Christian Shades of Gray and The Coming Civil War

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The following is a very good article, which provides advice to people on how to diffuse Civil War 2.0 ... given enough time. Of which it seems to me there is not enough time, as the article admits this process is a lot of work ... and events are moving fast in the wrong direction.

The premise is, as I covered once or twice more generally, one needs to build bridges across the polemical divide before they can engage in deconstructing the underlying pillars of bad narratives. Else 'fragile' defensiveness is engaged which precludes rational reflection, as does closely related Fear.

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Well, the Minneapolis City Council voted 12 to 0 to disband their police, I assume to follow the Camden, NJ model?
Yes. CBS News explains:

Five council members who declared their intent to "end" the Minneapolis Police Department earlier this month have authored an ordinance to amend the city charter. They include Jeremiah Ellison, Alondra Cano, Cam Gordon, Steve Fletcher and Council President Lisa Bender. The ordinance will be introduced Friday.
The charter states there has to be a police department. The proposed amendment replaces that with "a department of community safety and violence prevention" that will take "a holistic, public-health-oriented approach." It also provides for a law enforcement division with licensed officers.

Whether this turns out to be an improvement remains to be seen. A paternalistic yet expensive and ineffective "department of violence prevention" could easily be a provocation for more polarization. But what I'm seeing in most reports from across the country, is that the police (supported by local politicians) are digging in and refusing to admit any wrongdoing.

Walter Williams at thinks that BLS figures for unemployment have increasingly diverged from reality since the Great Recession of 2009. He says that there are increasing numbers of long-term discouraged workers who are eliminated from the unemployment count. According to his figures, the true unemployment rate in the USA is over 35%.

This, I believe, is relevant to a discussion of Civil War 2 prospects, because this vast 'army of unemployed' represent people who could see themselves as having nothing to lose. And they have time on their hands, and a sense of urgency. They don't call this an 'army' for nothing.

Red State America, 'now' aligned with libertarianism, has convinced itself that there is only One Way...
The above post also links a video featuring a narrator adorned in a red motorcycle helmet, dark visor and business suit, who calls himself "John Mark". Of course this must a biblical reference to the alpha and omega of Gospel authors. "John Mark" has just under 100,000 subscribers on Facebook, but his most popular video has almost 2 million views:

For those (like me) who don't like to watch slow-paced videos, the above is largely based on a reading of this anonymous Reddit post:

The United States Government has extensively studied the concept of second American Civil War... Their conclusion is as follows: They don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. The moment civil war is declared, the government loses. No scenario or outcome ends in their success. Period. It’s just a matter of how long it takes.

The assumption here, is that this Civil War unfolds in a situation where the "left" are in control of the central government, and the "right" is an external militia or "rebellion". The "John Mark" video clearly explains this scenario: he says that as more and more immigrants arrive, and as non-white populations grow, eventually the Republican Party will be unable to win any elections, and the Democrats will take control. Thus, the need for revolution.

As the Reddit post further explains:

Considering how easy it would be to sabotage US infrastructure, one of the first things the rebellion would do is collapse bridges, destroy, or seize power plants, and cover the Interstate in IEDs. This is relatively simple to accomplish, and it would inflict enormous damage on the establishment’s ability to restore order. [....]
The moment a civil war breaks out, over half of the American military will defect to the rebel side. They will bring military gear with them and, more dangerous, military training. lt only takes one Navy Seal or Army Ranger to potentially train hundreds of civilians into a dangerous resistance force. They’ve done it before, in other nations. You can be damn sure they can do it on their own home turf. [....]
In spite of all of the illegal attempts from the political left to disarm the American people, there are approximately 89 guns for every 100 Americans.... any rebellion of the people in America is, by definition, an armed one.

It is not even clear that "John Mark" wants to wait for Trump to lose the next election, before swinging into action. Another recent video at the "John Mark" channel, is an announcement of a rebel meeting in Richmond, Virginia on the upcoming Fourth of July. The purpose of this meeting is said to be to gather signatures on a document known as "The Second Declaration".

In his videos, "John Mark" often name-drops his affiliation with Curt Doolittle and The Propertarian Institute. Doolittle describes himself as a successful serial entrepreneur who now lives in the Ukraine, where he dedicates himself to the Propertarian cause. Judging by the complex and almost unintelligible syntax, Doolittle seems to be the author of this "Second Declaration" which is also promoted on the Propertarian website. "John Mark" often reassures his audience that the Propertarian solution is "well thought out". The "Second Declaration" is modeled on the first Declaration of American Independence, in that it begins with a preamble, continues with a long list of grievances and an indictment against the existing government, and concludes with a declaration of solidarity, and unspoken but unmistakeable declaration of war.

