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So... if 9/11, Tianjin and Dubai NYE events are based on LENR cold fusion technology and Einstein was a fraud whose plagiarized theory really described the ether instead of warped space-time then what are they currently researching at CERN?

Jerry Russell

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Tianjin nuked: OK...

Whether this was cold fusion or conventional isn't clear from the data? Dubai, where's the data?

You have to give Einstein some credit for clarifying the Lorentz-Poincare (non) aether theory. There is no aether!! Quantum foam and vacuum energy, maybe, but no lumineferous aether.

CERN? You mean you don't believe they're spending all that money just to understand the creation of the universe?


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Yeah: vacuum energy or whatever you want to call it! I heard they are researching time travel, but would love to see the evidence (if there is any!) :)