Eschatology of the Third and Fourth Reichs

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From The ritual of the Operative free masons
by Carr, Thomas
Publication date 1911

Due to OCR, some text below may contain typos :

VIII. The Three Masters. Seventh Degree.

The last and final or Seventh Degree is that of a Grand-
Master, of which there are three. These correspond in some
measure to the Speculative Grand Master, Pro Grand Mas-
ter, and Deputy Grand Master; or perhaps more nearly tO'
the Three Principals in the Speculative Arch Degree. They
represent Solomon, King of Israel ; Hiram, King of Tyre ;
and Hiram Abiiif. On being admitted to this Degree each
Master is led round the Lodge seven times.

The First and Second Grand Masters hold office for life
or until superannuated.

The Third Grand Master is ritually slain on the 2nd of
October, and a fresh one is appointed every year.

The Secrets of the Three Grand Masters are the 3, 4, 5,
Triangle, the laying out of Rectangular Buildings on the
Five Point System, the Swastika, the Polar Star, and the
worship of the Most High, whom they venerate under his.
Hebrew name of El Shaddai. This name "El Shaddai" is.
the great word of the VIIth Degree.

These secrets of the Masters have been described by me
in another paper and they still further support the opinion.
I have endeavoured to maintain in these articles. One of the
most remarkable facts about these secrets is that the VII
Degree Operative Free Masons are taught that the Polar
Star is the real seat of the power of the Most High and that
the Swastika is his symbol and the emblem of the Pole Star.

This is esoteric teaching which has long perished in Europe
and is now only to be found in India, China, Japan and in
the A'alley of the Euphrates. It is ridiculous to pretend that
a body holding such doctrines can have emanated from a
modern Society founded in 1717 or thereabouts.

From wikipedia:

El Shaddai (Hebrew: אֵל שַׁדַּי‬, IPA: [el ʃaˈdːaj]) or just Shaddai is one of the names of the God of Israel
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(While von Rosen’s introduction of the swastika to Finland had no relation to National Socialism, van Rosen himself in later years did. In 1923, his sister married Hermann Göring, and he had ties to Swedish national socialist parties in the 1930s.) ...

Note the 45° angle of the symbol on the banknote. It is the same angle as found in Theosophy, unlike the one in the picture on the Finnish aircraft from the msn link:

The Swastika represented the “5th root race” or the Superman.
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From Carr's book: "This is esoteric teaching which has long perished in Europe
and is now only to be found in India, China, Japan and in
the A'alley of the Euphrates. It is ridiculous to pretend that
a body holding such doctrines can have emanated from a
modern Society founded in 1717 or thereabouts."

The Wikipedia link on the swastika indicates that its Western usage was revived by Heinrich Schliemann from his finding about 1,800 of them around Hisarlik (supposedly Troy). As such, I wonder if this was the origins of Blavatsky's use or not. I have seen this claim that Hitler cribbed the swastika from Blavatsky, but I wonder if this is true?

I am wondering if the Nazi, or Hitler's, selection of the swastika was similar misdirection as Hermann Rauschning's claim in such as Hitler Speaks (1939) that Hitler was only opportunistically pretending to sound like a Christian? After the war, Christians and others latched onto this claim strongly to insulate Christianity from the cloud of shame. Today most secular scholars understand that Rauschning was fibbing based upon the wealth of contradictory evidence, but the common perception is still mostly the same that the Nazi's were quite distinct. Christians also profited by pointing blame at the association with the 'paganist' volkisch nature movement, yet this blame claim has similar opportunistic problems - only pointing in the opposite direction.

FWIW, Re: the OCR, I'm guessing that A'alley was originally 'Valley' (of the Euphrates).

Note the 45° angle of the symbol on the banknote. It is the same angle as found in Theosophy, unlike the one in the picture on the Finnish aircraft from the msn link:
Yes, the early usage by the NSDAP and the prior DAP had them at both angles, before settling on 45 degrees. Early on they also had them bent in both directions, with the Navy ensign flag being so by default as the symbol was printed through the fabric.

The seeming contradiction of the mutual appearance of the swastika and the Star of David can only be explained by that its employers (the Theosophists) had different connotation(s) than the common understandings. Perhaps like Nicholas DeVere's claim that his people were the real players of the Bible (not the Jews subservient to Ephraim per Genesis).

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Below we see one example of Hitler's use of Christianity, set up in the traditional Christian dualism, or dialectic, framed in stark contrast to Judaism. There is nothing novel in this approach (see for instance James Carroll's Constantine's Sword), other than perhaps the Nazis' particularly strong day to day emphasis. With normative Christianity, and especially such as German Catholics and various Protestants, the focus on Jews is accentuated more during particular times, like Easter.

Whether Hitler is being opportunistic or not, is somewhat besides the point, as it is his mostly Christian audience's reception of the message that really matters. If they were not Christian oriented in the first place, Hitler would have been wasting his time.

