Bitcoin? big boys taming us with a bit in the mouth?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lorenhough, Dec 9, 2017.

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    My insight that no ones as said in just this way as I read the the tea leaves.

    names ? for the big boys mean things to them . We are to be and are tamed as they stay wild.
    For the next million years, make a more perfect salve.
    2018 cash less world currency and for different regions. Like India remove cash.
    Bitcoin will go up and up for the slaves to take the bit happily.
    If you love $ for nothing as Bitcoin is aloud to make every one like cash less future.
    Them every one soon will get so much each mo. And you don't use it, it goes away so you can't save ..
    Move into the mega smart city
    We're we can be corralled.. And looked after. 1984 brave new world were they the big boys decided who dies when and who can have children and and how many..

    Here is joe atwills thoughts on Bitcoin
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    More insights into Bitcoin ( I think the big boy will let Bitcoin go up big time to get people to love a cashless world
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    lorenhough Well-Known Member

    The masters give the slaves $
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  5. lorenhough

    lorenhough Well-Known Member

  6. Jerry Russell

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    The video about Mastercard underscores the point that existing electronic transaction mechanisms like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are already ubiquitous, and highly efficient. So they have a massive advantage of incumbency over challengers like bitcoin. I've seen studies showing that the transaction costs of bitcoin are orders of magnitude in excess of Visa / Mastercard. Very few merchants accept Bitcoin and I can't imagine that very many people are using them primarily for transactions. Bitcoin today is almost entirely a vehicle for financial speculation.

    Also, Mastercard and Visa are already transparent to the government. I don't see any reason for the governments to push adoption of blockchain technology, except as a minor improvement in traceability and reliability.

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