Ellis and Islam, assessed Badley

I'm having to play catch-up here as I have only just ordered Jesus King of Edessa. My friend Carlos has the book - and has uncovered that the the Edessan Baalshamin (Belshamin), from which the Mandaean demiurge Yushamin arises, has a stone image in the likeness of Ardban II, the Parthian "king of kings" whose reign encompasses that of the Roman Tiberius, this Parthian king highly honoured by the Mandaeans. A big read coming up for me!

As for Christianity supporting science, this was temporary - especially as the Secular Western world today is increasingly fatally polluted by perverted philosophy masquerading as science - embodying modern, primary Jewish, thought. Einstein's relativity has destroyed all progress in physics - ensuring that the CO2 pollution will never be reversed under its domination. The one Islamic Nobel Prize (Abdus Salam - Pakistan) was awarded for peddling Einstein's BS. Islam at least wants to protect the miserable dry environment in the Middle East. Protestantism only wants to plunder it (e.g. James Watt of the Reagan administration) along with Jewish Zionism which wants nuclear war to subjugate Iran.

Islam certainly supported science for a while e.g. maintaining Greek texts that Christianity had almost destroyed and making new discoveries, such as by Alhazen on the nature of light. Christianity never made a single contribution to science, permitting science at all ONLY because of the need to fight various internal and external enemies. Education today is being destroyed by secular society and handed back to Christians - who will never want ordinary people to go past a primary education.

Islam also understood - to a limited extent, as to be expected from a monotheism - the caste system, since they understood, albeit dimly but less hypocritically than Christians and Jews, the primary issue of power and fundamental human inequality (requiring submission to the Quran to create a harmony). The dhimmis, Christians and Jews, had their roles - but they eventually converted to Islam, weakening Islamic control since conversion could not be effectively prevented by Islamic authority. Islam understands the Fuehrerprinzip - exemplified by Mohammed himself - a wondrous leap forward over the idiotic fantasies of Jesus Christ and the egalitarian nonsense embodied in Christian communism (e.g. William Lane & Co. in Paraguay).

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PS: Better to pay the Jizya tax than be a victim of the Jews like Palestinians are. The Islamic slaves survive as part of the system so are not degraded by Islam itself. Those who oppose Jews (and their halfwit Protestant backers) and their aims are exterminated or marginalized. This is why e.g. Germans rose up to oppose Judaism in the wake of WW1 - the Rothschilds and others being behind it as you know.

PPS: the rebellions against the Assads were backed by the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel - especially the recent one with ISIS. The Shia in Syria always backed the Alawites. So why is Putin not thanked for helping Assad where it counted??????? As for the so-called Turkish genocide of Armenians; the Turks well knew that the Armenians had been encouraged by foreign Christians (Russian and Anglo-American) to rise up against the Ottomans - and they did so in early 1915. Either the Ottomans would be slaughtered by the Armenians or the Ottomans had to strike them down first - especially as the Ottomans feared an attack by Greece in 1915 in support of the Gallipoli landings. Hence the Armenian expulsion order on the 24th April 1915, the day before the Gallipoli landings. Ellis forgets the Greek attack on a weakened Turkey in 1919: when Greece began to lose they responded by killing and expelling their large Moslem population - hence the reciprocal religious "exchanges" as refugees fleeing in both directions.
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Ellis is absolutely wrong in saying Islam needs a Reformation - especially as Islam generally is protective of the environment compared to Christianity e.g. the story of Mohammed and the nestlings plucked from a nest by his warriors. Ellis fails to grasp the severe and ongoing ideologically-motivated attacks (over and above the oil wars) the West has made on Islamic countries - so one should only expect a ferocious response since Westernization of Islamic countries has only helped the very rich - much as is now the case in the West after the Post-WW2 Boom subsided in 1978. The Reformation ultimately subjected Christianity to Judaism creating Judaeo-Christianity. The fight in Syria was manufactured by Judaeo-Christianity, which also created Israel beforehand. Judaeo-Christianity has to be eradicated worldwide - whatever it takes to do so as it is utterly anti-environment, since after all, what could be more primitive and backward than Christians putting ancient Israel's prejudices even ahead of their own! And you wonder why I can even utter a good word for Hitler!????? At least the Nazis wanted to preserve and protect the environment, as even Australia's Liberal Party emphasized in their attempt to discredit the Australian Greens when the latter improved their vote so as to win new members in the lower and upper houses of parliament.

Palestinians have always lived in Palestine - the Philistines were sea peoples but mixed in with the locals. Likewise the Arabs of Mohammed who did NOT exterminate the Palestinians when they arrived - in contrast to Ellis's BS the transfer to Islam in Palestine (i.e. perhaps unlike around Aleppo in Syria which oddly, Ellis seems to think is nowadays controlled by Turkey) was peaceful as the savage fighting had occurred previously between Byzantium and the Persians, as Bowersock* has uncovered; the exhausted population merely accepted the new rulers who came in peacefully.

Israelis are foreign colonizing regime fierce opposed by the local non-Jewish majority - since most Jews are converts (e.g. Ethiopian Jews look like Ethiopians and German Jews look like Germans) so for Ellis to justify the Zionist state of modern Israel merely guarantees the WW3 to come - against even his own expressed support for Assad's Syria and thus Iran too! With ideas like Ellis's here genocide becomes necessary to eradicate such negative pro-Zionist ideas, especially since in his case they are coupled to genuine great insights re Edessa etc.. (The contrast to Joe could hardly be more stark, and we must be grateful that Joe was spared the last half of the interview).

The Quran is right in condemning the Jews since the Jews had run Arabia from about 580AD,** controlling the booming economy in their own interest over that of the locals, their rule based in Medina - Mohammed having tried to modify the Jewish rulers into his own early teachings (which largely derive from Judaism of course). No one in the West today seems to bother calling out the Jews for their lies - so good on Moslems for bringing this out, despite the fact that their leaders, particularly the Sunni ones, have sold out to Israel.

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*See https://www.amazon.com/Crucible-Islam-G-W-Bowersock/dp/0674057767
And in fact even the Mandaeans demonstrate this despite their obvious hostility to Islam; they call Muhammad the "son of slaughter" i.e. that he came after the slaughter, and indicating that his Islamic regime (in Palestine and Arabia) resulted from slaughter(s) committed by others, rather than Muhammad being the father or initiator of slaughter, despite the fact that Mandaeans and others today have interpreted the phrase to mean the latter. A phrase indicating the latter would be "father (abu) of slaughter" but such a term is NOT used of Muhammad.

** The reason for this is the increased rainfall and prosperity of Arabia from 540 AD onward. The Jews, being literate (unlike the local Arabs and Mohammed himself as any Moslem will tell you), were able to control the economy for themselves very easily; the Jews themselves presumably having migrated from the collapsed Silk Road economy, which collapsed into drought and darkness at both ends (Europe and China) after the super-volcanic eruptions (including Ilopango in Guatemala and Rabaul in Papua New Guinea) and/or a giant meteor-strike that initiated the Dark Ages from 540 AD onward. No gods or God here, just human misinterpretations based on inadequate evidence!
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