Book Review: "Eyes on Havana"

Jerry Russell

Staff member
Craig McGee posted a review of the book "Eyes on Havana" at his site. The book is written by Verne Lyon, who tells his personal horror story of his life with the CIA. He starts by joining "Operation CHAOS" in 1965, spying on fellow students and professors. According to Lyon, he tried to resign and was framed for a "mysterious explosion", and given a choice of being prosecuted, or going to Cuba as a clandestine agent. He took the deal, and worked on various assignments in Cuba.

At some point, one of his assignments was to pour concrete into a school milk shipment. That was the last straw; he decided he would rather quit and face the music, rather than keep doing such dirty work under compulsion of blackmail. After years in prison, and years of poverty and government harassment, Lyon decided to tell his story in full, enlisting help from Philip Zwerling.

The book review is by J. Michael Springmann, who claims to have personally known Verne Lyon for many years.