Country Music in need of vetting

Someone really needs to vet country music. The people I know who listen to that absolute crap are some of the worst mind slaves to the system I know. I would attempt to vet it but it would require listening to more of it than I am already forced to do at times. But from what I hear in it is a mixing a old values with degenerate behavior which is why I think it is much more dangerous culturally than even The Grateful Dead. Country Music is creating The Delta class more than Rock and Roll in my opinion. Its horrible mind damaging crap.

On a personal note I have been sticking to classical musics that at least has some merit in composition. By classical I mean pre-Adurno pre-Frankfurt School Classical music or at least works that were not inspired by the Frankfurt school nonsense.
It's an inherently dishonest musical genre as it feigns wholesomeness while injecting ideas of infidelity, addiction, and other unsavory things. It praises ignorance over intelligence. I am not talking about early folk music or even early country music that was organic say pre-Grand Old Opry. That was the point where I think the genre was turned into the tool of cultural debasement in fact.

Jerry Russell

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Country music always seems transparent and simple, but I'm not sure I would even say it pretends to be wholesome. 'Relationship problems' & alcohol are right up front. I don't listen to it much either.

Mozart was Freemason, right? And, most other classical musicians worked for the nobility. So, co-option of arts by the elite, probably nothing new with Frankfurt school. I guess with the classics, the art was predominantly for consumption by the elite themselves, rather than for the mass media. So maybe it would be more honest for that reason? I wonder what the elite do for entertainment today. I bet they go to Star Wars movies, just like everybody else.

Is Phillip Glass considered Frankfurt school? I'm fascinated with his stuff. Probably hypnotic.

Rick did a post about Merle Haggard once, here:
Mozart did write Freemasonic Music. This was known in the open in fact. Magic Flute is a Freemasonic work. However, Mozart might have been that era\s Lureal Canyon Scene in that there is an idea that Mozart did not even write the music he was just the figure head. Robert Newman did quite a bit on work on that theory. Music composed for the elites I would say is most likely beneficial to the body and mind as opposed to music composed for the lower classes at a tool to manipulate the. I know that when I listen to classical musics, Western, Indian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, I feel the say way I do when I eat good food and when I like the genres like country, rap, etc I feel like I ate at some greasy spoon.

Glass's music has a strong technical side to it, somewhere between Indian and Western Classical. What I mean by Frankfurt Classical is those who completely through structure out the window for dissonance. Dissonance always has a place in story telling in classical musics but then a resolution.

Modern Country music has a whole song type of promoting how wholesome people who listen to country music are as opposed to those who don't. Yet then the same artists sing songs promoting the same sort of debased culture as rock and roll. This is a type of double bind in my opinion. Also there is a whole song type in country music promoting how good it is to be ignorant and disdain for intelligence. Not one of two songs of these types, But almost every country arrtist it seems is expected to come out with such a song or multiple songs of these natures.
please forgive the mispellings and grammar I am one eyed at the moment due wearing an eye patch because of an eye problem I am presently being treated for.

A new day

Mark Gord Brown, was "Lureal Canyon" intentional? It works. Lureal = surreal. Great topic. I would love to hear a Postflavian take on CW.

CW has sentimental topical lyrics combined with "hooking" melodies and rhythms. CW is the rural uniter. It's opposite, the urban uniter, is African-American generated music, currently R&B, Hip-hop. Suburban is rock, alternative, crossover blends, etc. There is of course multitudes of popular music styles, but it seems to me it's the more melodic, natural rhythms, that will persists and haunt each generation. I've noticed that only a limited number songs are allowed to stay on as classics, oldies, music-or-our-lives, "senior muzak", etc.

Notice that trends in music change about every ten years. This creates a generation-based culture as opposed to multiple heritage-based cultures.

CW's purpose is social control. Public Pied Piper.

I wonder if the Flavian Court created music to go along with the X-ian hymns?