Eschatology of the Third and Fourth Reichs

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    Rather than dilly-dallying around on Facebook and such, Jerry is really supposed to be helping me to verify some relatively recent scientific research, that if true, will help tell us about what I think may have been (and still be) the real agenda of not only the Nazis, but those elites who created all our major religions today, and such as the prior mystery cults and the 'pagan' myths before that. It would provide a coherent reason for why such as the Catholic Church aided the Nazis (despite their denials), because the Third Reich had the same esoteric understandings as that of the First Reich.
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    "..... the real agenda of ....the Nazis...."

    I guess you mean Hitler only ?
    But if you mean the top brass, then look into Otto Strasser. He lost his position to Hitler....

    As for the ordinary National Socialists, they wanted the same thing everyone would like to have : be in a position to determine their own future and not to be "exploited" (robbed by the Money Powers of which existence the masses don't know).
    Too bad the people are statists and don't realise that they will never arrive at the desired state in this statist "game".
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    Richard is working on a theory that the Nazis as well as the entire Zionist elite, are all convinced that the apocalypse is coming soon. Thus, their real agenda is to dig as many deep tunnels as possible, to survive the upcoming apocalypse.

    All that Nazi stuff about hating and killing Jews, as horrible (or as real, or as fake) as it may have been, was just a smokescreen. When the time comes, the Hofjuden will take their places alongside the nobility and business elites, in their underground tunnels.

    According to the research Richard mentioned, as described in the book Earth Under Fire by Paul LaViolette: occult apocalyptic beliefs are grounded in the constellations of the Zodiac. LaViolette says that the constellations were designed by some ancient technological civilization as a sort of coded message to the future: namely, that a terrible cosmic catastrophe occurred about 15,800 years ago. At that moment, the conjunction of the arrows in the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpio intersected exactly at the location of the galactic center. The galactic center was highly visible because it was exploding, and cosmic rays arriving at the Earth were causing interstellar dust to be driven into our planet. This caused a mass extinction event, and the catastrophe is recalled in the legends of most ancient cultures. Or, on other pages in his book, he says that the catastrophe was 12,560 years BP, when the vernal equinox passed from Virgo to Leo. Or, perhaps, he is talking about two catastrophes.

    Apocalyptic occult cosmologists are fascinated with the idea of precessional cycles. The 'great year' cycle of precession is about 25,800 years. If there was a great apocalypse 12,560 years ago (half of a cycle) then can we expect another great apocalypse in the near future? Or, do such apocalyptic events occur every 2000 years, each time that the equinox passes from one constellation to the next? Occult apocalyptic prophecy seems to be preoccupied with such questions.

    LaViolette suggests that explosions of the galactic center may indeed occur roughly in sync with the precessional cycle. This is not accepted science, and I can feel LaViolette's pain. He has an appendix chapter describing his many attempts to get his theories published in academic peer reviewed journals, and to get funding for the ice core research that could more definitively answer the question. So far, funding has been elusive, and the evidence at hand is not nearly as strong as LaViolette would like it to be.

    His argument as it is, focuses on ice core data for Beryllium-10 concentration. Peaks are identified in this graph at 5200 years BP; 13,400 BP; 36,800 BP; 60,500 BP; 89,500 BP; 103,500 BP; 110,000 BP; and 131,500 BP. LaViolette says that the data is cyclical with a recurrence interval of 26,000 years +/- 3,000 years, and that "on occasion, a 13,000-year half-cycle recurrence interval is also evident." One could process the data with an FFT and statistical analysis. But based on cursory examination, we are indeed coming up on the time for that 13,000 year half-cycle. However, more often than not, nothing happens on that interval. It's more plausible to expect something to happen at the galactic center 13,000 years from now. But even then it still might not happen, and if it does, the exact day and hour can only be estimated to within +/- 3,000 years.

    Not much help when it comes to deciding when to make the capital investment in a doomsday bunker?

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    No, I mean Hitler, his inner circle, and those in the Deep Underground State who sponsored him. As for Hitler's inner circle, one should read Machtan's The Hidden Hitler to see why H and friends were subject to extreme blackmail in such a place and time as Bavaria (where the Trump's came from incidentally(?)).

    As for the "Deep Undergound State" there is a common thread that runs though Anglo-American-German history from at least the time of Napoleon till today, and that is centered about 'Hannover'.

    Otto Strasser claimed in his book, Hitler and I, that Otto and his brother were straight up 'socialists', and that Hitler, a late comer to the NSDAP, essentially cuckolded the NSDAP, thus forcing Otto out once Hitler consolidated his takeover of the party. And upon doing so redirected the focus of the party policies to do the bidding of the German industrialists, as opposed to the workers. It is also interesting that Strasser also characterized H as a financial grifter, somewhat similar to our current golden boy.

    That's not it precisely. It is now clear to me that all major religions, all prior mystery cults, all schools of 'pagan' mythology, all tribal legends are focused most centrally on re-tellings of apocalyptic narratives. In the case of the major religions and to some extent pagan mythology they have been made so as to be discounted via the language employed. And so, it is also clear that the focus of various streams of esoteric minded folks, including secret societies, not just the elite Nazis and elite Zionists, have been focused on the same apocalyptic interests. This includes such as the elites of the Roman Catholic Church, and hence their strong 'unofficial' support for the rise of the Nazis and their post-war survival.

