Coronavirus epidemic news

How to build a hospital in 10 days.

What China’s empty new coronavirus hospitals say about its secretive system

China’s two new hospitals built in as many weeks were the official face of its fight against the coronavirus in Wuhan. As the city was locked down, authorities promised that thousands of doctors would be on hand to treat 2,600 patients on the facilities’ wards.

Timelapse videos tracked the almost incomprehensibly fast construction of the hospitals, and state media celebrated their opening in early February. The only thing missing a week later? Patients.

Four days after its opening, the larger Leishenshan hospital had only 90 patients, on wards designed for 1,600, but was reporting no spare beds, Wuhan city health data, first reported by the Chinese magazine Caixin, showed. The other facility, Huoshenshan, had not yet filled its 1,000 beds a week after opening.

The gulf between the vision of vast new hospitals created and thrown into action within days and the more complicated reality on the ground is a reminder of one of the main challenges for Beijing as it struggles to contain the coronavirus: its own secretive, authoritarian system of government and its vast censorship and propaganda apparatus.
Meanwhile, the city was setting up emergency hospitals in exhibition halls and a sports stadium, and medics were still turning some ill people away. China has the world’s largest army but it has not deployed any field hospitals to Wuhan.

Even when the government reversed course and announced a crisis, it appeared to be focused on managing its image as well as the disease, he said. It could have deployed medics and a field hospital to Wuhan almost overnight rather than building new hospitals.

It is unclear why they chose not to do so. But a country setting up field hospitals looks like one in crisis. A government expanding hospitals looks like one in control. “Ten days is a very long time when you are looking at a public health crisis like that,” Tsang said. “But a new hospital built from the ground up, that’s a world record.”
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I wonder if maybe the other thing missing is doctors. The virus seems to be able to defeat the best protective medical gear.

Maybe it's time for those with ears to hear, to get themselves to Pella and hide.

More than 1,700 health workers infected by coronavirus in China

The World Health Organization is seeking more information from China about the large numbers of health workers falling sick because of the coronavirus after it was revealed 1,760 of them have tested positive and six have died.

This is the first time China has included the specific numbers for healthcare professionals in the data it has provided on the spread of the epidemic. “This is a critical piece of information because health workers are the glue that holds the health system and the outbreak response together,” said the WHO’s director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Doctors and nurses in China are having to adopt makeshift measures to try to protect themselves in the face of dire shortages of protective gowns, gloves and masks, according to the New York Times. Eyewitnesses told of health professionals patching up damaged protective masks with tape and reusing goggles meant to be used once and thrown away. They are wrapping their shoes in plastic bags because they have no protective covers for them.

Some have used their own money to buy protective gear if they could find it for sale, or begged from friends. Others told of avoiding eating and drinking for long stretches because going to the toilet meant removing and discarding safety gowns that they would not be able to replace.

On Friday, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said that it would send 3.5 tonnes of medical protective equipment to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital— one of the hospitals at the forefront of treating patients with the virus.

The lockdown in China’s cities is intended to stop the virus travelling but has impeded the production and delivery of essential supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks and glove, while donations have not always got through to where they are most needed.
Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign

Thousands of Russian-linked social media accounts have launched a coordinated effort to spread misinformation and alarm about coronavirus, disrupting global efforts to fight the epidemic, US officials have said.

The disinformation campaign promotes unfounded conspiracy theories that the US is behind the new coronavirus outbreak, in an apparent bid to damage America’s image around the world.

State department officials tasked with combatting Russian disinformation told the AFP false personas were being used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to advance Russian talking points in multiple languages.

Russia’s intent is to sow discord and undermine US institutions and alliances from within, including through covert and coercive malign influence campaigns,” said Philip Reeker, the acting assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia.

“By spreading disinformation about coronavirus, Russian malign actors are once again choosing to threaten public safety by distracting from the global health response,” he said.

Some accounts have falsely claimed the US is waging “economic war on China” and that the virus is a biological weapon manufactured by the CIA.

Experts said the coronavirus disinformation campaign has parallels with previous conspiracy theories traced to Moscow, including a KGB disinformation campaign in the 1980s that convinced many around the world that US scientists created the HIV virus that causes Aids.

Several thousand online accounts – previously identified for airing Russian-backed messages on major events such as the war in Syria, the Yellow Vest protests in France and Chile’s mass demonstrations – are posting “near identical” messages about the coronavirus, according to a report prepared for the state department’s Global Engagement Center and seen by the AFP.

