Dark Matter Runs Out of Dark Energy?

Richard Stanley

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An new hypothesis claiming that a critical aspect was overlooked in the initial formulation of the Dark Matter and Energy concepts, which would negate the need for such to exist. Another proposal suggests that the related concept of the accelerated expansion of the universe may be full of dark hot air.

For close on a century, researchers have hypothesised that the universe contains more matter than can be directly observed, known as "dark matter." They have also posited the existence of a "dark energy" that is more powerful than gravitational attraction. These two hypotheses, it has been argued, account for the movement of stars in galaxies and for the accelerating expansion of the universe respectively. But -- according to a researcher at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland -- these concepts may be no longer valid: the phenomena they are supposed to describe can be demonstrated without them. This research, which is published in The Astrophysical Journal, exploits a new theoretical model based on the scale invariance of the empty space, potentially solving two of astronomy's greatest mysteries. ...