    This interest in the common thread that runs through such as the Templars, the Teutonic Knights, the inner Roman Church, and the surviving branches of (inbred) Euro-nobility.

    According to the book, The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye, LaViolette is indeed talking about a dual catastrophe, and this is generally what is talked about for happening during the last ice age. And is mentioned in apocalyptic narratives.

    The big question for me is whether or not any or all off these groups had a sincere belief in such a re-occurrence period, a re-occurrence timed to the zodiacal timings, or whether some or all were / are profiteering on fear mongering of such. To wit, the Zionist occupation of Israel today is a prerequisite for both Christian (Futurist) and Islamic apocalyptic narratives to be fulfilled. That today's 'Protestant' evangelicals are the major Christian fomenters of Futurist eschatology and political reality is ironic given that it was the Jesuits who created the Futurist interpretation in the first place about 500 years ago.

    In any case, the recent and ongoing Hunting Hitler series has been demonstrating the extent of Nazi efforts that did not contribute to their military success, during the course of the war itself, and in my opinion, Hitler (like Napoleon before) sabotaged the war efforts. But yet, he was still treated like messiah. Perhaps because he and the Nazis had presented him as just such an apocalyptic and millennial messiah?

    As such, if such as 'Protestant' evangelicals are a bunch of convenient Useful Idiots for others agendas, then perhaps H was also 'fronting' for others agendas?

    To bring us back on the thread theme, then Russia just becomes a convenient graveyard to dispose of the various plausible deniability 'fronts'?

    Retired admiral (Italian) Flavio Barbiero suggested that the extended Macabbean family of Flavius Josephus cuckolded its way into becoming the Euro-nobility that we have historically known. I say that they did this in conjunction with the (Edomite) Flavians and other Sabines of Rome. I also assert that they did similar as with happened at the (engineered) collapse of the Late Bronze Age, where Egypt was the only survivor, and with its peoples colonizing from Ireland to Greece to Palestine, at least. In so doing, as the archaeological record demonstrates, the ruling elites of competing Mediterranean societies were terminated, kind of like the Romanovs in .... Russia. And yet, one main family, and a few others survive, Americans going ga-ga over the latest royal wedding.

    And now we have organs of the Roman Church stating that aliens are flying to and fro in our solar system and that we might expect a new savior to arrive from outer space.

    The last transition of the Zodiacal age witness a significant phase advance in Globalism, will the current transition be a similar one, marked by the same or new scary narrative, or is there also some existential basis to really be worried about? The Hendaye Cross book was wrong in its interpretation of timing, and may thus be wrong altogether. Except that is, its explanation of a common apocalyptic them that runs throughout all those groups. And so if our local cosmos does kill us, will these groups provide a self-fulfilling prophesy. We can no longer view these people as harmless kooks. Such as Trump is pandering to them for one thing.
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    This leaves me somewhat confused. I thought you were indeed attaching a great significance to the Nazi tunnel building program, as evidence that they must have believed the apocalypse was near at hand. It seems to me that their underground projects could have a more pragmatic purpose, as places to carry out research projects in secrecy, and for protection against local bombing attacks.

    These groups do express a belief in re-occurences of apocalyptic events timed to the zodiac. But what confuses me, is whether there is any consistent basis for interpreting the apocalyptic prophecies in concrete terms. My impression is that these prophecies are couched in mysterious metaphors, and subject to multiple interpretations and misinterpretations.

    It's possible that the true power elite has some consensus interpretation of the prophetic literature, and that there is a consensus timetable that they're operating from. Or there could be multiple conflicting interpretations and controversies, even among the insiders.

    I think you're asking here, whether there is some scientific or reality-based reason to expect an upcoming cosmic and planetary catastrophe similar to the events or 12,560 BP and 15,800 BP, as described by LaViolette?

    My reply would be that it is indeed inevitable that sooner or later, some cosmic catastrophe will occur. Impacts by large meteors or comets, ice ages, pole shifts, all are real possibilities. But the occurrence of such events is not purely periodic (like clockwork) but is a function of both periodic and random or unknown factors.

    Since a catastrophe is always possible, it's always a good idea to have a well-stocked emergency bunker! But such facilities are expensive to build and expensive to maintain, and basically a waste of money unless something happens. So, it stands to reason that the elites would maintain a fascination with apocalyptic prophecy.

    I agree. If there's a general expectation of an apocalyptic catastrophe, held not only by fundamentalist Christians but also orthodox Jews and Muslims, which is held to be the Will of God: then how can those people be expected to resist such an event? And even if fundamentalist views are held only by a minority, the majority of spiritually religious people are effectively empowering the radicals.

    This is why false flag events are so dangerous. Righteous, godly people cannot launch wars on their own initiative. But once they've been attacked, the moral picture completely changes. They are doing God's work by moving forward with the apocalypse.

    And, even accidents can have the same effect as deliberate false flag attacks, if tensions are high.
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    What I meant was that I do not know for certain that cyclic cosmic catastrophe belief is the sincere belief of all of these groups, or that some of they may profit by using this as another psychological rallying point.

