Fascinating article


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Yes! I read it as confirmation of Waldner. For me it raises the question of how to identify who and how many of these agents of the Elite are operating now.

Lloyd Miller

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Very interesting article. Put together for me hints and partial narratives regarding the phoniness of Marxism to be found in "extreme right" conspiracy theories promulgated by the John Birch Society and, more importantly, Dr. Emanuel Josephson. Josephson, in particular, coined the term "Bismarxianism" to described the covert identity between the programs of Prussian strongman Bismark and Karl Marx. Dr. Josephson wrote "Rockefeller Internationalist" exposing, amongst much else, the close relationship between Rockefeller and Germany in both WWI and WWII eras. America was a field of competition for British and German finance. Rockefeller was defined by Anglophile Teddy Roosevelt as a "bad trust" while Morgan-Anglophile-British Empire trusts were seen as "good trusts." Kuhn Loeb financed Rockefeller in opposition to the JP Morgan anglo financier based on the power of the Bank of England. Kuhn Loeb was a branch of the powerful Warburg bank, closely associated with the German Central Bank.