From Holy Reich pg. 36:

In Mein Kampf, Hitler undoubtedly spoke of the Jewish “problem” in racial, economic, political, and even eugenic terms, but he frequently concluded on a religious basis: “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”112 As did his mentor Eckart, Hitler emphasized the Aryan belief in the afterlife over against Jewish belief, which, according to Hitler, could not even be called religion: “Due to his own original special nature, the Jew cannot possess a religious institution, if for no other reason because he lacks idealism in any form, and hence belief in a hereafter is absolutely foreign to him. And a religion in the Aryan sense cannot be imagined which lacks the conviction of survival after death in some form.”113 While emphasizing again his belief in a supernatural religion instead of a religion of nature, here Hitler speaks of the Aryan rather than the Christian. However, there is an implicit equating of the two, made explicit on other occasions. Consistent with his party comrades, Hitler regarded the antithesis of the Jew to be not only the Aryan, but the Christian – in this case Christ himself:

[The Jew’s] life is only of this world, and his spirit is inwardly as alien to true Christianity as his nature two thousand years previous was to the great founder of the new doctrine. Of course, the latter made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took to the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his business existence.114
Here again we see reference to John 2: 15. Elsewhere in Mein Kampf, the Jew took on the satanic proportions of the Antichrist: “In his vileness he becomes so gigantic that no one need be surprised if among our people the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.

In terms of my other focus on End Times more generally elsewhere, note how the collective Jew is made into the Antichrist, one of the prerequisites for an apocalyptic movement to advance to mass violence.

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In The Holy Reich, Steigmann-Gall demonstrates that Nazi ideology was tailored to appeal strongest to the Protestants of the Prussian north, despite that Hitler and other top Nazis like Goebbels and Himmler were Catholic. As demonstrated by Lewy in The Catholic Church And Nazi Germany, the Nazis created various issues that the Catholic Church institution could appear to stand up against the Nazis. And as James Carroll discussed in Constantine's Sword, all the German churches, including the Catholic celebrated Hitler ascension to power, hanging Nazi flags inside the churches. At Trier they displayed the seamless robe of Jesus, the ephod of the high priesthood.

The Holy Reich, pp. 65-66:
Indeed, the Catholic “slave mentality” that Hitler derided would be cast in a more positive light on another occasion. Otto Wagener and Franz Pfeffer von Salomon, top-ranking leaders of the Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung, or SA), asked Hitler to help them interpret a map showing uneven distribution of SA and SS (Schutzstaffeln) recruitment. After looking at the map for “three or four minutes,” Hitler claimed the distribution correlated with Germany’s confessional divide: “Do you see the Roman frontier wall, the limes? . . . To the south and west of this line the SA is thin; to the north and northeast of it, it is strong. To the south and southwest of this line Germany is predominantly Catholic; to the north and northeast it’s Protestant.” Having claimed to discover the key to SS recruitment in Catholic areas over against SA recruitment in Protestant areas, he elaborated on what he saw as the pivotal difference explaining the discrepancy: “Where the Germanic breed predominates, the people are Protestants; where Romanism has left its mark, the people are Catholic. . . . The SA attracts the militant natures among the Germanic breed, the men who think democratically, unified only by a common allegiance. Those who throng to the SS are men inclined to the authoritarian state, who wish to serve and obey, who respond less to an idea than to a man.”67 According to Hitler, the SA’s greater strength in Protestant Germany is based on an attraction to Nazism’s ideological substance, whereas the SS’s greater strength in Catholic Germany is based on an attraction to Nazism’s authoritarian style. However much this helps to explain actual differences in SS and SA recruitment, what is just as revealing is that Hitler believed it to be so. His comparison bears striking similarities to Goebbels’ characterization of Protestantism as “action” and Catholicism as “feeling.”

During the war it was the SS that formed the Nazi's elite military units, as opposed to the regulars of the German army, the Wehrmacht (previously the Reichswehr). They are supposed to have fought with more intensity than the Wehrmacht, ... because of their apocalyptic religious fervor. The SS also formed the praetorian guard for Hitler, not the SA, which the SS actually displaced.

After Hitler and the Nazis obtained national power, the SA became increasingly eager for power itself. By the end of 1933, the SA numbered over three million men and many saw themselves as a replacement for the "antiquated" Reichswehr. Röhm's ideal was to absorb the army (then limited by law to no more than 100,000 men) into the SA, which would be a new "people's army". This deeply offended and alarmed the army, and threatened Hitler's goal of co-opting the Reichswehr. The SA's increasing power and ambitions also posed a threat to the other Nazi leaders.[16] Originally an adjunct to the SA, the Schutzstaffel (SS) was placed under the control of Heinrich Himmler in part to restrict the power of the SA and their leaders.[17] The younger SS had evolved to be more than a bodyguard unit for Hitler and showed itself better suited to carry out Hitler's policies, including those of a criminal nature.[18][19]

Although some of these conflicts were based on personal rivalries, there were also key socio-economic conflicts between the SS and SA. SS members generally came from the middle class, while the SA had its base among the unemployed and working class. Politically speaking, the SA were more radical than the SS, with its leaders arguing the Nazi revolution had not ended when Hitler achieved power, but rather needed to implement socialism in Germany (see Strasserism). Furthermore, the defiant and rebellious culture encouraged before the seizure of power had to give way to a community organization approach such as canvassing and fundraising, which the SA resented as Kleinarbeit ("little work"), normally performed by women before the seizure of power.[20] Rudolf Diels, the first Gestapo chief, estimated in 1933 Berlin that 70 percent of new SA recruits were former Communists.[21]

As the Wikipedia link notes, the engineers of the downfall of the SA were all Bavarians, indicating that they were likely also all Catholics. The succeeding SS was organized along the lines of the Jesuit 'military' order of Catholicism.

