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I just binge watched the new CBS series, BrainDead, .... OMG.

Spoiler alert!!!

The aliens have arrived, on the meteor that crashed into Russia not too long ago. They are insects (potassium based) and the meteor has been carted off to Washington D.C., arriving during the government shutdown. The unnoticed and unsupervised bugs escape the government lab and go about trying to enter the brains of humans via their ears as entry portals.

Once successfully occupying a human that human has a profound desire to play You Might Think (I'm Crazy) by The Cars. Why? Because it turns out that the beat is very close to the 'music' emanating from a particular area of space. One of the caste discovers this by searching for Music of the Spheres and the search result was a recent find by astronomers.

But the insects seem to have specific targets in mind as to who they colonize, and they seem to affect certain senators to incite more war in the Middle East. They do so by infecting senators on both sides and having them collude sub rosa. The protagonist, in trying to unsuccessfully disinfect her best friend, finds out that the insects' ultimate goal is total global domination, using their human hosts as (partially) brain dead zombie agents. The protagonist's infected father tells her that in reality their 'human' life will be better once all is complete.

Such as fomenting wars and amplifying disabling political polarization is all part of distracting humans from the real global agenda. This is exactly what my current post I'm working on is about.

Furthermore, at one point we witness the queen exit the ear of one Republican senator and her mate exit the ear of a female Democratic senator so as to mate. All others are apparently infested by worker drones, and their hosts lose all interest in sex, alcohol, and all music (except You Might Think), among other symptoms.
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