The accounts are run by humans, not bots, and post at similar times in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. They can be linked back to Russian proxies, or carry messages similar to Russian-backed outlets such as RT and Sputnik, the report said.

“In this case, we were able to see their full disinformation ecosystem in effect, including state TV, proxy websites and thousands of false social media personas all pushing the same themes,” said Lea Gabrielle, the head of the Global Engagement Center, which is tasked with tracking and exposing propaganda and disinformation.

The US believes the Russian disinformation campaign is making it harder to respond to the epidemic, particularly in Africa and Asia, as some of the public has become suspicious of the western response.

A state official said Russian operatives appeared to have been given “carte blanche” to attack the US.

“Whether or not a particular theme is being directed at the highest levels doesn’t matter,” the official said. “It’s the fact that they have freelance ability to operate in this space to do whatever damage they can, which could have seismic implications.”
A crowd of Ukrainians ambushed and attacked a fleet of buses transporting 72 evacuees from Wuhan, China, to a coronavirus quarantine hospital in Ukraine.
On Thursday morning, 45 Ukrainians and at least 27 nationals from South American countries landed at Kharkiv International Airport, in the central region of Poltava, after departing from Wuhan.
They took buses from the airport to a hospital in Novi Sanzhary. As they neared their destination they were set upon by dozens of protesters who had blocked a bridge and put burning tires in the road, according to Reuters.
At least three buses had their windows smashed. Hundreds of armed police officers intervened to push back the protesters, and the buses were eventually able to pass and reach the quarantine. As they clashed with the police, protesters chanted "shame on you" at the officers trying to prevent their attack.


The protests appear to have been fuelled in part by a fake email purportedly from the health ministry which claimed that there were coronvirus cases in Ukraine.
"Attention! The reports about five confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Ukraine are UNTRUE," the Center for Public Health said in a statement.
The email, which according to BuzzFeed News was sent to the Ministry of Health's entire contact list, originated from outside Ukraine, according to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU.)

The fake e-mail originated from outside Ukraine. Russia? It may very well be, considering that Ukraine is their enemy and sowing discord and lack of trust in the institutions of their enemies is a known Russia strategy.
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Joe Atwill (with Tim Kelly) have finally commented on the Covid-19 situation. They see it as a scheme to foist mandatory vaccination on the public.

Note that Joe & Tim are no longer posting their full podcasts to YouTube, but instead they post only a brief notification there, while the audio files are posted to Podomatic. Episode 139: Coronavirus!

They mention Jon Rappaport's blog "No More Fake News" as an important source of information. Rappaport is deeply skeptical of modern medical science, and I'm not sure that this is completely warranted. But, I think he might be right that the standard tests for coronavirus have very high rates for both false positives and false negatives, and that the test results certainly aren't a function of the concentration of active virus in the tissues of the subject. The situation is uncertain enough that I can agree with Rappaport (and with Joe & Tim) that at this point we really have very little if any solid data to go on.

I think Joe felt a bit "burned" and embarrassed, after the Ebola scare turned out to be a dud. We've now suffered through many of these pandemic scares, and so far there's been nothing at a very large scale since 1918.

The statistics at this point are saying that Covid-19 could be very serious, much worse than earlier viruses such as Ebola, SARS or swine flu. But back in their time, those challenges also seemed very serious.

Rappaport points out in this important post, that China suffers from very serious air pollution problems, and that the new epidemic conveniently allowed the authorities to shut down a series of protests about environmental degradation there.