The Second Declaration, for its part, includes a demand for separation between left and right. "John Mark" opens his videos with the reassurance that he doesn't want any Civil War, but rather that he hopes for a peaceful solution. However, presenting this "demand" seems like a rather pointless ritual, because I just don't see this as likely to pass the Senate & House of Representatives as currently constituted. The demands are:

...this government be unmade, the government and all its institutions, laws, treaties and debts, dissolved, These Amendments to the Constitution adopted, and that our rights and obligations under Natural Law of Sovereignty and Reciprocity, Truth and Duty, of the European Peoples be restored.
That we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Federal Government, its Officers, agents, employees, and contractors, and that all political connection between them and the People, is and ought to be totally dissolved; ( …. )
Chillingly, the Second Declaration explains the consequences if the Federal Government doesn't disband of its own free will:

...never has an empire been more fragile, nor could one fall more quickly. The people cannot retreat to the fields. They have no stores of food. A full quarter have no monetary reserves, and half only a few month’s worth. The food, gasoline, transport, power, water, gas, communications, emergency services, police, military, and financial sector have but days of reserves and weeks of tolerance. A few men in each city can overwhelm services. A few days of fear and the streets will be full of predators. ...
So we pray you: take heed. Do not dismiss our entreaty. Our demands are right, just, possible, and in the interests of our peoples. And if requiring fails, we shall compel. And if we compel, the Horrors of the past shall wane feeble – and man, earth, heavens, and history will shake for it. For when all our ancestors before us, and all our descendants that have yet to be, demand our lives in their honor, we will not shirk our duty to them. And we will have no mercy in our execution in their and our defense.
John Mark, Doolittle and the Propertarians are thus claiming for themselves, the same moral authority as the Second Continental Congress of the Revolutionary War... even though, as far as I can tell, they're just a couple of guys with some money, a website, and a you-tube channel.

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A Twitter account owned by the zone's "Solidarity Committee" announced: "The CHOP project is now concluded."
This report turned out to be premature. Some protesters never left, and the zone has increasingly become a gathering place for homeless. Last night, a series of tweets described a vehicle circling around the zone, carrying two gunmen randomly firing shots into the crowd. The vehicle was gunned down by protesters, and a sixteen-year-old boy inside the vehicle was killed. Seattle police chief Carmen Best told Fox News that the deceased teenager was African-American.

In another iconic scene, protesters in St. Louis broke into a gated community where they were confronted by the owners of one of the mansions. The couple threatened the BLM protesters, waving an assault rifle and a small handgun. It mostly looked like they were pointing the guns at each other, more than at the crowd. But at least one Twitter account saw them in a heroic light.

In Beverly Hills, protesters approached another upscale area chanting "Eat the Rich" and were eventually confronted by the police and removed. The timeline is unclear.

If this isn't enough to "excite the reactionary Right", we also have attacks on statues of George Washington. The first POTUS, it should be remembered, was deified in 1865 in a painting "The Apotheosis of Washington" by former Vatican artist Constantino Brumidi, on display in the dome of the US capital building.

In Portland, a Washington statue was pulled down on June 18th, wrapped in a burning American flag.

An article at Pat Robertson's CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) notes that Washington owned 123 slaves, but that he liberated them all and made provisions for them in his will.

But that was old news. Later last week, CBN tells us, they started coming after Jesus Christ himself. In a paired assault, one BLM leader (Hawk Newsome, head of BLM of Greater New York) said (on Fox News) that Jesus "is the most famous black radical revolutionary" while threatening that "if this country doesn't give us what we want then we will burn down the system and replace it." And, Shaun King of the "Real Justice PAC" tweeted that statues, murals and stained glass windows depicting "the white European they claim is Jesus... and his European mother, and their white friends" all need to be brought down. He said they're a "gross form of White Supremacy".

At this web site, we say that it's meaningless to assign a race to Jesus Christ, to the extent that he's a fictional character. But he is depicted as a Jewish person (that is, of Canaanite / Phoenician / Semitic heritage). And he strangely seems to have a lot of White Roman friends. And, they were very good at playing "Divide and Conquer" games.

