Dueling Michelangelo Codes?

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In collecting reference links for my End Times article, I ran across mention of a book, The Sistine Secrets, that features itself as revealing the secrets of Michelangelo's artwork in the Sistine Chapel. I have already mentioned art historian Waldemar Januszczak's documentary of the name The Michelangelo Code. At first the theses of the two works appear to contradict each other, but I think they can be resolved under my larger theory of the 'False Dialectic', which is scripted into both the OT and the NT.

Under my theory the Jews have been scripted to play the role of the underhanded 'Judas', or in other words a collective Suffering Servant, for the seeming greater good of all humanity. This was why they were burdened with the severely extreme cultural inversion laws of Moses, which made them social pariahs. They are depicted in their own holy book from the days of their patriarch, Judah, as being morally suspect, to say the least. This is all contrived artifice, performed to achieve the subtext of globalism found throughout the OT and the NT.

From the book's Jewish perspective, Michelangelo was trying to pull one over on the Della Rovere popes, the first of whom had had the Sistine Chapel constructed to honor St. Francis of Assisi and his outlook, according to Januszczak's investigation. The circumstances that WJ collates seem to me to trump the book's contention, albeit the book may indeed be generally correct about the nature of the Jewish motif of the artwork.

The reason being is that as WJ conclusively (to me) demonstrates that, before the artwork was introduced, the chapel was constructed to fulfill the Della Rovere popes' (Sixtus IV and Julius II) Franciscan End Times cosmoview. Centrally that the chapel was based upon the proportions of what is claimed for Solomon's Temple, a distinctly OT motif.

It was in Sixtus's papal reign that Columbus (Christopher Colon) was sent off to start the colonization of the New World, i.e. to Conquer it under the prior OT terms of the Conquest of Canaan. And here is that papal name of 'Julius' a case of irony, or rather an honorific? Additionally, the day before Columbus embarked from Spain, the Jews were expelled by the Spanish Crown, all part of the global chess game.

WJ also recounted that Julius had launched an odd military campaign against the city of Bologna, capturing it easily, and then insisting on re-entering Rome (New Jerusalem?) on horseback with palm fronds waving on the correct ceremonial date for Jesus's entering Jerusalem on donkey. Of course, Julius Caesar returned to Rome on horseback, being asked whether he was king, and shortly later he was 'sacrificed'. He became god on the third day and his son became the Prince of Peace of the Pax Romana.

As such, I assert that these popes, and such as John XXIII (the Good Pope), and John Paul II (mentioned in the book's link) understood perfectly the roles of the tribe of Judah. It was with the post-WWII pope John XXIII who asserted that he was the Jews' 'Joseph', a restatement that Judah was obedient to Joseph and Joseph's son Ephraim. To beat a dead horse, James Carroll detailed the consistent Catholic Church theology from the time of St. Augustine onward that asserts that the Jews were indeed to be the negative foils for the sake of the greater cause. Here, I strongly assert that the average Jew, just like the average Christian, has no conception that this cynical deception could be case, and thus the case for the Jewish authors of the book.

John XXIII's assertion that he was the Jew's 'Joseph' was the symbolic fulfilling of the prophecy that the "two sticks become one" from Ezekiel 37, thus allowing the Jews to overtly join the gentil global club, and pass on the foil baton of suffering to the current 'freedom haters' and 'freedom loving-freedom haters', xenophobes against globalism. The latter having had their pioneer ancestors doing the dirty work of real estate Conquest against the barbarians du jour. All that 'family' farm land now mostly soaked up via financial machinations into the hands of the large corporations.

This is how the shepherds of humans fleece their flocks, the 'useful' sheep mostly never figure the game out, always in thrall to the latest golden Trumpet.
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Richard- This is heavy stuff and very useful research, thank you. BTW, do you read Miles Mathis? He's been doing genealogical digs lately and the name Stanley comes up a lot, and specifically regarding John Lennon. Any relation? Given that Jerry wonders if he's a Russell Russell and that Joe Atwill admits he's a Randolph through Thomas Jefferson's wife, do you think you might be to the distant manor born? This isn't suspicion, just curiosity.

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I do read Mathis, but only from time to time -- thanks to you BTW. I did see his Stanley references in the John Lennon work. The Stanley's were (are?) the lords of Derbyshire and Cheshire, and managers of Lancashire (originally the kings' principate).