Many of these stormtroopers believed in the socialist promise of National Socialism and expected the Nazi regime to take more radical economic action, such as breaking up the vast landed estates of the aristocracy once they obtained national power.[14] By the time Hitler assumed power in January 1933, SA membership had increased to approximately 2,000,000—twenty times larger than the Reichswehr (German Army).[15]

As I have noted before, Otto (Gregor's brother) Strasser noted in his Hitler and I that, upon taking power of the party, Hitler deviated the NSDAP to meeting the industrialists' desires and not the workers', odd since it was the German Worker's Party. Thus, we can see that Hitler effectively cuckolded the German Protestants and the German 'socialist' workers that formed his original political base in the creation of the Nazi enterprise. The Holy Reich also notes that Nazi Germany stayed essentially Capitalist, albeit with heavy governmental controls, i.e. economic fascism. So neither of the supposed economic evils of the Jews were addressed, it was all cynical rhetoric.

Here we can see the same roadmap for Donald Trump, the Liddle Bavarian, who via his mother could pretend to be a Presbyterian Protestant, and he cuckolds his way into the Republican Party candidacy for President while promising his downtrodden white base the Moon, then gives the ultra-rich a huge tax cut. The Republican Party stands mostly mute regarding his violation of American norms and threats to the Constitution, with the Congressional leadership in mostly Catholic hands, the Supreme Court mostly Catholic, and the White House staff mostly the same.

This same ruse was employed with Napoleon Bonaparte, as he was cuckolded into the leadership of the French Revolution. He was from Corsica and of an aristocratic (Italian?) Catholic family. Early on, it was quite a deal for him to be made a general in the revolutionary army based upon his background.
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From The Holy Reich, Hitler's Millennial Reich, and The Hitler Legacy, and my prior posts on these books on this thread, we can see that we have been handed a highly distorted view of what the Nazi phenomenon was all about. This whether it was because of post-WWII historians' a priori biases, i.e. desires to not see or believe what was in front of them in plain sight, or from witting casuistic motives to deceive. Historians can be just as affected by a lifetime of religious and government 'framing' as the rest of us, or have institutional motivations to distort, hence "the winners write history".

With THR we see that the majority of Nazis were either Protestant (mostly Lutheran variants) or Catholic Christians, many of which yet piously attended church functions, while even the 'paganist' faction still had ties to Christianity, mostly to the Lutheranism of northern Germany. The 'Aryan' Christ was seen as a type of Wotan in some cases, and more widely in the Nazi movement this Christ was viewed as a warrior, one that had been neutered in normative Christianity's canon.

Yet, such had been partially prefigured in such as the canonic Book of Revelation, where Christ does indeed come again to KICK ASS, albeit that 12,000 of the tribe of Judah get to stand around God with their other 132,000 Hebrew kin, all in front of the rest of the redeemed humanity. According to the Nazi schema, which aspect was preexistent in Catholicism and amplified in Lutheranism, the Jews were of a demon seed.

Indeed, as I have discussed, the Book of Genesis describes the the foundation of the tribe of Judah in rather negative terms, and the narratives of its descendants most all the same. We are left with the paradox of why the Jews would be so honest about portraying themselves this way. No doubt, because such as the Germans were so obsessed and immersed in this traditional Judeo-Christian dialectic their response to this is that these Jews were proud of these self-portrayals. Besides that it should be clear by now that much of the Bible was intended as metaphor, and/or that it is cryptically telling us what 'really' happened (in historical terms), the retention of this strong dialectic of 'evil' Jews versus hyper-good German Aryans could only lead to what did really happen. Especially if popes and kings, and their minions prepared the way for such a real life apocalypse. And because, most people continue to allow themselves to be so contextually framed it appears that we are getting ready for yet another apocalyptic round.

With HMR, Redles discusses the Nazis as a millennial apocalyptic 'cult' where all the necessary prerequisites had been brought together to synthesize the killing of so many tens of millions of people. Various Nazis, high and low, were quoted presenting Hitler as a type of messianic savior, in this case to rescue the German people from the suffering inflicted by WWI and the Weimar Republic's 'liberal' depradations. Here the Jews made easy targets, first because the dialectic built within the religious canon, both OT and NT, and the Church theologians from Augustine through Luther. Secondly, correlation was confused with causation with the 'liberal emancipation' of the Jews in the preceding century, and besides which the papacy had restricted the Jews to specific occupations which made them targets for Christian anger.

With HMR, Steigmann-Gall helps better define the Nazi 'cult' as an informal one, yet clearly operating off of predominantly Christian themes, designed to attract most strongly the hyper-antisemitic Lutheran variants and those 'paganists' that were mostly spun off from German Protestantism. Prior to Hitler's ascension to chancellor in 1933 the German Catholic Church mostly stood their distance until finally embracing him and draping Nazi banners in their churches along with the Protestants.