    It should be apparent (from the Hunting Hitler show if nothing else) that the Nazis spent incredible sums of money and effort on such underground construction projects, as well as the more commonly known advanced military technologies. They went to incredible lengths to preserve their Nazi elites well at the same time telling the common Wehrmacht soldiers to fight to the end. They were focused on more than winning WWII, in a conventional sense at least. This is one reason such as Ferrell argues that they were forming a "breakaway civilization", but in many respects they became an underground civilization, in a figurative sense, if not literally.

    Yes, the cryptic metaphors all serve a purpose to hide the real belief from the hoi polloi. Whether there is a reality to these beliefs or not, the real adepts would be concerned that the average person(s) would not respond well, politically or otherwise, to having such knowledge. There would also be a concern over available space in any refuge from such a catastrophe. Hence such as 'Christ' will determine who is worthy (besides that the 'Elect' get a free pass) by his judgement.

    These are possibilities. It's also possible that it has become so muddled that none are certain of what the reality is. In any case, a casual examination of the Be graph doesn't seem to indicate a 13,000 event cycle, and even a possible ~26,000 cycle looks less than precise.

    I tend to agree, and that it is more likely that the last so-called "dual event" just happened to align enough with the grand 'crossing' of the ecliptics that the wizards of the day attached an unwarranted causality to it. And ever since humanity has been paying the piper in various ways.

    Today it is known and accepted that such as dynastic Egypt got its start when the great savannahs of northern Africa turned into the Sahara Desert, ... because of climate change. As I have noted before the Bible, in such as the Genesis tale of Joseph and the pharaoh's collusion, records such climate effects impacting the behavior of men. While the average person reads such in one manner, the elites can have a far different contextual understanding. A different understanding of almost every aspect of wording in fact, and more. This is true regardless of any apocalyptic reality.
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    LaViolette also seems to be in this "breakaway civilization" camp, although he doesn't make any tie-ins to the Nazis; or at least, there's nothing in his book "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion" about Hitler or the Nazis. However, he has his own idiosyncratic view of physics, called "Subquantum Kinetics", which allegedly explains & enables all sorts of otherwise magical technologies for "Overunity Energy Production", antigravity, interstellar space travel, and so forth. LaViolette also believes that 'cold fusion' is a well-documented fact.

    LaViolette's special physics is also required to explain how the entire galactic center could go supernova, and then settle back into quiescence, in a period of a few hundred years. Conventional wisdom is that the cycle time must be more on the order of a million years -- and for the very good reason that the discharge plume from the galaxy Centaurus A, now undergoing a core explosion, appears to be a million light years wide. LaViolette explains all this in an appendix, and claims that the discharge plume is actually a beam emerging from the superwave shell moving toward the observer, creating an illusion of a stable plume.

    At first glance, 'Subquantum Kinetics' seems to be a theory similar to 'Quantum ChromoDynamics', which holds that our well-known subatomic particles (protons, electrons, photons, etc.) are made up of elusive constituents called quarks & gluons. According to LaViolette's theory, matter is made of subquantum entities that he calls A, B, G, X, Y, Z and Omega. I never understood QCD, so it's no surprise that SQK doesn't make any sense to me either.
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    Farrell is a historian: his PhD is in 'patristics', which is the study of early Christian authors. His website and books contain enthusiastic links, reviews & endorsements of LaViolette's theories. There doesn't seem to be much if any love running the other direction: as far as I can find, LaViolette never has a word to say about Farrell.

    LaViolette is a real physicist. In spite of obstacles, he's been able to get many of his papers into the peer-reviewed journals. I'm intrigued enough that I'm going to buy his heavy-duty physics book, and see if I can make head or tails of it.
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    So now I'm freaking out.

    LaViolette's book 'Subquantum Kinetics' has a chapter on "Electrogravitics" in which he explains that according to his SQK theory, a strong electric field should produce a gravitational interaction. And, he says, just such an interaction was demonstrated as early as 1920. There was a flurry of interest in the 1950's. LaViolette has a copy of a declassified study by a London think tank, dated 1956, which states that major aerospace corporations including Douglas, Martin and Sikorsky had launched research projects in the area. The common debunk is that typical experimental demonstrations were actually driven by ionic wind effects, but LaViolette says that a 1959 experiment, "Project Montgolfier", conclusively demonstrated that the effect works in high vacuum.

    Wired in 2003 looked into this, and the reporter, Clive Thompson, contacted NASA for their opinion. Here's what happened next:

    When I pull up at NASA, the PR handler – a nervous man in a brown suit named Steve Roy – checks my trunk for bombs. He escorts me into a meeting room, where seven others, including several scientists and more PR managers, are sitting. Apparently, I'll be conducting this interview in front of a crowd. I'm further informed that I can't have any copies of the materials they'll show me. "Security," Roy shrugs. I feel like I'm in a Tom Clancy novel. Obviously, there's no secret antigravity program being conducted at NASA – but judging from their paranoid behavior here, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they'd reverse engineered the stuff from a UFO that crashed in the back lot.
    Of course they told him that electrogravitics is a crock. I guess that settles it -- if you think the government would never, ever falsify information.

    But, on the other hand, LaViolette says it's a fact that the B2 bomber is equipped with a system that looks like an electrogravity engine -- although the official story is that the electrostatic system reduces turbulence.