Perhaps in the same vein, and showing that nothing has ever really changed: The BLM agitators seem to have a lot of white friends. Here are some articles documenting links between BLM and the Soros organization:

#BlackLivesMatter leader DeRay Mckesson may claim to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice, but he has close connections with the privileged and elite.
Mckesson lives in a home owned by philanthropists James and Robin Wood in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Woods have owned the home since 1996 and are wealthy donors to the Baltimore chapter of George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

When George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) was accused last year of funding Black Lives Matter (BLM), Ken Zimmerman, the director of U.S. programs at OSF, flatly denied it and claimed it was a fantastic rumor. “I can’t really speculate on what leads to rumors, but it is wrong,” he said, “I don’t even know where one begins to reconstruct something like that.” Early this week, hackers published documents which show that two months before Zimmerman’s denial, the OSF board approved $650,000 to BLM.

The New American (Birch Society) says the leaks came from DCLeaks, the shadowy organization which is allegedly operated by Russian or Ukrainian hackers. The archive of Soros leaks has been mirrored at

More recently, BLM and affiliated groups have been getting support from numerous American foundations and corporations.


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George Washington. The first POTUS, it should be remembered, was deified in 1865 in a painting "The Apotheosis of Washington" by former Vatican artist Constantino Brumidi, on display in the dome of the US capital building.
I remember reading about that in Tupper Saussy's "Rulers of Evil". Apparently he was "initiated" for this honor by being baptized a Roman Catholic on his deathbed by a Jesuit priest, if that story has any credence:

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The following excerpt is from an recent excellent article about the religious roots of today's latent or yet active attitudes of White Supremacy. This is also consistent with millions of Christian (inherently not Catholics) men, including northerners, in the separate incarnations of the KKK.

The article discusses seemingly competing Pauline verses, yet the mention of the uniting message of Ephesians 2 must be contextualized by Paul elsewhere stating that slaves (of any ethnicity or race in Roman times) must obey their masters. This, then, is the unity meant under Christ Caesar (deceptively represented by the avatar Jesus - the masonic tekton).

This mostly unstated contextual understanding is what makes evangelical and other white Christians' (including many Cultural Christians) social attitudes so stubborn, as the article states the subtle appeal is yet to individual and familial self-interest, that only on the surface appears to be at odds with the contemporary universally Loving Christ. Yes, Christ Caesar 'loves' you -- if you know and respect your God Damn place in His Pecking Order.

Yes, Virginia, the empire is still there, it just morphs in appearance and name for expedience sake, ... so that you and kin don't have to much (beyond technology or other fashions of the day that is). And just as the former freed serfs of Europe fought for the Confederate cause, the descendants of the freed slaves are willing to buy blood diamonds from Africa or cheap goods made far away by virtual slave labor. They have learned to Pay It Forward, so at least give them some credit.

A theology of inaction
Some white Christian leaders have even provided moral and theological reasoning for their reluctance to challenge the existing system. Evangelicals in particular generally prioritize an individual's own salvation experience over social concerns. The primary mission of the church in this view is to win souls for Christ. Working for racial justice, in contrast, may be seen as a "political" issue.
"In that configuration, immorality only lives in the individual person," said Dupont, the religion historian who grew up in Texas. "There's no conception of systemic injustice and systemic sin."
Civil rights activists who cited the Bible in support of their cause were often dismissed as "a bunch of theological liberals," Dupont said. "And then it becomes an argument about who really believes the Bible. If Christianity is really about individual salvation, and the mission of the church is to win the lost, then [it is said that] these people who are telling us we need to get involved in the civil rights movement are just trying to lead us astray."
The rejection of a "social gospel" remains popular among those conservative evangelicals today who see advocating for Black Lives Matter or immigrant rights as political activities. It is an argument with roots extending back to the theology of Thornwell and like-minded religion scholars of the 19th century.
"What, then, is the Church?" Thornwell asked in his 1851 Report on Slavery. "It is not, as we fear too many regard it, a moral institute of universal good whose business it is to wage war upon every form of human ill, whether social, civil, political or moral."
Such pronouncements have made Thornwell popular among "orthodox" Christian theologians ["backsliders" - rs] who rebel against liberal interpretations of the church's mission in the modern world. Once his pronouncements on slavery and race are disregarded, Thornwell's theological views still resonate. ...