Let’s move on to another description of Chinese protests—in Wuhan.
CNN, July 11, 2019, “China has made major progress on air pollution. Wuhan protests show there’s still a long way to go”:
“…Recent weeks [in Wuhan] have seen major protests there — in themselves a rarity in China — over plans for a new garbage incineration plant.” [...]
“Local officials were apparently surprised by the scale and size of the protests, which came after several similar waste plants were reportedly found to be giving off dangerous emissions. Photos and videos shared on social media showed large crowds marching in the streets near where the plant was to be built, and police arresting numerous protesters.” [...]
Yale Environment 360, April 17, 2018, “How a ‘Toxic Cocktail’ Is Posing a Troubling Health Risk in China’s Cities”:
“The foul air of dozens of fast-expanding cities across China contains cocktails of toxic contaminants unprecedented in the range of pollutants they contain at high concentrations. Now, new research into these swirling maelstroms of gases and tiny particulates suggests that they may be incubating chemical reactions that compound the health effects in ways not seen before – effects that doctors say are cutting five years off the expected lifespan of half a billion people in northern China…China has the world’s most dangerous outdoor air pollution.”
“Three other cities listed as regularly suffering dangerous levels of four or five of the pollutants are Jining, also in Shandong, Wuhan in Hubei province, and Jiayuguan and Jinchang in Gansu. None of the seven appear in the lists of the ten most polluted Chinese cities published by the WHO or Chinese environment ministry.”
“All the five major pollutants in smogs – SO2, NOx, ozone, PM10 and PM2.5 — are known to be linked individually to increased risk of strokes, heart disease, lung cancer and asthma, and to rising hospital admissions and death rates during smogs. What is disturbing is that there is growing evidence of synergistic effects between these different pollutants that make the whole worse than the sum of the parts.”
Lung disease—and no need to invoke a virus to explain it.
Getting the picture?
We have two major clues here. One, the distinct possibility of an economic warfare attack against Wuhan and, during the Chinese New Year, against all of China. And two, the use of a coronavirus cover story to obscure huge pollution dangers and put down protests against that pollution, through mass lockdowns and quarantines.
“It’s all about the virus and nothing else.” How many times have I seen that cover story deployed?
Too many times to count them. Wherever in the world you would see extraordinary chemical pollution, grinding poverty, war, starvation, lethal dehydration, absence of basic sanitation, overcrowding in cities, horrendously contaminated water supplies, corporate takeover of farm land from the people, the highly destructive use of vaccines and toxic medical drugs and pesticides—you see a conscious and sustained effort to CONTROL the weakened population—and you will find the virus cover story publicized to the sky as the explanation for suffering, illness, and death.
While I've been willing to give space here (and in my mind) for alternative points of view, I feel that the evidence is continuing to accumulate in favor of what I might call a standard medical assessment. That is, what we have here is an epidemic of a new disease (now called Covid-19) characterized by flu-like symptoms which progress to very serious pneumonia in about 20% of cases, and a death rate of around 2% even with excellent hospital care. The disease is caused by a highly infectious coronavirus whose genome has been completely sequenced by dozens of labs around the world.

A test has been developed using RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction). This involves exponential replication of the test sample RNA, so it's only semi-quantitative, and very sensitive to even small amounts of virus, or possibly similar RNA fragments. As a result it's not highly repeatable even for the same individual, and probably has a high rate of both false positives & false negatives (compared to some imaginary "gold standard" test that doesn't exist.) Nevertheless, the test correlates with clinical observations.

The reason I say "evidence is accumulating" is that the virus epidemic has now spread to several other places outside mainland China, including Singapore, Japan, Italy, and Iran. Each country tells a slightly different story, but there's a lot of common ground. With diverse sources of information, it becomes more difficult to believe that it's all either propaganda, or some sort of misunderstanding.

Starting at 16:47 in the video below, Chris Martenson discusses how Singapore seems to have succeeded in controlling the epidemic. This is how science is supposed to work to improve human welfare. Unfortunately, the US CDC isn't doing nearly as good a job, to the point where we really have no idea whether the disease is propagating undetected here.

Unfortunately, the US CDC isn't doing nearly as good a job, to the point where we really have no idea whether the disease is propagating undetected here.
Jerry, the Great Pumpkin fired the specifically responsible people for pandemics in 2018.

For the United States, the answers are especially worrying because the government has intentionally rendered itself incapable. In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure. In numerous phone calls and emails with key agencies across the U.S. government, the only consistent response I encountered was distressed confusion. If the United States still has a clear chain of command for pandemic response, the White House urgently needs to clarify what it is —not just for the public but for the government itself, which largely finds itself in the dark.
So I can't say I know what's going on. But for now I'm going with my Malthusian eschatological biases, and taking Martenson's advice. I bought some elderberry syrup, and checked my supplies of N95 antiviral face masks.
I made 3.6 litres of elderberry syrup this week! If it had Sambucol labels, that would be a year's supply at 10 ml per day, for a cost of $480. I'm not sure of its effectiveness, but it sure tastes nice.

