Eschatology of the Third and Fourth Reichs

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    It is interesting to see what René Guénon, a noted French intellectual usually assigned (not by himself) to the so-called Traditionalist School, which frequently is aligned with such as fascism and absolute monarchy. While Catholicism considers such 'school' of thought in the realm of heresy, 'traditionalist' (ultramontane) Catholics are such monarchists as well. Most American Catholics and similar "need not apply" to such a 'school', but yet there are plenty of them to go around.

    In any case, it seems that Guénon thought that Blavatsky was a fraud and connected to the British Empire. Tsar Nicholas II was a close blood relation to the Duke of Kent in any case.

    Although the exposition of Hindu doctrines to European audiences had already been attempted in piecemeal fashion at that time by many orientalists, Guénon's Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines advanced its subject in a uniquely insightful manner,[14] by referring to the concepts of metaphysics and Tradition in their most general sense, which Guénon precisely defined, along with the necessary distinctions and definitions of seemingly unambiguous terms such as religion, tradition, exoterism, esoterism and theology. Guénon explained that his purpose was not to describe all aspects of Hinduism, but to give the necessary intellectual foundation for a proper understanding of its spirit.[15][non-primary source needed] The book also stands as a harsh condemnation of works presented by certain other European writers about Hinduism and Tradition in general; according to Guénon, such writers had lacked any profound understanding of their subject matter and of its implications. The book also contains a critical analysis of the political intrusions of the British Empire into the subject of Hinduism (and India itself) through Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy.[16]

    In September 1920, Père Peillaube asked Guénon to write a book against the Theosophical Society.[17] In 1921, Guénon debuted a series of articles in the French Revue de Philosophie, which, along with some supplements, led to the book Theosophy: History of a Pseudo-Religion. His critique of Theosophy was received positively by conservative Catholics.[10] However his later book Orient et Occident distanced him from his Catholic supporters.[10] His friend and erstwhile supporter Jacques Maritain argued that Guénon's views were "radically irreconcilable with the [Catholic] faith and called them a "Hinduist restoration of ancient Gnosis, mother of heresies".[10] Maritain later unsuccessfully tried to have Guénon's works put on the Catholic Index of Prohibited Books.[10] During the decade 1920–1930, Guénon began to acquire a broader public reputation, and his work was noted by various intellectual and artistic figures both within and outside of Paris. Also at this time were published some of his books explaining the "intellectual divide" between the East and West, and the peculiar nature, according to him, of modern civilization: Crisis of the Modern World, and East and West. In 1927 was published the second major doctrinal book of his works: Man and His Becoming according to the Vedânta, and in 1929, Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power. The last book listed offers a general explanation of what Guénon saw as the fundamental differences between "sacerdotal" (priestly or sacred) and "royal" (governmental) powers, along with the negative consequences arising from the usurpation of the prerogatives of the latter with regard to the former. From these considerations, René Guénon traces to its source the origin of the modern deviation, which, according to him, is to be found in the destruction of the Templar order in 1314.

    In 1921, Guénon published an Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines. His goal, as he writes it, is an attempt at presenting to westerners eastern metaphysics and spirituality as they are understood and thought by easterners themselves, while pointing at what René Guénon describes as all the erroneous interpretations and misunderstandings of western orientalism and "neospiritualism" (for the latter, notably the proponents of Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy). Right from that time, he presents a rigorous understanding, not only of Hindu doctrines, but also of eastern metaphysics in general.[21]é_Guénon
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    The following excerpt is from my post on another related thread:

    As I understand it, Postmodernism (aside from its various public facing, cultural manifestations) was sold to such as 'liberal' academia' as a set of intellectual tools (e.g. deconstruction, etc.) meant to defang such top-down, 'Traditional', meta-narrative constructs as reactionary 'fascism', etc.. Unfortunately these tools have a specialist lexicon that is bewildering in the extreme, and in totality the field seemed rife for the typical (negative) elite co-optation we see constantly, such as with the Populist (false advertising) phenomenon, or with the Nazi's false advertising of their 'socialism'. ...

    Indeed, the Nazi ideological construct was focused on an animosity to modernity, and its 'correlated' association with crass 'materialism' and and inherent association with Materialism (Rationalism and its logic of Cause and Effect - 'once' [sic] dread enemies of the Catholic Church and such as Lutheranism). As I have discussed on this thread, the Nazis offered the so-called economic middle (or third) way, between the extremes of rapacious Capitalism and 'godless' Marxism, aka Communism. But, in this case the actual implementation of the Middle Way became economic fascism, where the Nazi state directed privately held businesses in what to do, and financed all this with such as the so-called transfer agreements taking in German-Jewish funds, and taking massive funds from the 'Allies' before and during the war, though the auspices of the BIS bank and other international corporatoins.