    LaViolette does indeed seem to view his theory as an improved alternative to Murray Gell-Mann's subquantum quark theory. However, contrary to Einstein's special relativity theory, LaViolette postulates the existence of an 'ether' constituting a stable reference frame. SQK is based on Euclidean geometry; linear, infinite time; and "indeterminate causality" rather than "acausal indeterminacy". Thus it seems intuitively rather more satisfying than standard physics; that is, if it works. (??) Here's a basic explanation, from p. 15:

    Subquantum kinetics begins by postulating the existence of an etheric sea that is characterized by continual activity in which hypothetical subquantum entities called etherons transform from one type into another, react with one another in specified ways, and diffuse from one point in space to another. It describes these processes by means of a basic set of kinetic equations. We cannot directly detect etherons. Like the notion of quarks in quantum electrodynamics, we assume the existence of etherons because they provide a means for explaining how field potentials, subatomic particles, and waves come into being, that is, physical observables that reside one step higher in nature’s hierarchy. In other words, processes taking place in this reaction-diffusion ether are theorized to generate observable quantum level structures.

    Modern era physicists such as Dirac, de Broglie, Bohm, and Vigier have all advocated the idea of a subquantum medium. For example, in 1963 Louis de Broglie wrote:

    It seems very likely that the phenomena we can detect more or less directly at the microphysical level can be explained only by having recourse to a deeper level acting upon them. Along with Bohm and Vigier, we shall call this medium the ‘subquantic medium'. One can say, metaphorically, that the indirectly observable microphysical level forms a kind of ‘surface’ of the hidden subquantic level.
    Rather than being viewed as inert structures, subatomic particles are conceived as steady-state, energy potential wave patterns whose field magnitudes are essentially spatial variations in ether concentration. This radically different view conceives them to be open systems, rather than closed systems, their state of wave order depending critically on the continuation of the underlying ether process. In fact, subquantum kinetics leads us to view the entire universe as a vast, self-generating open system.
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    LaViolette's analysis of the B2 bomber project is here:

    On March 9, 1992, "Aviation Week and Space Technology" magazine made a surprising disclosure that the B-2 electrostatically charges its exhaust stream and the leading edges of its wing-like body. Those familiar with the electrogravitics research of American physicist T. Townsend Brown will quickly realize that this is tantamount to stating that the B-2 is able to function as an antigravity aircraft.

    "Aviation Week" obtained their information about the B-2 from a small group of renegade west coast scientists and engineers who were formerly associated with black research projects. In making these disclosures, these scientists broke a code of silence that rivals the Mafia's. They took the risk because they felt that it was important for economic reasons that efforts be made to declassify certain black technologies for commercial use.

    Two of these individuals said that their civil rights had been blatantly abused (in the name of security) either to keep them quiet or to prevent them from leaving the tightly controlled black R&D community.

    Several months after "Aviation Week" published the article, black world security personnel went into high gear. That sector of the black R&D community received VERY STRONG warnings and, as a result, the group of scientists subsequently broke off contact with the magazine. Clearly, the overseers of black R&D programs were substantially concerned about the information leaks that had come out in that article. [.....]

    Rumors circulating among people close to the project allege that the B-2 does utilize antigravity technology. So, our conjecture, that the B-2 incorporates an electrogravitic drive, appears to be substantially correct.

    Although the black world scientists mentioned nothing about electrogravitics in their "Aviation Week" disclosure about the B-2, they did admit to the existence of very "dramatic, classified technologies" applicable to "aircraft control and propulsion".

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    Imagining the possibilities if there is indeed a secret physics?

    The B-2 is unique because of its flying-wing type design, a lot of conventional 'lift' surface. They made a big deal out of all the computer control of the flight control surfaces, supposedly too much work for a human pilot to keep up with, but maybe this is all misdirection?
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    Farrell is also a rather interesting character. His bio has been deleted from Wikipedia, but it survived here:

    He has two careers: the first as a theologian, he wrote an epic four-volume work "God, History and Dialectic". After graduating from Oral Roberts, and then Oxford, he wound up teaching at St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary. Then he decided to bag all that, and become an alternative history author. He's remarkably prolific, often publishing two or three books a year.

    And, look at this one!

    Apocalypse Theater, Volume 1: Yahweh the Two Faced God

    Now Playing at the Apocalypse Theater In Theater 1: Theology The Last Days: the Apocalypse: Armageddon. The world stage has been prepared for the battle to end all battles. Good and evil have rehearsed their roles and Yahweh's armies stand ready to crush the serpent of ungodliness underfoot. The three great monotheistic religions square off for the final showdown. In Theater 2: Terror Governments are on alert; Comets take aim on planet Earth. NASA scientists discover Earth-like planets; settlements on Mars are in preparation. The moment of disclosure is at hand as UFO's and their previously unseen alien life forms take center stage before the curtain drops on mankind. In Theater 3: Truth and the Topological Metaphor Oxford educated authors and researchers, Drs Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D de Hart expose the history behind the panic and pandemonium; the theological terror; the underlying agenda to divide saints from sinners, darkness from light, and the accompanying geopolitical aim to turn nation against nation. From the classified files of Farrell and de Hart = previously marked "Highly Confidential" = comes the book that could not be written until now. This timely book is a must read expose of how three historic monotheistic religions set the stage for The Apocalypse Theater. The story behind the ancient unholy alliance between terrorism, theology and geopolitical purpose to be gained by this agenda is now unveiled.
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    It's nice to know we're not alone.
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    Lenni Brenner's 2014 book, Zionism in the Age of Dictators. Looks like the title might still be apropos.