I have a lot of faith in Chlorine Dioxide as a broad-spectrum anti-pathogenic treatment. I have used this successfully for various complaints, and so has my uncle. He took it to West Papua with him 3 years ago, and treated many locals suffering from AIDS, hepatitis, malaria and TB, with all reporting that they were well afterwards. The TB sufferer had been sent home from hospital to die as nothing more could be done for him. After a week on ClO2, he was transformed from death's door to good health. The last communication from that area confirmed that all had remained healthy.

Then my uncle used it on himself for a life-threatening foot infection that was unresponsive to months of IV antibiotics. He was told he would need his leg amputated at the knee. He checked himself out of hospital and used ClO2 for a week, by which time the bone-deep ulcer was healing up. He then married a much younger lady and has been enjoying his octogenarian life ever since.

[Chlorine Dioxide discussion moved to this thread:

--JR 3/21/20]
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The workers deployed by the Department of Health and Human Services to assist American passengers from a flight evacuated from Wuhan amid the coronavirus outbreak were “not properly trained or equipped to operate in a public health emergency situation,” according to a whistleblower complaint. The plane, which was chartered by the U.S. State Department, carried the first Americans evacuated from Wuhan and arrived in California on Jan. 29. The whistleblower is reportedly a top HHS official who manages employees at the Administration for Children and Families—the unit that sent 14 workers to receive the passengers. The whistleblower, who says she initially complained to HHS but was then transferred to another position, alleges in the complaint that the ACF personnel were not tested for the virus and may have been exposed to it. One of the whistleblower’s lawyers, Ari Wilkenfeld, said she was “involuntarily assigned to a position in a subject matter where she has no expertise” after she voiced her concerns to the HHS. She was also informed that she would be fired if she did not “accept involuntary reassignment,” according to the complaint. ...
That is appalling, in America which prides itself on being highly advanced. There are many people who do have the expertise to do such a job. Were they deliberately setting people up to be infected so they could pass the virus on to the general public?
Yes, this was deliberate and not the gross incompetence typically 'allowed' people operating under the Trump aegis. Trump himself had feigned anger over the fact that the 'sick' Americans on the cruise ship had been released to come home, but of course, there is supposedly no good way to know who is in the incubation stage or not. In all actuality, it was Agent Orange himself who pressured to have these people returned, while the CDC did not want this.

Now they want to house these people in an urban facility (Costa Mesa) not designed for the job, e.g. no proper ventilation system. And politically, this is happening in 'socialist' Southern California. At least it is warmer here late in the winter, but no one knows whether the virus cares about that.

And now Trump is forcing all government officials to funnel all announcements through the White House, under Pence. This was never done before. Cui bono?

I think we can stop blaming bats, it's starting to look like a culling, one which will provide cover to become ever more draconian, and helping frame the election in November differently. One telling thing would be to know if anybody was heavily shorting the markets or not. Trump was supposedly enraged about the markets taking a dump, but was this merely more of his over-the-top reverse psychology showmanship?
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Yes, this was deliberate ...
Were most of the quarantined people, Chinese Americans?
What think you of the suggestion that this was a manufactured virus, specifically engineered to target people of Chinese genetics? I don't know how that works, but presumably genetic engineers do. The same phenomenon apparently occurred during the SARS outbreak, where predominantly Chinese victims died, with the disease not gaining much traction in other countries, except among expat Chinese.
I recently saw a video purporting to be of a Chinese millionaire whistleblower speaking about the real situation in China, which typically is being concealed from the West. He said that in one city there were 47 crematoria, working 24/7 to deal with 1200 bodies per day, and not keeping pace with mortalities. He accused the CIA of releasing this virus, targeted to Asians. Genetic warfare. A new low for technology.
What think you of the suggestion that this was a manufactured virus, specifically engineered to target people of Chinese genetics?

There are outbreaks in Iran and Italy, which would seem to discredit this theory. That is, assuming the validity of the RT-PCR test and the reports of serious illnesses and fatalities coming from those countries. There were also a lot of white people on the Princess cruise ship.

I recently saw a video purporting to be of a Chinese millionaire whistleblower speaking about the real situation in China, which typically is being concealed from the West.

But, nearly everything we think we know about this disease comes from China. It seems inconsistent to believe the scientific reports describing the virus, its genetics, clinical symptoms, propagation & so forth, while at the same time saying that they are blatantly lying about the number of cases & number of deaths.

