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See why co2 and oxide 90% is so good for you, lungs like a 19 year old when you are 60,

January 15, 2016

Oxidation, Combustion vs. Rust

Dr. Rowen explains the gross misunderstanding of the dual roles of oxidation in the body:
  • As an energy process – like how fuel burns in a car engine to make it go;
  • As a defensive process – like how your immune system uses free radicals to attack invaders;
  • As a destructive process – like how rust damages the car body when the paint fails.

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Oxidation is presumed to be the basis of the destructive process of aging. This is mostly false because it is the basis of energy production and defense mechanisms of the immune system, which protect and rebuild the body from destructive processes.

Dr. Rowen explains why well oxygenated bodies with healthy aerobic metabolism resist stress and aging better than those with compromised oxidative metabolism.

LiveO2 creates maximum lifetime oxygenation for energy production, immunity and health.

See the Brain Oxygenation Protocol


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Dara Torres, age 48, is expected to be a competitor at the next Olympic games. She appears in this video using Rowen's oxygenation system for training. So maybe there's something to it?



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Dara Torres, age 48, is expected to be a competitor at the next Olympic games. She appears in this video using Rowen's oxygenation system for training. So maybe there's something to it?

In June Joe is bring my Ox unit I just got, we will let you know how it works on cancer ..


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Have you ever wondered how magnets work? Or better yet: how they can help you be healthier? The amazingly gifted Dr. William (Bill) Pawluk is on this episode of Bulletproof Radio to answer these questions, and then some. Bill delves deep into the science behind electromagnetism and how it can help you eliminate or significantly reduce painful inflammation, stimulate tissue healing, and fully support the body’s inherent healing abilities. There’s also an immensely generous surprise, but you have to listen for that!

Dr. Pawluk is a board-certified family physician, with training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis and bodywork. He practices holistic medicine in Baltimore and appears regularly on the radio at In addition, he is a national expert in the medical use of electromagnetics with over 22 years of experience. In recognition of this experience he has appeared on the Dr. Oz show regarding magnetic therapy devices. As part of his work with this technology, he has authored numerous books, chapters, articles and interviews on magnetics, conducts research on the use of various kinds of electromagnetic systems on wound healing and other applications, and teaches practitioners on the appropriate use of magnetic therapies.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Stimulation
Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. Natural electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry. It’s what allows your heart to beat, your brain to process, and your body to accept and use the food you give it. When this electromagnetic energy is disrupted (by a bruise or scrape, a tough workout, bad diet, or simply from getting older), our cells are impaired. When your cells aren’t healthy, your body isn’t healthy, in whole or in part.

By introducing a complementary electromagnetic field into the body, you can reestablish healthy electromagnetic exchanges. This is where PEMFs are so valuable – they stimulate all levels of the body. They are applied externally, and then fully penetrate the body – affecting individual cells, which in turn make up tissues, then organs, then complete body systems. We affect the physics of the cell first during the healing process. The physics affect the chemistry, which affects the tissue. So depending on the problem, PEMFs can address an imbalance quickly (as with a bruise), or work to bring about a change over time (as with organ system dysfunction).

The SomaPulse, with its precise PEMF signal, directly affects the physics of the cell. It is particularly in tune with stem cells, which tend to travel to where they are needed in the body, furthering the healing process.

Click here to download the mp3 of Podcast #73 with Dr. Bill Pawluk

What You’ll Hear
  • 0:40 – Intro and Welcome Bill Pawluk
  • 2:00 – How Bill got into electromagnetism
  • 6:00 – “Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: A Review of 30 Years of Research”
  • 7:00 – Electromagnetic fields and physics
  • 9:00 – Biophysics and modern day medical training
  • 12:30 – How do magnets work?
  • 13:50 – Magnesium, nitric oxide, and pulse electromagnetic fields
  • 16:00 – INOS, ATP, and healing tissue
  • 19:00 – Body sway
  • 21:30 – VERY Substantial discount code for SomaPulse! (Listen to obtain coupon code!)
  • 23:00 – Dave’s hacks using SomaPulse
  • 25:00 – Electrically upgrading your muscles
  • 27:00 – Bill’s response to skepticism
  • 30:00 – Using electricity for muscle recovery and grounding
  • 35:00 – Schumann resonance (SR)
  • 38:20 – Is it possible to change our “wireless” frequency?
  • 40:00 – Dave’s crowdfunding project proposal
  • 42:00 – The ethics of pulse electromagnetic fields
  • 43:00 – Dave mentions HUGE discount code again for SomaPulse! (Listen to obtain coupon code!)
  • 44:00 – Is SomaPulse safe for children? How about animals?
  • 49:30 – Top 3 recommendations for kicking more ass and being more Bulletproof!

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Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: A Review of 30 Years of Research

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