    In 1933 the German Zionist Federation sought Hitler s patronage: "Zionism hopes to be able to win the collaboration even of a government fundamentally hostile to Jews. . . . Boycott propaganda . . . currently being carried on against Germany . . . is in essence un-Zionist." Zionism became the only other legal political movement in the Nazi Reich. That same year, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) made the Ha'avara (Transfer) Agreement, undermining the boycott against Nazi Germany. German Jewish emigrants to Palestine had to buy Nazi goods that the WZO sold in the Middle East. In 1937 the Haganah (later the Israeli army) sent an agent to Berlin. They would provide spy intelligence if the Nazis further eased the monetary regulations for emigrants to Palestine. The Zionist-Revisionist movement (today the ruling Likud Party) set up a detachment at Mussolini's naval academy. He personally reviewed them in 1936. They wanted him to replace Britain as Zionism s patron. In 1941, the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel (later Likudniks) told the Nazis that they wanted a "Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich," and offered "to actively take part in the war on Germany's side." This is the sordid history documented in Lenni Brenner's Zionism in the Age of the Dictators. This updated edition features a new afterword by the author.
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    Brenner's book was first published in 1983. For the reprint edition, Brenner posted an article at Counterpunch, giving some background for the book, as well as some information about what has happened since its first publication.

    I’m American, but my first book, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators (now finally back in print), was published in Britain. American houses wouldn’t risk selling an expose of Zionist collaboration with Hitler. Then I found pro and anti-Zionist books published by Croom Helm Ltd. I went to them. They gave me an ultimatum: “You are about to write the most controversial book imaginable…. So there can be no mistakes. You must send us a photocopy of every document you quote.” It was published in 1983.
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    While the following is not strictly on the thread theme of Third Reich eschatology, the except (written by Peter Levenda) below discusses the internal Nazi 'economic' schism between the Strasserite 'left' wing and the Hitlerite right wing conforms to my general understanding. In addition to the economics schism there was the religious schism between the 'paganist' volkische movement and the 'Christian' Nazis. Yes, many Nazis, including top ranked Nazis were normative (Catholic and Lutheran mostly) Christians, or so-called Positive Christians.


    In both cases religion and race were made to be seen at the heart of the problem, rather than the more intellectually demanding and complex forces of politics and economics.

    This was as true in America as it was in Europe. While groups such as the National Socialist German Workers Party were being formed — largely underground in Germany and later in Austria — in response to the very real threat of a Communist takeover in Germany, organizations sympathetic to the plight of the Germans began forming in the United States.

    This phenomenon took on tremendous energy with the 1929 stock market crash. The resulting anxiety and financial ruin only contributed to the paranoia of those who suspected a worldwide conspiracy of bankers and industrialists to impoverish and enslave the masses while enriching themselves. This paranoia took two forms, a leftist interpretation and a rightist one.

    The leftist view said that the global conspiracy was one of the bosses against the workers, and the bosses were fat-cat capitalists. The leftist viewpoint was devoid of racist rhetoric for it had been influenced by Marxist thought which described the inevitable development of socialism and communism from the ashes of capitalism in the aftermath of the industrial revolution. Marx’s famous dictum — Workers of the World, Unite! — was meant to be an international call to all working people to throw off the yoke of capitalism.

    This was the sentiment that eventually won the day in Russia and resulted in the overthrow of the Czarist superstructure and the elevation of the worker and the peasant to positions of control over the means of production (at least theoretically).

    The rightist view agreed in part that the global conspiracy was one of the bosses against the workers, but added a racial and spiritual component to the conflict. While the left blamed Capitalism and touted Communism as the solution, the racist right blamed Communism and furthermore identified Communism with the Jews.

    The early Nazi Party was a battleground between these two points of view. There was a “left wing” of the Nazi Party — represented most notably by Otto Strasser (1897–1974) — that believed in an international workers party that would support the right of workers to strike, an idea that was not welcome to the industrialists who were backing Hitler. Strasser also called for closer ties with the Soviet Union and an end to the anti-Semitic policies of the Nazi Party. He and his group were eventually expelled from the Nazi Party and Strasser himself was forced into exile. He remained a committed Nazi to the end of his days. ...

    Although Strasser had participated in the early post-World War One Freikorps movement that opposed Communism, his form of Nazism became completely out of synch with the right wing of the Party, represented by Hitler, which became the dominant force. There were those Nazis after the war who entertained Strasser-ist ideas by urging alliances with the Soviets; however, this was less the result of ideological conversion to Strasser’s point of view than it was a pragmatic decision to pit the Soviets and the Americans against each other in an effort to weaken both.

    As the struggle between the warring viewpoints of Hitler and Strasser was taking place in Germany, in America a number of proNazi parties and groups found their voice among the disaffected and disenfranchised whites who feared that their way of life was being threatened by Jews, African-Americans, and Communists — who, they believed, had engineered not only the Russian Revolution but also the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thus it was that the Hitler racist right position on National Socialism became the dominant one in America, leaving little room for a leftist, Strasser interpretation.

