Conventional Medicine is the Leading Cause of Death


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there are natural Paths doctors that can help you with diet and herbs etc. with out side effects. ?LH


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jerry Richard is this true? thanks LH

cut from the above;

Prescription Death

You may have thought cancer or heart disease takes the lives of more Americans than any other illness or event. But conventional medicine is actually the leading cause of death today!

Iatrogenesis is known as the “inadvertent and preventable induction of disease or complications by the medical treatment or procedures of a physician or surgeon.”

Health Care in America Today
The Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) was created by Congress to analyze scientific and technical issues in America. From 1972 to 1995, the OTA conducted studies on health care, pollution and other such topics.

After producing an unfavorable report of US health care, the agency was disbanded by Congress.

The OTA’s 1995 report on health care found that:

  • Life expectancy in the US was among the lowest in developed countries
  • Infant mortality rates in the US are poor
  • Technology in US medicine is expensive and unrestrained
  • 67% of physicians in the US in 1990 were specialists
  • The drug industry exacerbates health care costs while new drugs rarely provide more benefit than old
  • The FDA doesn’t consider the effectiveness of new treatments or compare new products to old
  • The FDA does not consider non-drug alternatives
  • The pre- and post-approval processes for drugs is lacking
The report concluded with these statements:

“Only 10-20% of all procedures used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trial,” and “There are no mechanisms in place to limit dissemination of technologies regardless of their clinical value.”

The Nutrition Institute of America funded an independent review of “government-approved” medicine that was published in 2006. Professors Gary Null and Dorothy Smith, along with doctors Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman and Debora Rasio titled the report “Death by Medicine.”

The researchers found that America’s leading cause of death isn’t heart disease or cancer: its conventional medicine. They found that the iatrogenic death rate in the US (death caused by doctors and/or medical treatments) is 783,936 a year. That’s 84,059 more deaths than those caused by heart disease in 2001 and 230,865 more deaths than those caused by cancer.

Over a decade, the scientists predict that iatrogenic deaths will total about 7.8 million, “more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the US throughout its entire history,” a death rate equivalent to that caused by six jumbo jets falling out of the sky every day.

They also believe the numbers are actually much higher because most iatrogenic deaths aren’t reported as such: only 5 to 20% of iatrogenic deaths are reported for fear of lawsuits and because codes for reporting deaths due to drug side effects and other medical errors don’t even exist in many cases. The number of deaths due to conventional medicine may be 20 times higher than the numbers depicted here.

The study authors, using the most conservative statistics they could find, broke down iatrogenic deaths over ten years as following:

Adverse Drug Reactions 1.06 million
Medical Error
0.98 million
1.15 million
Hospital Infections
0.88 million
Malnutrition in Health Care
1.09 million
1.99 million
Unnecessary Procedures

Jerry Russell

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jerry Richard is this true? thanks LH
It seems to me that these numbers would have to be based on some ideal abstraction of medical practice. And I doubt if that perfect practice would be herbal, holistic or alternative. They seem to be imagining some universe in which omniscient doctors with infinite resources always applied the ideal medical technology, according to the judgment of the study authors. Of course doctors in real life are stressed out, overworked, and struggling to get resources from the insurance companies, and they make mistakes in attempting to save lives and treat illnesses.

Another factor is that ambulance-chasing lawyers want to inflate these numbers, to get ammunition for malpractice lawsuits.

But having said all that, I wouldn't doubt that these reports are describing a real and serious problem. It's smart to avoid unnecessary medical care, stay healthy if possible, and choose doctors & treatments wisely.