David Bowie


Such a prominent cultural figure ... Much can be said about him, not the least of which was the release of Space Oddity right before, and emotionally connected to, the Apollo Mission Moon hoaxes. He certainly qualified as a lifetime actor, as many if not most musicians. I just saw an interview where he stated that he was a serious actor before he became a musician. I suspect that is why he was chosen to be famous.

Well, he did qualify as a lifetime actor, but now that he has "died," I'm not sure. He did a good job acting as Jack Stevens on the news the day after he "died." But I expect he will not reprieve that role, or not often.

Here is one of several videos on Youtube that address the matter along with the "original" video on the news. Funny how they pixilated the faces.

I got a huge kick out of a few things. "Jack" did not change his hair, including facial scruff, in 6 years, except to cover his ears. I found the teeth and smiles to be the biggest hints, but there are plenty in and out of vid. Before talking about things that only Bowie would know, he started talking about Elvis and Lennon- both fake deaths- then about how Bowie constantly changed his appearance.

Lennon -- "although the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh, I saw the photograph"
You may not be too off base with this. deserves more investigation, however I think the actual truth behind it is a lot stranger than anyone is prepared to comprehend at this point in time. There are clues in his songs though, just when you look at it all, go beyond what you think you find initially.