    The relationship between Strasser and Hitler is interesting, with such as Strasser and his war hero brother having been a part of the right wing Freikorps paramilitaries formed after WWII in response to the threat of Communism. Freikorps paramilitaries had been part of the Germanic landscape since the mid-18th century, and were deployed against Napoleonic forces as well. They might also be seen as akin to the mercenary troops of the Hessians deployed to the American colonies in support of the 'German' king of England, George III.

    It is interesting that the DAP, the short lived German Worker's Party was sponsored and set up by members of the Thule (pronounced too-lee) Society, a society of esoteric, elite dilettantes. These were also part of a Romantic Movement aligned German aspect of Volkisch paganism and thus its 'Romantic' interest in nature. It also tied in with the populist theme of a worker's party.

    The DAP would soon morph into the national socialist NSDAP after Hitler had been assigned to infiltrate the DAP while being a paid soldier, a remnant of the German army. In any case , the DAP was established to mitigate against the incursion of collectivism ... by selling itself as a socialist party to represent workers. At some point Otto Strasser and his brother became regional leaders in the NSDAP. Strasser claimed in his book, Hitler and I, that once Hitler had consolidated his leadership over the NSDAP that the NSDAP became socialist only in rhetoric. The Thule Society would dissolve a few years after the Hitler severed party ties to it, still years before Hitler became chancellor.

    Of course, one can easily see a paradox of sorts in using socialist rhetoric (further mitigated by combining with nationalism) to combat Communism, the latter which is generally considered an internationalist movement, at least as presented by the Soviet form. And generally most today don't make any distinction between the two forms in any case. Strasser would advocate against antisemitism and reach out to the Soviet Union, otherwise never abandoning is NSDAP (aka Nazi) identification, despite being kicked out and forced into hiding and exile. His brother would be killed in the Night of the Long Knives, when the Nazis would prune former leaders of the anticommunist Freikorps from their ranks, yet another paradox.

    In all of this we can see the likely workings of a front group, in its establishment, where the strange esoteric group that pushed for its creation dissolves into the background. Here, leaving in power a former corporal whose only pre-war experience in the world had been as a sketch artist, working in pencil. Hitler would later ban esoteric groups, but as I understand it this focus was mainly based upon the Jewish aspects of Masonry (of which I have discussed is only one element). The focus of the Thule Society was mainly pagan as I understand it.

    Supposedly Hitler became attracted to the DAP by the ideas of Anton Drexler, who was anti-Capitalist, anti-Marxist, and anti-Semitic, and nationalistic. It is this nexus of the first three aspects where one paradox gets resolved to some extent, this in where Jews are exclusively blamed for both international Bolshevism and the excesses of Capitalism. Drexler was an odd bird, an industrial worker, poet, political leader and thinker, a supposed mentor to Hitler.

    Both Hitler and the Strasser brothers are involved with anti-Communist groups, and we know that the two institutions that have the greatest antipathy to such were the monarchies and the monarchist / traditionalist Catholics. The Freikorps paramilitaries having historically been sponsored by the Germanic nobilities. The Catholic Church employing the Second Prophecy of Fatima to implore global Catholics to aid Hitler's fight against godless communism. All the while both Hitler and Strasser retain at least the name of socialism in their respective factions.
  18. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    That's a little bit of history I didn't know. More details here:

    Corporal Adolf Hitler was ordered in September 1919 to investigate a small group in Munich known as the German Workers' Party. The use of the term 'workers' attracted the attention of the German Army which was now involved in crushing Marxist uprisings.

    On September 12th, dressed in civilian clothes, Hitler went to a meeting of the German Workers' Party in the back room of a Munich beer hall, with about twenty five people. He listened to a speech on economics by Gottfried Feder entitled, "How and by what means is capitalism to be eliminated?" ...

    In Mein Kampf, Hitler describes the condition of the party: "aside from a few directives, there was nothing, no program, no leaflet, no printed matter at all, no membership cards, not even a miserable rubber stamp..."

    Although unimpressed by the present condition of the German Workers' Party, Hitler was drawn to the sentiment expressed by Drexler that this would somehow become a movement not just a political party. And in this disorganized party, Hitler saw opportunity.

    "This absurd little organization with its few members seemed to me to possess the one advantage that it had not frozen into an 'organization,' but left the individual opportunity for real personal activity. Here it was still possible to work, and the smaller the movement, the more readily it could be put into the proper form. Here, the content, the goal, and the road could still be determined..."

    He spent two days thinking it over then decided.

    "I finally came to the conviction that I had to take this step...It was the most decisive resolve of my life. From here there was and could be no turning back."
    Adolf Hitler joined the committee of the German Workers' Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or DAP) and thus entered politics.
    I suppose it's possible that it was just a coincidence that Hitler was sent to infiltrate a party that had been created as a front to an esoteric, German nationalist-populist cult. But he certainly did succeed in smashing its Marxist aspect, and that's no coincidence. And you could be right, that none of this was any coincidence at all.
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  19. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    If we consider that all dialectics are subsidiary to the threat of the workers against the ancien regime and that behind a surprisingly thin 'royal' veil that the monarchic interests of Britain and 'Germany / Austria' are one and the same, then we can see a common motive to infiltrate and co-opt the worker's movement. In this case, 'Hitler' admits that the use of the nascent DAP suits the purposes best, because he stands the best chance to mold it in his, and his hidden sponsors', agenda.

