Bob Dylan & Who's grateful you're a deadhead? Alan Watt creation of world culture for world control

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    Yes, I have been guilty of using derogatory language towards suspected CIA operatives. Even if the facts are incontrovertible, it doesn't justify dehumanization. Likewise: in the years to come, as AI becomes more advanced, we can expect even some machine visitors to this website, if indeed they aren't here already. On my better days at least, I feel that all beings have some hope of redemption.
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    Has anyone made the claim that Hofmann himself is implicated in the 'op'? I had the impression that his discovery was serendipitous and unforeseen.
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    I think there are many links that have been found at GnosticMedia that implicate him in the 'op'.

    BTW here's an update from Hans n' Jan:

    Not sure about Jahbulon though.
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    @Jerry Russell , it'd be appreciated if you could relay this post to Joe. Another vector for Jan's Brain database.
    According to this interview with Bob Heil, Paul Wilbur Klipsch was hired by the government to build a sonic weapon that was to be on the front line in Europe for WWII.
    Heil applied the science he learned from Klipsch to develop the 'Wall of Sound' for Grateful Dead concerts.

    Also from the Klipsch website:

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    By the time one gets to the last half of Genesis 47 we find out Pharaoh (and Joseph) end up owning all the material assets of Egypt (grains, livestock, land, and formerly free people) by cornering and manipulating the markets. But the text assures us that the people were happy to sell themselves into bondage. Better slave than dead they figured. This is why Joseph got such favorable treatment by the Pharaoh, and his son Ephraim (half Egyptian nobility) got the eternal blessing of Abraham from Jacob.

    While the story of Joseph is the stuff of legend, I don't ever remember hearing this last aspect told in church, only much later when coming across it incidentally in looking for something else. It is this practice of selective reading, and of selective comprehension (unconscious filtering via such as cognitive dissonance) that allows most (religious, secular, lower and middling freemasons, etc..) to follow along like virtual zombies with the underlying global plan, even ironically when they think they themselves are nationalists and/or populists (e.g. Trumpistas).
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