Dec. 2: My buddy, SageRad, has been blocked from Wikipedia!

Jerry Russell

Staff member
If anybody wants to read the blow-by-blow debate and proceedings on SageRad's case, see:

(click "show" tab to reveal the case)

We also discussed the comparison between the treatment of the Pizzagate situation at Wikipedia vs. "Infogalactic". Before I get on to that comparison, though -- I want to point out that although Infogalactic has a number of interesting strategies to reduce conflict between editors, they ultimately don't have a kinder and gentler system for dealing with problem editors. They have what's called a "Star Chamber" for executions. At least they're honest about how that works.

The most prominent organizer of "Infogalactic" is the blogger & science fiction writer Vox Day, whose name means "Voice of God" in Latin. I don't know if this is megalomania, or if he has an unusual sense of humor, but either way I don't have a good feeling about it.