China vs. Taiwan

Richard Stanley

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I placed this video in the generic Video category because it crosses into several other categories.

The main thin that struck me was the discussion of how the capitalist Taiwanese provide great health and social systems for their people, in contrast to what the 'communist' Chinese do. Of course, China is a communist system now in its governance, but it has a decades old capitalist system that has led to the consequent income extremes when left unchecked. This tendency to remove capitalist constraints seems to occur frequently when enough individuals decide they want to replay the mistakes of the Wild Wild West.

Again, the world is not binary in such as economics, there are many options and variations that can be explored. The Chinese have a hubris much like American Exceptionalists, and thus they more easily fall into binary thinking, the easier to be fleeced.

I have been to Taiwan twice, and it is true that the people there are very friendly and helpful, so it is interesting to see what an impact that imposed cultural changes can make on once identical peoples.