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"John Mark" opens his videos with the reassurance that he doesn't want any Civil War, but rather that he hopes for a peaceful solution.
Today's launch of Curt Doolittle's Declaration of Reformation in Richmond, Virginia ended on a peaceful note. Doolittle turned the megaphone over to JaPharrii Jones, who said he was the leader of the local BLM group. Doolittle is telling Jones: "We gotta stop this shit about race, man. It's the enemy's technique, to use black people as the tool to f*** us all over." Jones went on to speak to the (small) assembled group of white guys. He told them: "I love you. I love you all for what you're doing" and led them in a rousing cheer.

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Paul elsewhere stating that slaves (of any ethnicity or race in Roman times) must obey their masters.
Just as Tupper Saussy in "Rulers of Evil" urged us to obey the authorities of the New World Order,
that Paul (Josephus) also referred to in his epistles.

just as the former freed serfs of Europe fought for the Confederate cause
Tupper Saussy's French Huguenot ancestors eventually settled in Georgia, where his great-grandfather was one of five Saussy brothers serving the Confederacy during the Civil War. Their parents had a large plantation with many slaves. See the article from the Confederate Veteran Magazine, December 1911, below. In the photograph, Tupper's great-grandfather J.R. (Joachim Radcliffe Jr. ) is seated on the far right. One brother is missing because he perished in a prison camp during the war.


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A further explanation of the events at Curt Doolittle's "Declaration of Reformation" launch event, is that the Propertarian Institute wasn't even the formal organizer. This role fell to the Virginia Knights and Mike Dunn, who describe themselves as "socially diverse and nonviolent". These Knights are furthermore aligned with the local BLM group. Thus, it was Doolittle who was essentially the outsider, invited to speak at a "socially diverse" event. His passing the bullhorn back to Jones was effectively yielding the platform back to his host.

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"John Mark" also deleted all his YouTube videos, leaving a bunch of holes in the above posts here. I can't find any backups or mirrors of any of it. It looks like if I want persistent content, I'm going to need to build a backup mechanism for all these YouTube videos.

With "John Mark" gone, Curt Doolittle says that the Propertarian Institute will be "shifting to people who can talk about policy rather than identity and grievances", whatever that means. Meanwhile, as the comment at Reddit says, there are plenty of alt-right boys out there who "want only blood" and seem to be leaderless at the moment.

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Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" at, has posted a very alarming theory about recent "civil war" events and planning. Namely, that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is behind the BLM riots, and is planning to take advantage of further chaotic events to advance their plans for a ground invasion.

And in my opinion, there are some massive gaps and yawning chasms in the analysis, to the point where I'm not sure what's really going on. But, these "breadcrumbs" are interesting enough that I'd like to bring them here for tracking and review.

The first item is that California's Governor Newsom entered into a $1 Billion contract with a Chinese electric car manufacturer, BYD, to provide N95 masks and surgical masks. The state reportedly wired the first installment payment of $495 million to China on April 10th. This deal raised eyebrows in the California legislature. The issues were discussed in an April 22 article at the Los Angeles Times, quoting a BYD critic who said that the company has "a history of overpromising and underdelivering". And by June 2, the deal was in big trouble as BYD missed a safety certification deadline. But around June 9th, the certification was finally granted. Meanwhile, BYD delivered 110 million surgical masks, and the state received a $250 million refund. It's not clear whether BYD has delivered any of the N95 masks to California yet.

Natural News argues that this is a pure scam, 100% money laundering:

“That’s because this isn’t a billion dollars for ‘masks,'” writes Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in an exposé on Newsom’s treasonous criminality. “It’s part of a massive money laundering operation to funnel money to China, so that China can funnel money and weapons back to Newsom in preparation for the civil war that they’re launching.”

Which doesn't seem to be entirely accurate. But, as NN points out:
Even if it was true that all this money went towards masks, which we know it certainly did not, Newsom at the very least could have instead invested it locally to have the masks produced in the state of California by actual Californians. This would have helped the state economy by keeping people employed.
Since BYD was not "tooled up" to produce these masks before the pandemic broke out, the delays seem like par for the course. And keeping the inevitable delays in mind, Newsom might as well have spent the money at home, rather than exporting it to China. And, he might as well have taken the time for a legitimate competitive bidding process, favoring local suppliers.

With this backroom deal, there was plenty of opportunity for funds to be siphoned off for unknown purposes, even if the basic goal was legitimate.

Adams' second item is that US Customs & Border Protection officers caught a shipment of 10,800 "Assault Weapon parts" being smuggled in from China, "destined for a residence in Melbourne, Florida". Adams claims that some unnamed source told him that these "parts" were "drop-in full-auto mods for AR-15 rifles."