My late father had done some preliminary genealogical work, but only going back to the US Civil War era. I'm 98% sure that my father and uncle are blood Stanley's, but of a low branch. Their ancestors having arrived here via a stay in Northern Ireland, and thus being labeled Scots-Irish (being neither of each in reality). Modus operandi deja vu?

I have read accounts that the Stanley's were the #1 family of the Normans (and the Russell's #2), but Nicholas DeVere claimed the DeVere's are #1. In any case, there is a lot of controversy about the family origins, such as they, via their blood ancestors (not named Stanley at the time), don't show up in the Domesday Book. Yet at the time of Elizabeth I, Ferdinando Stanley was allegedly first in line for the throne. He got poisoned (or went to the Hidden Resort?), by some accounts for refusing a Jesuit request to depose her.

I have learned a lot of curious things about the Stanley's and the Normans in my later years, mostly by incidental happenstance. But one of the most fascinating things about the Norman's, at least, is their seemingly rapid rise from supposedly rude Vikings to being the sponsors of high education (in Normandy) within a few short generations, and their application of Romanesque architecture. This latter being so close to the original Roman that it is difficult to tell the difference without external context. Yes, I do have some theories about all this. But all self generated, as if my father knew anything, he claimed not to know a thing.

DeVere asserted that his kin were the real players of the OT, and not the 'Jews', or at least as we understand them today. I believe that all the data combined now tends to support this claim, and as such more likely representing the half-tribe of Ephraim and/or Edomites (via Esau - the red haired, ruddy one). The Talmud claims the Romans were 'Edomites' (as were the Herodians). The OT also claimed that Esau would regain his inheritance, stolen by Jacob. And so if the Talmud is correct, then the Edomite Romans did indeed take back control via the Flavians, and the later emperors and popes placed 'Judah' under their dubious 'protection'.

As I stated in the OT analysis, its all a big Identity Scam.

Myself, I'm strictly a black sheep mutt.

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It's coming along, in some regards much better than I had ever imagined possible. Unfortunately much slower than Jerry and I would like, but my health issues prevail. Jerry is currently restructuring it as I have by mental necessity been forced to work haphazardly in small sections at a time. However, the very process of writing what I have already has enabled new revelations (about Revelations) that I would otherwise never have considered.

You can get some hints about the various subtopics by some of my more recent forum posts have discussed. Several of the sections that are in the new article considerable confirm my speculations in my 9/11 article, that main one being that 9/11 was the ceremonial marker event of the New Age, centrally featuring Castor and Pollux and father Jupiter.

Castor and Pollux die as their sister Helen is being saved during the Trojan War. This being the 'narrative' close of the Late Bronze Age, which left only Egypt standing for centuries. The only major kink with this is that the mainstream chronology is not 'Millennial'.

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Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! Always remember to eat well, sleep well and exercise.

The only major kink with this is that the mainstream chronology is not 'Millennial'.

What about revisionist timelines? I remember compressed timelines being discussed on the forum…

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What about revisionist timelines? I remember compressed timelines being discussed on the forum…
That's certainly one possibility.

But even if that doesn't work out, there is still the interesting aspect of King Saul and the transition to King David (and subsequently to Solomon). By mainstream dating this transition is around the millennium date. And to bookend that millennium we have another Saul, who changes his name to Paul when he becomes the engine for the Romans version of Christianity. Such name changes (Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, etc.) are considered highly significant in a religious context as a monumental change is being indicated. And then Paul rides the ship Castor and Pollux on his trip from Malta to Rome, after being shipwrecked. Castor and Pollux were the prior Greco-Roman religious saviors, especially revered by sailors.

And then we find Castor and Pollux directly overhead on 9/11, with their father directly in between them. I've just recently noticed an additional 9/11 detail that confirms my 9/11 thesis, and last night I came across a recent archaeological discovery from Babylon that might indicate that the Jerusalem temple mount platform directly relates to Jupiter. Or, as I say, Jo've, and others say Ya've. Albeit, the same principle might apply to Saturn. It all relates to a rather surprisingly sophisticated geometrical analysis found on a clay tablet.

In any case, the Romans rededicated the similar temple platform at Baalbek to Jupiter, and I'm guessing it played a similar role before the Romans.