Collapse of the American Empire?

Richard Stanley

The following is a 28 minute Canadian interview with Chris Hedges about his recent book, America, the Farewell Tour.

I agree with most everything Hedges discusses, however, I think that we may only be seeing the beginning of the imperium, and rather the collapse of the Republic. For some this may be a semantic difference, or a distinction without a difference, but I see the encroaching fascism (being discussed by more and more people) as emblematic of a transition to a real imperium, just as I have been comparing today with the Roman transition. The latter was the dawning of a new political arrangement, but otherwise Rome was still Rome.

The surface narrative of Donald Trump should lead us to think that from such a criminal family basis and subsequent risk of exposure that he would have had no presidential ambitions, yet his ambition for such has been traced back for at least 30 years. As such, he has studiously played from the populist demagogue playbooks of Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf next to his bed per ex Ivana), and Pat Buchanan.

Hedges mentions the Clinton campaign emails discussing that they wanted Trump as their candidate, because the saw him as more defeatable, but what if this was more Machiavellian in nature? Bill Clinton helped lead to the present rise of the corporate state and economy, and Hillary helped lead to the political polarization, along with such as Newt Gingrich.