    Cynically, and conveniently, the Nazis blamed both extremes on the Jews, the 'correlations' (not necessarily causation) being enforced by almost 2,000 years of law by the Roman emperors and Roman popes (all part of the same Sabine tribe). The forces of liberal Enlightenment opened Pandora's Box when the Jews were emancipated along with the feudal serfs, now needed in the 'modern' industrialized urban areas.

    Just as the followers of Christ have never been reticent to adopt the best weapons technology of the day, neither were the Nazis in militantly following their apocalyptic savior, Adolf Hitler. It was always cynical rhetoric and false advertising, just like the Flavian's synthesis of Christianity. Such was the prior human synthesis of the Mosaic Cultural Inversion, as a useful foil, the institutionalized scapegoats -- for the genteel shepherds.

    Thus, the Nazi rhetorical fascia was constructed, made most attractive to the most rabid anti-Semites, the northern Lutherans and paganistic Volkisch movement, but as well to Roman Catholics (who seem to have later become predominant in the SS, unlike the prior SA). The Nazi purpose of advancing Positive Christianity, stripped of Judaic references was to bridge the gap of the Lutheran Reformation with the mother Catholic Church. No doubt the RCC rejected this proposal because to do so would deprive it, going forward, of its ever useful foil, as so well detailed by James Carroll in his Constantine's Sword. No Christ-killers, no Resurrection. No Resurrection, no Christianity. Psychotic.
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    Perhaps he's even a fictional character? In French, de Payens means of Pagans. Could be another joke on everyone.
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    A fictional character ... or a fictional name? The original 'Stanley' (or Stanleigh) seems to be just such a humorous Norman creation, a synthesis of respective Saxon and French words for 'stone field'. I have tracked down 3 mutually incompatible origin stories, and while there is no evidence of this line in the English Norman's Domesday Book, from their apparent 'advent' in Norman England the noble branch play(ed) a key background role in this society, including the rise of the Tudors.

    Similar is the familial origin story for such as Julius Caesar, that is - from a long obscured royal line, another parallel to Jesus. Returning to the Tudor's, Henry VII was accorded as being descended (via his 1/4 Welsh blood) from Brutus, another Roman king and the ancestor of the family friend and claimed [sic] co-assassin of Julius.

    And, coming back on topic, there is the strangeness of Hitler's origins. In this regard, and in line with the messianic theme here, it has occurred to me that Hitler's rise from obscurity was indeed part of the parallel mythos that encompassed Hitler's being seen as Germany's messiah. The aspect of rising from almost nothing lends a heightened sense of divine destiny to the respective enterprise or narrative. This is also part of the strength of the OT narrative about the rise and accomplishments of the people of Israel from seeming nothingness -- compared to the once powerful and now dead neighbors of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Rome that is.

    But what is in a name?
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    I just got through watching the 1 hour and 48 minute presentation of Hitler's People, a 2015 documentary about how the Nazi's were so successful at psychologically transforming the minds of everyday Germans, into --- yes, a cultish, messianic fervor, just as this thread is discussing. And as my Trump thread is discussing in that very similar social dynamics are at work (we are only in the early stages) now.

    There is a large amount of video clips from the period involved as well as re-enactments of interview conversations held by Austrian Jew cum American psychological warfare officer, Saul K. Padover, with numerous German citizens in the very ending of the war.

    Besides everything else, quite chilling to me was the manner in which the Nazis would inflate their various deeds, ala Trump, in improving the German economy. It is not that there weren't improvements, but that the promises were much more important than the actual accomplishments.

    Another very interesting aspect presented was that the Nazis had managed to arrange a very good food distribution system, such that the average German civilian was better fed, even at the end of the war, than the average Brit or others at the time. This is one reason, among many, that the Nazis fought on with such determination, till the very end.

    The average soldier, and citizen, were convinced that they would pull through in victory, it was an apocalyptic war after all, while the German generals all knew it was hopeless since at least Stalingrad. But with only a few exceptions they 'soldiered on', their professional standards of 'duty' more important than humanity.

    Here is Episode 1, Conformity, a subset of the above link:

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    This 2015, 1 hour documentary, Dark Secrets of the Nazis, is about the Nazi's love/hate relationship with various occult organizations. Overall, the docu is a bit disjointed, especially where it spends an inordinate amount of time discussing the Black Dragon Society of Japan for some reason I can't fathom. Perhaps a bit too much about Ian Fleming as well. However, at about 49 minutes began some interesting claims about both Hitler and Franz von Papen and their tight connection with both the Catholic Church and its Jesuit Order. It is all consistent with what I have discussed before.