The somewhat informal concept of Positive Christianity was pushed as a means to unify German Protestants and Catholics in their common Christian themes, especially their motivating hatred of Jews - derived from their respective Christian interpretations.

Nazi ideology was crafted to attract the widest political base possible, by selling itself under the brand of (national) Socialism, distinct from 'godless' international (globalist) Bolshevik Communism - of which the latter was a red herring infection co-opting legitimate concerns of real workers. Here, the Nazis were cynically selling, via bait-and-switch, a so-called 'middle way' between the extremes of Capitalism and Communism, both of which they blamed on the Jews. Once in power, the Nazis never delivered the economic middle way, but rather economic fascism, where the favored business owners got their returns, in exchange for being told what to produce and how. And all this recovery from the lows of the Weimar Republic were financed from foreign sources, through the Bank of International Settlements, including during WWII.

The Catholic church was further complicit with Nazism, using it as a front, via its cynical employment of the Second Prophecy of Lady Fatima, where it used this message to recruit global Catholics to come help Hitler fight the godless Bolsheviks in Russia and Spain. Lady Fatima was then re-employed in Vietnam to launch Spelly's (Cardinal Spellman's) War.

The implementation of Lady Fatima was also a cynical and successful ploy to message Fatimid Muslims, German operatives such as Max von Oppenheim worked with the Sultan of Ottoman Turkey to start radicalizing Muslims towards global jihad, the immediate motive then to target the British and French colonies within the Islamic sphere. But as Levenda discusses in THL, this terrorist effort continues today in the more general radicalization of Islam against the wider West, also facilitated along the way by such as post-WWII Nazis.

The most superficial analyses lead to scapegoating of 'Jews', as intended this is the perverse design of the system. But only a little close reading of the canon (the Genesis Joseph cycle) reveals that the metaphorical Judah serves Joseph and his son Ephraim, these latter tied to the royalty of Egypt. And, the relationship of Joseph to Pharaoh is the notion of feudalism and serfdom, as the Christian Church implemented throughout Europe. Who is your master, really?

As the Sabbah brothers (Jewish rabbis no less) revealed in their Secrets of the Exodus, the original 'Jews', (the Yahud) were the personal priesthood of the pharaoh Amenhotep III, the father of Akhenaton. To became a 'people' of sufficient number to impact history their numbers would need to be adjusted, first by the metaphorical marriage of Hosea to the 'whore' Gomer (a non-Semite) and then the later 'conversion of the Ashkenazi (further descendants of Gomer).

The canonic story of the very first Jews are impacted by the so-called Levirate marriage contract, where it seems that this practice can only be traced back to what some loosely term Aryan culture, and not the Semitic. When the late Nicholas DeVere claimed that his narrow 'Arya' clan of ultra-Normans are THE only Arya and are THE players of the Bible, when such Germans claim(ed) that Christ was an Aryan, perhaps they might be careful exactly what they wish(ed) for.

This Christ was recorded as stating that (only) the Truth could set us free, and the German Goethe said that 'there are none so enslaved that believe they are free'. If a bunch of highly interbred European nobles are selling you an extreme ideology such as libertarianism's "rational selfishness" that results in the economic enslavement of the 'lazy' majority then what kind of 'liberty' is this? Cui bono?
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we can see that we have been handed a highly distorted view of what the Nazi phenomenon was all about.

The distortions in the conventional view are, perhaps, based on the assessment that the entire Nazi phenomenon stems from Hitler's unique personality. Thus, the preoccupation with showing that Hitler personally and privately was an atheist or pragmatic secularist who didn't believe a word of the sanctimonious quasi-Christian spirituality that Hitler was spoon-feeding to the public. Thus, Christianity and Catholicism (as well as the gullible German public) can be exonerated from any responsibility for what happened.


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From The Holy Reich, Hitler's Millennial Reich, and The Hitler Legacy we can see that we have been handed a highly distorted view of what the Nazi phenomenon was all about.....

Richard, what you wrote is rather complicated....
For me, I must say, it's too complicated.
There is too much of information packed in those few sentences.
I guess only Jerry, with his knowledge, will understand those concepts....
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Guess you'll have to read the books then. ;) (BTW, Jerry and I are reading Icebreaker. Very interesting indeed.)

The gist of the first two books is that the Nazi movement was much more 'Christian' than the propaganda we all grew up with. We were told that it was mostly people who had abandoned Christianity or never were so in the first place.

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The gist of the first two books is that the Nazi movement was much more 'Christian' than the propaganda we all grew up with. We were told that it was mostly people who had abandoned Christianity or never were so in the first place.
And ... that if Hitler was really speaking opportunistically to German Christians, it was as a Roman Catholic who had tailored his message to appeal to German Protestants (mostly Lutheran) who were even more anti-semitic than Catholics - thanks to that former Roman Catholic priest, Martin Luther. And these Protestants bought the message hook, line, and sinker, as did the paganists. The German Catholic Church throwing in once Hitler rose to power, ... after the Catholic Zentrum Party (and Fritz von Papen) 'colluded' and the German communists, likely via Stalin, refused to allie with the German socialists against the NSDAP.

As I've mentioned before, the Roman Catholic Church was all-in with Hitler (e.g. the Second Prophecy of Lady Fatima) in the fight against godless Bolshevism. Hitler likely had a dispensation from the Church to deviate from official Church doctrine. In any case, the Church never excommunicated him, while it excommunicated thousands upon thousands of German Catholic Communists after the war.