    Such as Dietrich Eckhart would coach the new messiah's public speaking skills.

    Eckart met Adolf Hitler when Hitler gave a speech before the DAP members in 1919. Eckart was involved with the Thule Society, although not a member. The Society was a secretive group of occultists who believed in the coming of a “German Messiah” who would redeem Germany after its defeat in World War I.[9] Eckart expressed his anticipation in a poem he wrote months before he first met Hitler. In the poem, Eckart refers to "the Great One," "the Nameless One," "Whom all can sense but no one saw." When Eckart met Hitler, Eckart was convinced that he had encountered the prophesied redeemer.[10] Eckart became Hitler's mentor, exchanging ideas with him and helping to establish theories and beliefs of the Party.[11]

    It was Eckart who introduced Alfred Rosenberg to Adolf Hitler. Between 1920 and 1923, Eckart and Rosenberg labored tirelessly in the service of Hitler and the party. Through Rosenberg, Hitler was introduced to the writings of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Rosenberg's inspiration. Rosenberg edited the Münchener Beobachter, a party newspaper, originally owned by the Thule Society. Rosenberg published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the "Beobachter."

    Hitler would share a friendship with Houston Stewart Chamberlain, supposedly centered around their common interest in the composer Wagner. Both men remained close to Wagner's surviving family. For Adolf it was Winifred Wagner, the composer's British daughter-in-law:

    From (disclaimer: sorry a site that promotes the Flat Earth and other strange notions)

    The real love of Winnie's life was Adolf Hitler whom she affectionately called Wolf.

    Winnie and Wolf
    Winifred first met her fellow agent Adolf in 1919 and they immediately fell in love. They both spoke the same language . . . and they both had the same goal: destruction of the Weimar Republic.

    Financing for the newborn Nazi party came from the Bank of England via Switzerland and the Bayreuth Festival was the conduit for the funds. Here is a quote from a biography of Friedelind Wagner:

    Hitler became a frequent visitor in our home, so I knew him as only a few people ever knew him, informally, without "stage make-up," as it were. My father laughed about my mother's strange messiah. He, in common with many others, felt that the new self-elected savior didn't have one chance in a million to succeed. It was this one factor that helped Hitler most in his amazing rise to power. No one of importance took him seriously. The guardians of the Versailles Treaty were as successfully lulled to sleep as were the German people. Nobody bothered to stop him because everyone thought that he would presently vanish from the scene. (Wagner, Heritage of Fire, xiii).

    Hitler's only qualifications to lead Nazi Germany was the fact that he was Austrian; a British secret service agent, and had unlimited funds from the Bank of England.

    Winnie and Wolf sharing an intimate moment.

    Femme fatale Winnie met Wolf at Bayreuth around 1919. They became lovers immediately. When Hitler became chancellor, he had to live in Berlin, but he visited Winnie at Bayreuth at every opportunity.

    For Chamberlain, perhaps the intellectual founder of Nazism, it was Eva Wagner, who became his wife:

    By marrying into the Wagner clan, Chamberlain was able to combine his racist writings with the neo-pagan and Norse mythology of the Wagner operas. It was a potent combination for creating the Third Reich:

    Chamberlain never lived to see the Third Reich, but his name is forever associated with it. Few "precursors" acknowledged by the Nazis attained an equal status in the annals of the regime. This self-appointed prophet of Germanism became the subject of a vast array of speeches, articles, radio programs and school lessons. Many of his writings were reissued or anthologized, the dates of his birth and death were marked by solemn tributes in the party press, and a steady flow of doctoral dissertations proclaimed his significance for the creation of a new order in Germany. (Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. p. 447).

    Chamberlain was the son of a British admiral, an ex-patriot who ostensibly desired to become more German than the Germans, especially in propounding the overwrought notions of the Romantic Movement founded at the University of Gottingen by George II, the German Hanoverian king of England.

  20. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I will now begin a series of quotes from Redles's Hitler's Millennial Reich. Here, and more in the book itself, can be seen the development of an End Times eschatology that I will term suprabiblical, as it seems based loosely upon the Christian Futurist schema, while taking some liberties in doing so. The Christian schema includes 12,000 of the tribe of Judah, along with the other eleven Hebrew tribes to sit around God, before the rest of all other humanity. The Nazis divided matters up as with the Aryans as being the new Chosen with the Jews to be removed or exterminated, the former an apparent euphemism for extermination. This would form the existential basis for the Nazi apocalyptic, "kill or be killed" in other words.

    This last point is interestingly a different take from the Christian as the Christian view has no doubt as to the victory of Christ, his Elect, and the lesser faithful. One might argue that the Nazi schema is then more motivational than the Christian one, where the Christians only need accept Christ and let him do the dirty work (unless one wants to nudge him along that is).

