Chicago Hot Dog Culture under Assault

Richard Stanley

Is a rose by any other name still a rose? Or perhaps, could the name of something sometimes be what is really important to satisfying our cultural fetishes?

Just in case one doesn't know, it is a sin in Chicago and surrounding parts to put Ketchup on a hot dog.

Enter Heinz, the brand synonymous with ketchup, who ahead of Wednesday's National Hot Dog Day dropped a new product to help ketchup-loving Chicagoans save face. It's "Chicago Dog Sauce," a new condiment that looks like ketchup, tastes like ketchup, and also is ketchup.

Except it's not. It's "Chicago Dog Sauce."

A new Heinz commercial shows gobsmacked Chciagoans purportedly trying the ketchup Chicago Dog Sauce and, to the great betrayal of their forefathers, liking it.

"You're challenging people's identities out here, man," one man says. "This is dangerous." ...