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no longer communicate with @Joe Atwill ?

I spoke to Joe on the phone a couple weeks ago when I was visiting with my family in Southern California. We were trying to get together, but couldn't make it happen. Joe wants to help drive more traffic to the site. Thanks for the heads-up on the Outtrim interview -- I missed it when it came out.

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Thanks Sarge.

Look what I posted a few hours ago about the Bushs and Brown Brothers Harriman (discussed just under 1 hour into the show):

It seems that Joe's latest research conclusions are beginning to converge with ours. Our differences with Joe and the late Loren had to do with the fundamental character of Judaism in what is going on now, but also throughout the course of Western Civilization. And that this is reflected in the intertwined relationship of Judaism to Christianity -- it's really all one perverse system. And IMHO there has always been an exoteric church and an esoteric church, the latter of which have made themselves visible in recent centuries as the Freemasons, The Theosophical Society, and other 'fronts' - like the Thule Society.

An invaluable resource on the development of the contemporary Zionist notion regarding the need for the creation of Israel can be found in the historiography of Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People. He discusses the developmental iterations by several people and the justification for this effort found in response to the development of the foundational historical narratives crafted for the new European nation-states evolving out of feudal Europe.

Joe mentioned Churchill, and there is an interesting theory that he was really a bastard son of King Edward VII:

I may listen to this again and comments some more.

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It seems that Joe's latest research conclusions are beginning to converge with ours.

He may be getting closer, but he still has the idea that the modern "secret society" derives not from the heart of feudal Roman Christianity, but from the primitive Messianic Judaism that was almost completely stamped out during the 1st century AD. At 22:40, Joe says:

The most logical framework that I can present, that has the strongest explanatory power for all of the different aspects, particularly the last 200 years -- is that after the first century war, where the Romans basically crushed the Messianic movement and the the nation of Israel, and established it as a colony of Rome, and Jews were driven out of the Roman Empire: the Diaspora occurred. I think that some of them developed basically a secret society, and that this then is what you see when you have the Knights Templar coming to existence. This is the real struggle then between the Knights Templar and the Vatican which culminates with the death of de Molay. The Templars then also have to go underground and now you have suddenly have the popping up of the Royal Rite of Freemasonry.

Now, Hugues de Payens, founder of the Templars, was admittedly a mysterious character. But, his order was blessed, promoted and funded by the finest French nobility, and was awarded all spoils of its Crusading activities on a tax-free basis by Pope Innocent II. And after a highly successful ~200-year run, the assets and most of the personnel of the Templars (aside from Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charnay) were re-branded as the Knights Hospitaller and continued doing business without a hiccup. According to the Chinon Parchment, the Templars were absolved of all heresies by Pope Clement, even before he had de Molay and de Charnay murdered.

"The real struggle between the Knights Templar and the Vatican"
? Sounds like controlled opposition to me.

As Rick has long pointed out, we really have no way of knowing whether de Molay and de Charnay went to the stake at all, or whether they went to the hidden resort on the French Riviera.

Later on at 51:50, Joe says that "Blavatsky is responsible for anti-Semitism, because her follower Yuliana Glinka is the individual who miraculously found the Protocols of the Elders of Zion." And this is an outstanding revelation, that the Theosophical Society's Glinka "found" the Protocols, and that Allen Dulles unmasked the fraud. But of course, this is only a chapter in the long history of anti-Semitism.
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He may be getting closer, but he still has the idea that the modern "secret society" derives not from the heart of feudal Roman Christianity, but from the primitive Messianic Judaism that was almost completely stamped out during the 1st century AD.
Yes, this is why I qualified my statement with "beginning" (to converge with ours).

Joe's invocation of the Templar phenomenon, that you noted, is indeed emblematic of the hall of mirrors formed by the Christianity and Judaism, and I can only conclude that this hall of mirrors was not constructed by accident. And, in any case, the Hospitallers are currently known as the Knights of Malta, yet an official order of the Roman Catholic Church.

Later on at 51:50, Joe says that "Blavatsky is responsible for anti-Semitism, because her follower Yuliana Glinka is the individual who miraculously found the Protocols of the Elders of Zion." And this is an outstanding revelation, that the Theosophical Society's Glinka "found" the Protocols, and that Allen Dulles unmasked the fraud. But of course, this is only a chapter in the long history of anti-Semitism.
As James Carroll (a former Catholic priest) noted in his Constantine's Sword, anti-Semitism was inherently introduced by whomever wrote the gospels (for a different motive than we ascribe for it), and constantly nurtured by Church theology and policy. And before that, the 'pagan' Romans started the project of making rabbinic Jews the de facto and de jure institutional buffer class between the emerging, Romanized, Euro-nobility and the feudal serfs.

I would like to see Joe, or another, prove that Blavatsky is indeed responsible for anti-Semitism (that is, separate from the Nazi's Jesus "the original Aryan", St. Augustine et al., and Martin Luther) specifically, other than that Glinka was a disciple of hers. Glinka was also an associate of the Russian Okhrana, and Alfred Rosenberg brought it from Moscow to the proto-Nazis. Just because Blavatsky also resurrected the swastika doesn't necessarily mean she had a Nazi-esque motivation, the swastika was once a widespread symbol around the world.