The WHO delegation to China confirmed that the epidemic has been brought under control in China, and that the number of cases is rapidly decreasing. See their report here:

Having said all that: it's certainly possible that the Chinese government and WHO are concealing the extent of problems in China.

Or, conversely, I still feel it's conceivable that the RT-PCR test for the virus has a high false positive rate, or that it's detecting something that isn't really related to any disease pathogen. I found this paper by David Crowe, giving his reasons why this might be the case.

If Crowe is right, I don't understand why it's been possible to sequence the virus at labs all over the world, and come up with the same RNA sequence of 30,000 base pairs? Doesn't that prove that an infectious agent must be spreading this RNA code? And why would there be any correlation at all between the RT-PCR test and the spread of the infection from one person to another, if the test doesn't work? But still, Crowe raises some questions that are worth considering. At the very least, it's possible that some of the weirder attributes of this virus are being imagined because the scientists don't consider that the RT-PCR test could have high error rates.

As I've said above, I'm inclined to believe that this really is a highly infectious, dangerous virus. And that it's almost certainly spreading quietly in the USA, thanks largely to the incompetence of the CDC. And as Richard showed above, the CDC has been eviscerated by the Trump administration.
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I doubt that it was targeted as Chinese, or Asians more generally. What I think is more likely is that it was let loose in China so as to help provide cover. China has long been understood as a 'natural' genetic breeding ground for evolving viruses, originating in birds, pigs, and such. So release it there, where China is now a massive global business hub. If you want to create a leveraged Black Swan crisis, i.e. greater than the health damage from the virus, but also to global business and such, this is the perfect place to start.

This virus is a quantum leap in its dangerous aspects, particularly the long incubation time with infectivity. But, it is even worse than this, from what we are being told.

The White House and Trump responses 'read' perfectly for them having at least an understanding of what happened, if not being complicit. They are complicit in at least making sure that it spreads into the US population. They are claiming that the 'scare' is a political hoax to take down Trump, after claiming that their "great efforts" have been hidden by the impeachment process .. designed to take down Trump. They have claimed that didn't want to pressure China to be more forthcoming because they didn't want to endanger the new crap trade deal.

Watch the following (skip to ~1:15):

The following brief clip has Agent Orange and Pence speaking out of both sides of their mouths. Saying that we all need to come together, so stop criticizing our incompetence and malfeasance:

Pompeo refuses to say whether the virus is a hoax or not:

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The SCRIPTED Masonic (33) Corona Show

A google search for <coronavirus "33"> turns up 704 million results. But, search for <coronavirus "34"> gets 661 million, such as "In Boston, 34 people being monitored for coronavirus", "With 34 confirmed cases...", "Iran says 34 dead" and so forth. <coronavirus "35">, 759 million results, "Coronavirus brings to light the $35 billion vaccine market", "Coronavirus cases in China jump 35%", etc.

In other words: for any random two digit integer, it's easy to put together a slide show such as this. Probably even "23", although most of the top Google results will be reports from Feb. 23.

However, I agree that the persistent use of "33 million dead" by the Gates foundation is bizarre and creepy. Why not just "thirty million"? The use of "33" in this context is an arbitrary insertion of an extra significant digit of precision into a in a round number estimate. It stands out like a red flag, or sore thumb.
Interesting views inside China recently:

It briefly mentions Internet hoax videos (see ~3:30) where people are wearing warm weather clothing is interesting. If all that is happening in China is a psy-op hoax they are going to some considerable lengths. But, the Great Pumpkin made a comment that the phenomenon would quickly disappear, "like a miracle". If, by whatever means, the Great Pumpkin is successful in conquering the Coronavirus it will be seen as a great feather in his cap, like beating impeachment conviction. And he can work any consequential damage to the economy and social order to his advantage.
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In the USA, depending upon your insurance situation, you can expect a mondo invoice(s) in your mailbox when you get home from quarantine. Think you want to get tested ... for the good of the community?

Now, Pence is announcing that a vaccine (probably Israeli) will be ready to go to clinical trials in 6 weeks. This is a miracle (in terms of R&D cycles), the same miracle as Trump mentioned recently (see the prior post)? Furthermore, Trumpian Faux news outlets are leading the Trump base to conclude that they do not need to take any more precautions than with the garden variety flu. Is this how the faux populist protects his peeps? Or with the miracle vaccine?

Even if this happens to be true, American and other companies claim to be reassessing their supply chain issues with China and making plans to move production back onshore. Was this the end game all along?


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