    This claims, supposedly from Hitler and Himmler, were that much was taken from the Jesuits in forming the Nazi regime, in fact, that the SS order was modeled almost entirely upon the Jesu. This is also consistent with that the Nazi 'theological' rhetoric was designed to appeal strongest to German Protestants, who formed the bulk of the earlier SA 'Brownshirts' while the later SS was more heavily represented by Catholics.

    Many of the claims and quotations about the Nazi / Jesuit / Catholic connection are also made at this link, which needs some editting (and I have to acknowledge the irony of linking to the site considering the rest of its content, caveat emptor). The link, however, goes further and discusses such as Barack Obama's connections to the Jesuits and such as the Ford Foundation. As I have been discussing the large number of Georgetown Jesuits working in the Trump Administration, I consider Obama to be the set up man for Trump, as was Hillary and her husband, Georgetown Bill.

    The video briefly mentions that the Vatican and the Freemasons are actually connected, rather than being enemies, as they are usually portrayed. This is consistent with the conclusion of such as the late Tupper Saussy in his Rulers of Evil. Things aren't always what they seem on the surface.
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    The 2015 documentary, The Vatican and the Third Reich, tells 'some' of the true story about the relationship of the Catholic Church to the Nazis. German Catholics would have to wait 6 months after Hitler's 1933 accession to power, with the signing of the Concordat giving them permission, to join the Nazi Party. Prior to this the Church had expressly forbidden them to do so, based upon the such as the superficial anti-Christian nature of the content of Mein Kampf. However, in 1937 Pope Pius XI must distance the Church from the Nazis, via Mit Brennender Sorge, as the Nazis been violating the terms of the Concordat. The Nazis have been interfering with various Concordat protected, traditional church prerogatives, such as Church youth groups and schools, etc.. Much is made of this antagonism between the Nazis and the Church, but this is all for show, the duplicitous purpose of which is to insulate the Church from its front, the Nazis.

    The documentary discusses the overlapping common goal of the Church and the Nazis in their anti-Bolshevism, but does not mention that this is also evidenced by the Church's use of the Second Prophecy of Fatima (the cynical, barely cryptic equating of the Virgin Mary with the Muslim Fatima) to call for global Catholic support in fighting the Soviet Bolshevists and those revolutionaries in Spain. as Peter Levenda has noted in his The Hitler Legacy, the equation of Lady of Fatima with the Virgin Mary is just part of the secondary effort to begin the radicalization of Islam, i.e. the creation of another dialectic to be used later on (today).


    The papacy begins its campaign in the same year that the Virgin Mary, aka the Lady of Fatima, gives her 'prophecies', aka propaganda. Trillions of Postflavians (in the cosmos) now know that socialism, writ large, was cynically radicalized by the development of the totalitarian Communist construct. This last is evidenced by the fact that the term 'soviet' was meant to be the respective local democratic organs of socialist workers, not a totalitarian dictator and his Politburo and Central Committee. Sadly, most 'reforms' and 'revolutions' are hijacked by those powerful hidden hands. Lady Fatima would again be profitable employed in Catholic Vietnam, to help foment Spelly's (Cardinal Spellman) War wreaking considerable 'change' upon the American mindset, in combination with the Kennedy assassinations making US Catholics de facto first class 'citizens' for once.

    As an aside, Tricky Dick and Henry Kissinger would make their bones with Vietnam, and then they personally helped give us Agent Orange, Donald J. Trump, President Bone Spurs.​

    The docu goes on to discuss that the Vatican absolutely knew about the Jewish (and other) genocide from an early date, but Pius XII, kept his silence, the excuse given that he feared retribution against Catholics. There was some evidence that this fear was quite plausible, but that prior evidence of retribution may just have been another convenient and cynical ploy. In 7/1942, Dutch bishops had protested the Nazi treatment of Jews, and the result was that the Nazis rounded up 200,000 Dutch Jews who had converted to Christianity and had them immediately executed. They had been exempt from this fate prior. Note that the retribution was against Jews, not 'Aryans'. So the 'retribution' was no big deal to haters of Jews.

    Let's also keep in mind that we've learned that the SS was made up of a much higher percentage of Catholics than the mostly Protestant SA, and the SS modeled upon the Jesuit (and thus Templar) 'military' order. We've also seen that the Nazi association with paganism was yet another cynical cover to insulate the Church from the dirty deeds which must be done in the furtherance of the global plan. Such can be seen as a good parallel between the Nazis and the 'heretic' Templars.

