link from zero hedge. I don't know the copyright status of the youtube version.

The Fed has starred in several other documentaries over the past many years. Bill Still's 1996 film "The Money Masters" has just been supplemented (or, perhaps, surpassed) by his new "Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve", which can be rented for stream viewing for $4.99.

If you're into literary analysis, Still's film "The Secret of Oz" gives his viewpoint of Fred Baum's work in light of monetary theory.

Last but not least, the "Zeitgeist" film puts the Fed in context of broader religious & political themes.