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Jerry Russell

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First, please enjoy this two-minute video. Well, that is if you're willing to sit through an ad first... Sorry, thanks to CC lawyering, this hasn't been put on you-tube.

I'm putting this in the 'news' section because the news is: in my recent activities as a Wiki editor, I've been subject to a 'hazing' from a group of editors most frequently seen at the "Shakespeare Authorship Question" article. I'm considering my alternatives.

My situation is related to a discussion thread created in 2012 with respect to Shakespeare Authorship, in which user Wightknightuk argues for a tweak to the wording of the introductory paragraph of the article:

Because of his attempt to edit the article, Wightknight was threatened by Bishonen, the very same administrator who has recently sent me a warning. In reply, he posted an extensive defense of his position on his own talk page. Within a few days, Wightknight found himself blocked forever from editing Wiki, and it seems no one came to his defense.

So I'm thinking maybe my best option is to approach the Arbitration Committee directly, and ask if they meant for the tools provided to Bishonen & friends to be wielded in this way.

The membership of the committee may have changed in the time since 2012, and they may have no idea that this is going on. Then again, maybe this is part of the social control design at Wiki.
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