    A French priest, Jean de Mayol de Lupé, became the chaplain of the French Nazi SS Charlemagne Division on the Eastern Front and he would invoke Hitler's name with the Trinity. He was also a monarchist, which is a common subtext while the Nazis were officially anti-monarchist. For a Catholic traditionalist, the next best thing to a monarch is an autocratic dictator, because these frequently lead to the return of monarchy. This is also why there were so many aristocratic 'nobles' associated with Nazism and Italian Fascism.


    German Catholic priests and bishops after the Concordat

    Swastika above a cathedral entrance
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    The 2016 documentary, Adolf Hitler, Pure Evil, makes some astonishing claims about Hitler's 'occult' influences, and as well his deep connections to the Catholic Church, including with the future Pope Pius XII when the latter was papal nuncio in Germany. It provides more detail about the Catholic/Jesuit background of Franz von Papen as well.

    It should be noted that I have discussed in prior threads about the 'paganistic' element (a demographic minority) of the Nazi movement that was targeted at the traditional pre-Christian Nordic polytheism that was then resurgent, including the Volkish nature movement. This is not to be confused or conflated with what is being talked about here, albeit there is likely some overlap. The non-overlap has to do with other elements of the occult that, in some cases, can be commonly be identified as Jewish, a dark irony. Of course, the Nazis would claim that Jesus was Aryan.

    Much has been made that Hitler determined that Freemasonry must be outlawed, because it was too Judaic, but the docu states that what really happened was that German Freemasonry was really rebranded, so that it could be put to use within the Nazi scheme.

    The docu presents the masonic associations of Roosevelt and Churchill, with respect to Hitler's associations, in a manner that accords with my interpretation. It also ties into the American Skull and Bones with a brief comment. Not mentioned was that the latter does indeed have Germanic links going back to its founding, as well as with English Congregationalism, a Christian denomination founded in the House of Savoy.

    It thus presents, as do I, that these 'occult' groups are manifestations of the hidden (occult) duality inherent to the Catholic Church (and all of Christianity), where the various occult branches, as secret societies, are various perverse arms or fronts of the exoteric Church which must deny its associations to the sheep.

    In this context, it also discusses the Spear of Destiny, that of Longinus, that was supposed to have pierced Jesus side. And that Hitler made a beeline to personally take possession of it on the day after the Anschluss, as a talisman that would enable the success of his mission -- to conquer the world. This gets into some serious paradoxes:
    • Hitler justified his campaigns against the Jews, for one thing, because they were intent on ... conquering the world.
      • The Jewish Chosen People were replaced by the German Chosen People, now we're waiting for the Trumpian fate of the American Exceptional People.
    • The spear is seen by some as a force of evil, yet, as I've stated before, Christianity owes it's very existence to Christ being killed, by a Roman spear .. or by Jews?
    • Hitler is presented in Nazi messaging as the Aryan messiah, and here apparently one man's messiah is another's Antichrist.
    We must also take into account the notion that while 'Germany' clearly lost WWII, that the Nazi movement has survived as noted by various authors, and that it seems to have a vector into the strange behaviors of Agent Orange.
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    In discussing the 'occult' the documentary also correctly places the term and concept of 'occult' into the proper perspective, in that we are discussing various aspects that are 'hidden'. Hidden from the understanding and 'conscious' perception of the average person, not that there is some supernatural aspect(s) involved. These aspects involve such as the semiotics of symbology, wordings, presentation tone and physical posturing, and the massive use of ritual spectacle used by the Nazis. All of these work consciously and/or subconsciously upon humans just as similar psychological 'whisperer' approaches work upon dogs, horses, and even cats. These are effective because the mostly unwitting mind is literally hard-wired to be receptive to such stimuli. As the docu notes, this is nothing new, as religions (and governments) have made use of all this for thousands of years, including Hitler's Catholic Church.

    In the case of Hitler, the docu discusses the influences upon him in his early days after WWI by Sebotendorf and Eckart, and via this mentoring Hitler learned the presentation craft that made him 'mesmerizing' to both small and large audiences. Psychological studies today have proved that one's simple physical posturing can alter the way others perceive you, and here we are presented with pictures of Hitler in various presentation poses. This general approach has been carefully adapted for use by Herr Trump in resonating with his MAGA base. Ironically, Trump's incoherence is coherent to his base, because they speak and think the same way.

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