Companions to the Jewish War?

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    I'm currently working on a chronology of the Jewish War. Regarding the Battle of Beth Horon (66), how does this:
    become this:
    ? Who figured out the identities of those detachments and how?
    Anyone aware of any good companion books - ideally with information on inscriptions and archaeology?
    I'm currently only aware of these:
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  2. gilius

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    Also, this looks like a mistake:
    Eleazar ben Simon is not mentioned in reference to this?
    But Simon Bar-Giora is mentioned:
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    All very good questions.
  4. gilius

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    BTW, it seems like there IS a biography for emperor Titus (The Emperor Titus by Jones, 1984), but it's extremely expensive:
    I will try to get from my local library and photocopy it.

    Here's a good online biography:
    Apparently, the Jones book has a more comprehensive bibliography than that!

    Wikipedia lists the primary sources for Titus:
    Primary sources[edit]
    This has something to do with Titus and Christianity:

    Besides that there are coins and - the hardest thing to research in Roman history - inscriptions.
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    Was Eleazar The one on the Cross, and who were the other two on the Cross?
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