Farewell Israel, a Documentary on Islam

Richard Stanley

I ran across this interesting, and long, 2007 documentary, Farewell Israel, about the history and theology of Islam, as it applies to the development of modern Israel. It discusses the formation of Islam's attitudes towards the Dhimmi, or "Tributaries", as developing from the so-called "Jewish Problem" of Muhammad's time. These tributaries are the so-called "Peoples of the Book" who were allowed to live within Islamic society, without political power and by paying an annual tax, the "tribute".

The local Jewish traders had outsized political influence. Sound familiar? Of course, at the time and in this area, the Arabs were a rag-tag assemblage of squabbling tribes, not worthy of the term 'confederation'. As such, one wonders if these Jews made a convenient rallying point to unite the warring Arab factions, the new Muslims and the pagan Arabs?

The main takeaway for me, as Postflavian now studying Abrahamic apocalypticism, is that Muhammad's proscriptions prevent all devout Muslims, but those willing to schismatically bend from that, aka heresy, from accepting any Dhimmi from having sovereignty within the lands conquered by Islam, so-called Dar al-Islam. Thus the enterprise of modern Zionism can only have resolution in some apocalyptic outcome. Only some real or imposed savior can provide the new revelation. The tribalists will be more than happy to do the apocalyptic fighting.

As Alexander the Great found out, the cultural chauvinists he was inherently in tension with are a powerful force to recon with. Today all the neurotic chauvinists are just waiting to be 'triggered', to vent their fury in order to arrive at the denouement, the fin de cycle. The winner, of course, will be the New Chosen people, and the cycle will start again, that is if the global victory, that daddy meme, that all the Abrahamic faiths preach is not fulfilled.

Despite the detail presented, it does not discuss the Sunni/Shia schism, which I suppose from the producers POV doesn't matter much. For me, it does matter in how such as the 'Shia' Nasari / Ismailis, represent a window into the barely sub rosa machinations that exist in Islam just as they do in Christianity and Judaism. As such, this affects my interpretation of such as 9/11 and how the Bushes dealt with this and other matters. Identical to the relationships in the Crusade period, the Bushes have intense connections with both the Ismailis and the bin Laden family, but we are all told, this is an inevitable coincidence. No, this is how the colluding shepherds control their Abrahamic flocks of sheep.

The trailer:

The sardonic elephant in the room is the truth, discussed in the docu, that without the once relative cultural primacy of Islam, at its peak, the so-called West would still be dealing with feudal serfs, dealing with plagues caused by sepsis, and riding around on donkeys. Because, at the time, relative freedom was the sole purview of the Muslim, and they chose to retain the knowledge of those who came before and build on it. In Spain, they let the genie out of the bottle, and infected the Dhimmi with this knowledge, while Dar al-Islam has fallen to its depots and the subsequent Dhimmi technology. Now, only Isa, Jesus, can save them, coming from the Heavens, just like the Jesuits are telling us is being prepared. Thank You Jesus.