Based on this disclosure, Adams jumps to the conclusion that the full-auto mods are for the benefit of Black Lives Matter "terrorists". Which seems like a pretty big leap to me. But if if isn't BLM, then who is smuggling in these weapons parts?

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BYD is a large manufacturer of batteries and electric vehicles in China and the USA, so it is odd that they would be also producing masks as well. Their electric bus MFR facility is about 2 miles from where I live. There are many aerospace MFR workers in the area to draw upon.

Perhaps completely unrelated is that the high-profile mayor of Lancaster, Rex Parris, openly defied the state, and therefore Newsom, by being the actual person to ignite the otherwise state-banned 4th of July public fireworks display.

Rumor had it that there would be an unprecedented KKK rally on the 4th, but it didn't pan out. Similarly, the only group that showed up at Stone Mountain in Georgia was a black group with automatic weapons, trolling their white opposites to come out and play.

Back in 2015(?) I speculated that Trump's real role was to take the steam out of radical white groups, and maybe his massive doofus persona is indeed slowly having this effect?
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Federal officers have shot and severely injured a protester in Portland last week. He was shot with a so-called "less lethal" weapon, but OPB reports:

Donavan LaBella, 26, was shot in the head by what friends and witnesses said was an impact munition. ...
Desiree LaBella, Donavan’s mother, said he suffered facial and skull fractures. He came out of surgery early Sunday morning and was responding to doctors. He was moving his arms and legs, Desiree LaBella said.
“He was awake enough to give the OK to talk to me,” she said. “He’s had some facial reconstruction surgery. They’re just watching him right now.”
Desiree LaBella said she planned to contact an attorney Monday for a possible lawsuit on behalf of her son. She spoke to her son via computer late Sunday morning and said that while he was awake, doctors were monitoring his neurological condition and continuing work to drain blood from his brain.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, OPB also reports that since Wednesday, these same Federal officers (thought to be from the Border Patrol) have been driving around in camouflage and abducting people into unmarked white vans. Thankfully, OPB says that our Oregon politicians are at least putting on a show of resistance:

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office... reiterated a statement from earlier in the week, saying federal officers should be restricted to guarding federal property.
“We do not need or want their help,” Wheeler said. “The best thing they can do is stay inside their building, or leave Portland altogether.”
Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkely said if Wolf is coming to inflame the situation in Portland so the President can “look tough,” the acting DHS leader should leave.
“Federal forces shot an unarmed protester in the face,” Merkely said in a tweet. “These shadowy forces have been escalating, not preventing, violence.”
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown similarly called for federal law enforcement officers to leave Portland. She added, Wolf is on a “mission to provoke confrontation for political purposes.”
“This political theater from President Trump has nothing to do with public safety,” Brown said in a statement. “The President is failing to lead this nation. Now he is deploying federal officers to patrol the streets of Portland in a blatant abuse of power by the federal government.”

I first learned about this latter development from Caitlin Johnstone, who said "Imagine being such a brainwashed, bootlicking cuck that you think “Antifa” poses a greater threat than masked feds invading a city and abducting people." Unfortunately, considering Antifa's Stalinist heritage and possible current support from Soros and other foundations, I'm worried about both.

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'Beau' discusses the Portland roundups, mentioning that there are government (military) manuals discouraging the use of such tactics. Why? Because doing so will bring out 10 times the number of protesters. As such, I have to ask myself if this is exactly what Trump et al. wants to have happen. So, when I asked myself, the answer was: yes.


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In the second video above, 'Beau' states that his contacts say the size of protests in Portland doubled after the Feds attempted this ham-handed crackdown. The woman who confronted the police has been dubbed "Naked Athena". Longtime readers of the site will notice the possible reference to Martin Bernal's 'Black Athena' book series, which describes the contributions of black people to European culture via Egypt, and attempts by Romantic academia to deny those contributions. Although, the heroine of the Portland protests has been deemed a "non-black person of color" in the news feed from Twitter. Follow this link at RT for the video of Naked Athena. She looks like she could pass for white, as far as I can see.

The conflict has continued to escalate on both the legal front and the battlefield. BBC reports that The Oregon Attorney General has filed suit against the Feds. And, protesters built a fire in the entryway to the US federal courthouse in Portland last night. The protesters were subsequently dispersed with teargas, and the feds were able to extinguish the fire.