    From pg. 161 of Hitler's Millennial Reich: Apocalyptic Belief and the Search for Salvation by David Redles

    When Hitler and his closest associates (Eckart, Hess, Rosenberg, Feder, Streicher, and Hans Frank, all millennialists associated to some degree with the Thule Society) took over the renamed National Socialist German Worker’s Party, they believed that salvation could come about only through the extermination of the Jewish race. Hitler’s earliest known political statement, the Gemlich letter of 1919, associated Germany’s rebirth and salvation with the “total removal of the Jews from our midst.” As early as 1922, this “removal” of the Jews was taken to be but a step to eventual extermination. This is evident in the account of Josef Hell, who recalled Hitler stating that “if I one day actually come to power, then the extermination of the Jews will be my first and most important task.”3

    Hitler, in a speech that same year, prophesied that the struggle between Aryans and Jews could end in “either victory of the Aryans or its annihilation and victory of the Jews.”4 As Julius Streicher’s most utilized catch-phrase puts it, there could be “no salvation without a solution to the Jewish Question.” And this salvation could come only with a “final” solution to that question. This early formulation of a coming final battle between Aryans and Jews, interpreted as the forces of light and good versus the forces of darkness and evil, was always conceived as resulting in the extermination of one side or the other. The Final Solution, even if the phrase had yet to be employed, was an eschatological conception from the beginning.

    As I have discussed before, the whole notion of these ethnic 'Identities' is a definitional scam of the highest order, as is the very term 'gentile' itself, actually referring to 'class' and not ethnicity, hence the terms 'gentry' and 'gentlemen'.

    From pg. 160:

    ‘The Final Solution of the Jewish Question’ in the National Socialist conception was not just another anti-Semitic undertaking, but a metahistorical program devised with an eschatological perspective. It was part of a salvational ideology that envisaged the attainment of Heaven by bringing Hell on earth.”1 The same can be said for the Nazi use of the terms Endkampf (Final Battle), Endsieg (Final Victory) and the conception of the Third Reich as the Endreich (Final Empire), the empire of millennial perfection that would come into being if, and only if, the eschatological struggle between Aryans and Jews reached a definitive conclusion. Nazi anti-Semitism was conceived, as Saul Friedländer has noted, as an essentially redemptive enterprise.2

    From the early 1920s, Hitler and his inner circle had conceived of the Nazi movement as one day creating a millennial Reich that was envisaged as a racially pure world empire led by the Nazis themselves. It was a world that could not be fully realized until a final battle against the demonic force of Jewish Bolshevism had been won, once and for all. In the apocalyptic atmosphere of postwar Munich, the Thule Society created the German Worker’s Party specifically to attract workers away from the communist movement (identified as Jewish Bolshevik). The loss of the war and the seemingly deliberate chaos that followed, combined with the wide release of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which was itself received as an apocalyptic tract), all seemed to indicate that the Jews, the Nazi conception of the Evil Other, were making a final push at world domination.

    As the book discusses, the Nazis (as do many others) associated the Jews with being the prime movers of the Bolshevik Revolution and its internationalist aspects. Of course, they also linked the Jews with being the prime movers of international banking. With the latter there is the issue that the Church and Euro-nobility had legally restricted Jews to just such occupational 'professions', to their cynical profit - including the use of them as 'scapegoats'. However, with the former both the Church hierarchy and their genetic kin, the monarchist 'gentiles', expressed their deepest pocketbook fears in the uprisings of the former country serfs turned city industrial workers. That Jews were involved in these efforts, one way or the other, only made it easy to deflect attention from the true concern. Such labor uprisings (from child labor, long hours, poor conditions, and low wages) would naturally morph into what became 'socialism'. As we have observed as well, the elites employed their agent, Karl Marx, to muddy the waters, in the process taking the most extreme positions that rendered Communism.

    From pg. 162:

    The conspiratorial history presented in Dietrich Eckart’s 1924 work, Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin, with its apocalyptic rhetoric, biblical allusions, and talk of an imminent eschatological war of extermination, continued to appear in Nazi propaganda after the Nazi assumption of power. While the immediate postwar chaos of Weimar, combined with the growing threat of a Bolshevik-style revolution and the sudden appearance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, seemed to mean that the eschatological turning point had arrived in the early 1920s, the prophesied war of extermination never occurred. The depression and the escalating tension between Nazis and communists during the elections of the early 1930s once again brought the specter of an imminent racial Armageddon to the forefront. For some minor Nazis, the initial successes of the Third Reich made the notion of a Final War less pertinent, but, for Hitler and his inner circle, the crucial time was now, for the Final War had to occur in their lifetimes.

    Like the famous bolt of lightning revealing the 'shocking' existence of the Bavarian Illuminati, founded by a disillusioned Jesuit, the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion appear in good time to fan the flames of fear. That the listed actions in the Protocols seem to be being implemented should not distract us from considering that the true authorship may have come from the bowels of an organization that has employed the specter of the Jews in opposition to it from its foundations. That author appearing most likely to be another Jesuit priest. And one must then also contend with claims that the Jesuits have been infiltrated by those Jews lately and/or by its very founder, Ignatius Loyola. Or maybe Jesus himself?

    As the excerpt above notes, minor Nazis could be tempted to discount the literalism of the apocalyptic language, and indeed many Jews living in Germany then discounted such as merely postering rhetoric, typical to their long relationship to Christians. Might we see a similar dynamic today with the orange dyed strongman (his grandfather from Bavaria), albeit he seems to be given the Jews a next step to getting their apocalypse enabling Temple on.

    End of Part 1
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