Here's an interesting article by David Livingstone on the Protocols subject:

Livingstone mentions the notion of "deliberately cultivating anti-Semitism in support of the Zionist cause", and I have no problem with this being the case and that there were 'Jews' involved, the end result of WWII was indeed the formation of modern Israel. However, all thoughout these analyses there are too many gentil and noble 'Gentiles' involved, and one finds them throughout Europe, not just England. And thus we are left with this tar baby in the hall of mirrors.

As I have stated before, the Book of Genesis provides the framework to comprehend this hall of mirrors, once it is decoded rationally, thus revealing the true relationship of nobility to the real 'Jews' - in Europe as it was in Egypt. Both the Jewish and Christian canons are explicit in their global ambitions, and their pseudo ethnicities (Jewish versus Gentile) are a distractionary and effective, divide and conquer trope in achieving the real goal.
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Early on Joe mentions Solomon, David, and possibly Joshua as being three of the four Quatro Coronati kings. Joshua was never accorded the status of being a king, so per the canon perhaps it could refer to Saul? But there are also the Hasmonean (Maccabee) kings, the ancestors of Josephus Flavius to account for, or dismiss for some reason. In any case, all of these individuals, except for maybe Saul, has cryptic typological roots in pharaonic Egypt, either in the 18th and 19th Dynasties or from the later Tanis period.

At about 7 minutes in, Joe's discussion of such as Lord Palmerston and others is illustrative of what I mentioned in the prior post, and such nobles and gentry can be found throughout Europe. Of course, there is also the associated British-Israel movement, which also claims the other peoples of Europe as being fellow members of the so-called Lost Tribes of Israel. As Joe discusses the average Jew on the street would have been surprised, back in the day, about these claims for a 'return' to Israel.

However, the claims of a coming (Global) Jewish king can be reconciled with fundamentalist, at least, Christianity (such as Scofield), ... and their need for the Third Temple to be built (so that it can be destroyed. And this is where the Jesuits pushing of the Futurist End Times School comes into play, where the fundamentalists ironically got the idea from. The Book of Revelation finishes with a global order of race nations, all obeying one authority, the coming messiah. And this Christian book say that 12,000 of the tribe of Iudah will be circled around God with 12,000 each of the other tribes.

This last epitomizes the real relationship of the two religions, and here there is no revenge motive. The motive has always been the same, since the Yahud were the personal prelature priesthood (the Jesuits du jour) of Amenhotep III. He and his son launched the series of divide and conquer episodes we are still witnessing today. As such, one cannot cause a messianic king (Jewish, Christian, or Muslim) to return unless the prior lines of kings and queens appear, at least, to be eliminated by those 'bastard' egalitarians under various banners. Donald Trump is demonstrating to the world (or just beginning to) what happens when the supposed vanguard of the egalitarians runs amuck. Only, as Tupper Saussy revealed in Rulers of Evil, that the entire historical tableau of the USA is/was staged ... by the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Vatican, and various Euro royals.

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After finishing listening to the show a second time, I will say that Joe's more detailed discussion of Blavatsky, late in the show, is more convincing in demonstrating her immersion in the matrix of proto-Nazism.

Joe failed to add about the Bellamy's in that the original flag salute for the American Pledge of Allegiance was the same as the Nazi Zieg Heil salute.

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I should also add that I agree with Joe's assessment that Hitler and his inner circle, at least, seemed more intent on destroying the German people rather than saving them, and as I've been discussing on this thread, that Hitler was 'framed' as being the apocalyptic [sic] messiah of this quasi-Christian movement. And thanks to Suvorov's details provided in Icebreaker, we can see how 'agent' Stalin allowed Hitler to grossly over-extend his Germans, rather than crushing them sooner. In the process Stalin cynically allowed untold numbers of Russians to die, while giving himself plausible deniability (that he had really been planning a massive offensive at the complete expense of providing a rudimentary defense).

More consistent with Peter Lavenda's view (in The Hitler Legacy), however, it seems that WWII was part of a series of stepping-stone maneuvers to achieve the long term (global) end, rather than merely banal 'revenge'. Each phase sets the 'stage' for the next one, including Donald Trump. The entire 'Gentile'/'Jewish' construct is a synthetic, ex cathedra Hegelian Dialectic, especially with the Flavo-Josephan creation of Christianity, amalgamated paganism with a Judaic gloss, and thus the efforts discussed by Joe are really of a coherent piece with the larger historical construct, not some remanifestation of 'revenge'.

In this sense, also, Joe is wrong about such esoterica as 'astrology' being resurrected, as this business is also part of the 'Judeo-Christian' canonic cake. And in between then and today examine such as the Newport Tower alignments with Venus. While Jerry and I believe that Joe is correct that the 70 CE destruction of the first Third Temple was indeed the Second Coming of Christ (Titus), it is clear to me that the unique, dynamic, and specific cosmic alignment described in Revelation 12 refers to September 23, 2017, and part of a Futurist eschatology 'incidentally' advanced by the Jesuits near their foundation. As such, placing the Jews back into Israel is a necessary precedent for completing the Futurist scenario. In this context, Hitler, and Trump, can be viewed as false messiahs, and/or agents of the Antichrist(s) setting the stage for the desired new order.

The people responsible are the ones with the most (meta) threads running through them, and identifying English nobles and royalty (albeit these latter come via 'Germany') as 'Jews' doesn't really solve the riddle. Perhaps the late Nicholas DeVere got much closer to the truth, as he stated that the top Normans were really the players of the Bible. And following his narrative, these are likely the same as the people known as the Sabians, or Sabeans, or Sabines (Rome). These are the people of the land where Abraham is claimed to have started his adventures, Harran and Urfa/Edessa. On the First Crusade, the Crusaders detoured and took Edessa before going on to Jerusalem. When the Normans rose to power in Normandy and Britain, they build Romanesque buildings, identical in architecture to the Roman style of a millennium before. In the Quran, the 'pagan' Sabeans are oddly listed as Peoples of the Book along with Christians and Jews.

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Below I have excerpted the conclusion to David Livingstone's work on The Protocols. Note in my red highlights that Blavatsky and Glinka are close to the Russian royalty and nobles, with Glinka as well to the Okhrana imperial secret police. Mentioned also is England's George II, whose 1730's sponsorship of the first 'modern' university in Gottingen, Germany was the source of the Romantic Movement, in fact the first intellectual 'product' of the university. It is from the Romantic Movement that the white nationalist concept of Blood and Soil originated.

Transylvania is also mentioned and uber-Norman Nicholas DeVere claims it as his clan's origins in his From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells, now titled The Dragon Legacy.

In 1901, Papus also collaborated with an anti-Semitic journalist, Jean Carrere in a series of articles published in the Echo de Paris about a secret financial syndicate opposed to French and Russian relations. Their attacks were directed at important figures in the Russian government, specifically Rachkovsky and his sponsor, Count Sergei Witte, Russia’s Minister of Finance and a cousin to Blavatsky, as well as close ally of Prince Ukhtomskii.[46] When Ukhtomskii accompanied Nicholas II while he was Tsesarevich on his Grand tour to the East, he made contact with Blavatsky at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, India, and promised to use his influence to push forward her projects.[47] James Webb proposed, and K. Paul Johnson concurs, that the model for the “Seekers of the Truth,” referred to by George Gurdjieff.[48] According to Papus:
It does not see that in all conflicts whether arising within or between nations, there are at the side of the apparent actors hidden movers who by their self-interested calculations make these conflicts inevitable….
Everything which happens in the confused evolution of nations is thus prepared in secret with the goal of securing the supremacy of a few men; and it is these few men, sometimes famous, sometimes unknown, who must be sought behind all public events.
Now, today, supremacy is ensured by the possession of gold. It is the financial syndicates who hold at this moment the secret threads of European politics…
A few years ago there was thus founded in Europe a financial syndicate, today all-powerful, whose supreme aim is to monopolise all the markets of the world, and which in order to facilitate its activities has to acquire political influence.[49]

Umberto Eco points out in Foucault’s Pendulum that Rachkovsky seems to be connected to the Comte St. Germain. Although Eco’s is a work of fiction, intended to mock the tendencies of “conspiracy theorists” to pull together strings of coincidences to fabricate insidious plots, K. Paul Johnson has suggested that Blavatsky’s “ascended masters” were real people, such as Jamal ud Din al Afghan and Max Theon, and so on.
Among his numerous aliases, St. Germain had assumed the identity Rakoczi. And as Eco points out, Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel, grandson to King George II of England and Illuminati member, at whose residence St. Germain was supposed to have died, said that St. Germain was of Transylvanian origin and his name was Rackoczi. Charles was also the Grand Master of the Asiatic Brethren, a Frankist secret society who succeeded the Illuminati. St. Germain was reputedly the son of Francis II Rakoczi, the Prince of Transylvania, who was the grandson of George II Rakoczi and Sophia Bathory, two families who, like Vlad Dracul, later known as Dracula, belonged to the Medieval Order of the Dragon.[50] And, Comenius, a prominent Rosicrucian of the Hartlib Circle who participated in the rise of Sabbatai Zevi’s mission, dedicated his Pansophiae to a landgrave named “Ragovsky.”
Both Blavatsky and her pupil Annie Besant claimed to have met the Count. In the works of their successor Alice A. Bailey, St. Germain is called Master Rakoczi or simply Master R, where his spiritual title is said to be Lord of Civilization, whose task is the establishment of the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius. Bailey stated that “sometime after AD 2025,” the Jesus, the Master Rakoczi, Kuthumi, and others in the Spiritual Hierarchy would "externalize,” by descending from the spiritual worlds, and interact in visible tangible bodies.
Blavatsky was also closely acquainted with another Rachovsky agent, Yuliana Glinka, to whom is most often attributed the role of having procured the earliest copy of the Protocols. Glinka was the granddaughter of a colonel whose Masonic affiliations had led to his arrest for involvement in the Carbonari-inspired Decembrists' plot of 1825 against Tsar Nicholas I.[51] Yuliana’s father, Dmitri Feodorovich Glinka became a general and entered the diplomatic service, and as a result, she spent time in Portugal and Brazil where she became acquainted with Candomblé, a Brazilian version of Caribbean Santería.
Through family connections Yuliana got a position as maid of honour to Tsaritsa Maria Alexandrovna, Empress consort of Alexander II of Russia. She spent most of her time in Paris where she attended séances and consorted with the disciples of Eliphas Levi. Through her uncle, General Orzheyevsky, she became involved with Rachkovsky. She also later joined the Theosophical Society and became a personal companion to Blavatsky.[52] Like Blavatsky, Glinka became a disciple of the Hidden Masters.[53]
According to Bolton and Marsden, in 1844, Yuliana Glinka hired Joseph Schorst-Shapiro, a member of Joly’s Misraim Lodge to obtain sensitive information, purchasing from him a copy of the Protocols.[54] Glinka subsequently gave them to a friend who passed them on to Nilus. Thus Nilus' cohort George Butmi de Katzman claimed: “the aforementioned Protocols were taken from the acts of the Masonic Lodge of the Egyptian of “Misraim” rite, into which above all the Jews enter.”[55]
The Protocols were first mentioned in the Russian press in April 1902, by the Saint Petersburg newspaper, Novoye Vremya. The article, written by a famous conservative publicist Mikhail Menshikov, “reported how the lady of fashion (Yuliana) had invited him to her house to see the document of vast importance. Seated in an elegant apartment and speaking perfect French, the lady informed him that she was in direct contact with the world beyond the grave and proceeded to induct him into the mysteries of Theosophy… Finally, she initiated him into the mysteries of the Protocols.[56]
Ultimately, the dissemination of the Protocols is part of a bold and devious strategy that has been referred to as “Revelation of the Method.” The strategy continues to be employed by modern Zionists, as explained by Abe Foxman, the leader of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), originally founded by the B’nai B’rith. The function of the ADL, as demonstrated by Yoav Shamir in True Stories: Defamation, a 2010 documentary aired by Channel 4, is largely to nurture the impression of an enduring worldwide threat of anti-Semitism. Foxman, who maintains a very close relationship with the Israeli government, and is sought after by Washington and governments and political leaders around the world, explained to Shamir that his power and influence as exploiting the “fine line” of anti-Semitism.
Because, as Foxman explains, Jews “are not as powerful as Jews think we are, nor as powerful as our enemies think we are. Somewheres [sic] in between. They do believe we can make a difference in Washington, and we are not going to convince them otherwise.” Foxman asks, “How do you fight this conspiratorial view of Jews without using it?” Yoav Shamir interprets Foxman’s explanation to mean, “It’s like a poker game, in which Foxman bluffs the other side into thinking the Jews have more influence and power in Washington than they really have. The downside is, that the idea of Jews being so powerful can result in envy, even hate.”[57]
The same strategy has been referred to in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, where Winston, the book’s protagonist is handed a copy of “The Book” which details the deceptions of the state, in order to be discovered as a dissident, and ultimately reformed. Today, the myth of a “Jewish” conspiracy is used for many purposes, mainly to manipulate those astute enough to recognize that are not as they seem, and to steer them into a different and more appropriate direction, often leading these same dissidents into unwittingly supporting the same Illuminati plans they believe themselves to be in opposition to.
[Link updated 4/19/23 JR]

In the subtext of Livingstone's conclusion we see the real life typology of 'Judah' being subordinate to 'Ephraim' as detailed in Genesis. It is such Euro-royals as the Tsar, the English/German royalty, Ephraim (Joseph), that start the ball rolling, employing agents of Judah and other minions to spread dissension via such as anti-Semitism. With the quote from Papus we have see a typological repeat of Genesis 47, the cornering of markets and such. And we see this in the context of a messiah ushering in a new age, where no doubt, the Ephraim royalty will be restored on their Throne and sub-thrones they temporarily gave up, to make the ruse work.
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Of course, the first objection to my position, with respect to what happens with the Russian Imperial family and such as Louis XVI via the French Revolution, is that this is a major contradiction or paradox. But not all the interbred royal families went this course, nor as Jerry mentioned with Jacques De Molay can we really be certain that these were really executed as we are told. As I mentioned in the post prior, the kingship of an expanded new order would make little sense if the prior order of kings didn't appear highly 'degraded', eliminated in some places and hamstrung by liberal democracies in others.

In any case, Livingston includes the Bonapartes in his analysis, and with Napoleon, he actually is 'retired' to a remote island. Like Hitler, Napoleon exhausts the forces of the revolution in his drive into Russia, but before his denouement he is ironically made emperor (and a later relative helps found the American FBI). Of noble Italian blood, Napoleon the Corsican comes from outside mainland France and finagles his way into becoming a general, then leader of the 'egalitarian' revolution. Hitler, of course, the Austrian oddball, a failed artist, gets his political start in Bavaria, where Donald Trump's roots are. Of course, the American Constitution prevents first generation immigrants from ascending to the presidency.

In considering all this, I thought of Marie Antoinette's famous statement of: "Let them eat cake", and then it occurred to me that this was what Melania Trump was saying with her infamous "I Don't Care" jacket - worn on her way to visit hurricane damage. Others have made this equation, but here I am making a more meta linkage between theses periods and events.